Crafted Artifact

Airpods of Interpretation

Created and held by Luci Alessi.
These are corded earplugs that fit snuggly into any ear and are indistinguishable from normal buds.

You turn on and turn up the volume of your wireless headphones and they surge with thick black shadows before dying down when the cast ends. For the next ten minutes your shadow will whisper translations from any sapient target around you as well as taking control of the motor control of your mouth when you speak, allowing you to speak flawlessly in whatever language your target speaks.

When concerning other facets of communication, your shadow will interpret anything you see to you in real time.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Roll a single D10 as a critical failure check. If you roll a 1, the Effect fails, and you will incorrectly interpret and only translate racial slurs and taboo words. Involuntary words of toxicity will escape your mouth and those spoken to will be compelled to physically retaliate. Make a Trauma roll when you activate this Effect.

You may understand and communicate to humans and Sapient beings as if you are fluent in a relevant language for the next ten minutes.

This also includes understanding any recorded communications from the relevant targets, including writings, scent trails, etc.

After this Effect ends, you cannot move quicker than a walk for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.

  • The target of "human" refers to any target that speaks a human language.
  • When reading written communications, you get no information beyond what the writer was intending to communicate.

Community Artifacts


Created and held by Amaranth Barclay.
Currently Lost.
Deleted due to system change and Misroi artifact

Yokai's Guise

Created and held by Tani Michio.
A mask resembling a Nogitsune.

The mask when put on bestows the user with the supernatural drive to keep going despite any injuries.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

Your Body and Mind Penalties are reduced to 0.

While Incapacitated, you may Exert your Mind to take a single action.

The wearer of the mask is given unprecedented skill with vehicles. Whenever they're moving in the car and multi tasking blueish silhouettes of themselves can be seen taking over for them for things such as holding the wheel and shooting outside.

This skill however also pushes the user into recklessness as their ego pushes them to constantly test their limits and take insane risks.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact and you are piloting any vehicle.

You receive +2 dice to any rolls to pilot a vehicle.

Possession of this Artifact causes the following Trauma to manifest over the course of a day: Must always maintain top speed in a vehicle during a chase.. If you lose possession of this Artifact, the Trauma heals over the course of the next month.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Afterburner: Any vehicle you pilot has a 50% faster top speed and you may Exert your Mind to accelerate to its top speed in a single Round.
  • Daredevil: Damage you and your passengers take from vehicle collisions is halved (rounded up) and the result is limited to a maximum of 5.
  • Drive-By: You may drive or pilot your vehicle as a Free Action, without taking any penalty on other Actions.
  • Steady As She Goes: The motion of vehicles you are piloting never causes your passengers dice penalties, and you do not suffer dice penalties from the unsteadiness of any vehicle you are riding in.

During moments of conflict a blue-ish aura surrounds the user. The user's rhythm of fighting becomes inconsistent as attacks land earlier or later then they are supposed to. Their movements become more precise and targeted as each strike becomes echoed by another delayed hit from a spectrish afterimage that serves to accentuate the blow.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact and you are engaged in unarmed combat.

Your unarmed attacks deal +2 Bonus Damage (instead of -2). The target's Armor is fully effective against this damage. You may React to and Defend against firearms and other projectile attacks.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Armored Fist: You cannot take damage from attacking a dangerous material (such as steel armor, a spiked carapace, or an acidic blob). You may Clash with or Defend against any melee weapons or arrows.
  • Assassin: If your attack injures someone, they cannot make a sound, even incidentally, for a single Round. Even the sound of their body and equipment dropping to the ground is silenced.
  • Precision Strikes: You may use Dexterity instead of Brawn on your attack rolls. All Called Shots you attempt only require a Contested Outcome of 2 or more to be successful.

  • Unlike the Ability Brawl, this Effect does not affect small weapons such as knives.

The wearer of the mask is detached from sensory reception. Their presence when observed constantly shifts and blurs as if they're not there, only when under absolute focused observation does the Fox's guise falls apart and his presence is revealed.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

You and any clothes or equipment you are wearing are partially obscured from sight. All attempts to detect you using sight are rolled at a -3 dice penalty.

Entering Combat or being Injured will end the Effect. When the Effect ends, it is disabled for 1 day.

You may turn this Effect on and off at will.

  • You may only switch this Effect on or off once per Round.

Aoi Akuma

Created and held by Tani Michio.
A blue Nissan Silvia with white and orange fiery streaks across it.

Michio's signature car, this Nissan Silvia is a well maintained vehicle with custom designs that Michio has seen to himself. Having recently crashed it to the point of near destruction Michio thought his dear was all but gone, only to find out that it was extracted repaired and even... enhanced by a certain individual. Now the two's connection is even stronger than before, wherever the car is left, given time it will eventually drive itself back to Michio.

This Artifact cannot be broken.

If this Artifact is lost and in no one’s possession, it finds its way back to its creator during the next Downtime.

  • "Cannot be broken" means that damage cannot render the Artifact's Effects unusable, nor can it cease to be used for its primary mundane purpose, if it has one.

Magic Purple Shard of Regeneration

Created and held by Emma Augustine Sauveterre.
A piece of glowing purple shard.

The shard's glow will intensify, as its powers course through the user's vain, visible glowing are also present at the spot of the injury.

Magic purple shards are rare in Miglia, this one contains supernatural powers which focuses on healing.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

Any Injury you receive heals quickly, reducing its Severity by one level every 6 hours, starting once it becomes stabilized. You may also Exert your Mind and spend an Action to reduce the Severity of a single stabilized Injury by 1. Does not affect Injuries suffered as an activation cost for Effects.

Battle Scars caused by your Injuries will remain. Any Injuries you receive automatically count as a successful Makeshift Stabilization and do not deteriorate further.

The Golden Spear of Oro

Created by Prototype, looted by Connor Inkz.
A short spear crafted from polished koa wood. The spearhead is solid gold, & is adorned with the red feathers of tropical birds.

A wave of golden-hued liquid energy explodes from the tip of the spear.

Spend an Action to activate. Select a target within 45 feet. Roll Dexterity + Melee Difficulty 6. The target may contest by rolling to Dodge or Defend as a Reaction, Difficulty 6.

If the contested Outcome is positive, the target takes that much damage plus 3. Armor is fully effective against this damage.

You may use this Effect to Defend or Clash in Combat, including against ranged attacks such as firearms.

This Gift's level is capped at 2 Gifts and cannot be increased further.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Stock Artifact Crafting Gifts

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

You get +1 dice to any Mind resistance rolls you make. You also gain the following effects:

  • Naturally Resistant: Any time you make a Mind resistance roll, the individual who you are resisting must Exert their Mind, or your resistance succeeds automatically.
  • Clash Of Wills: If you fail to fully resist an Effect, your Outcome is considered to be 0.

  • These bonuses apply only to Mind rolls made to resist Effects and other supernatural phenomena. They do not apply to Trauma rolls or self-control rolls.