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Contractor Name
Player Name # Victories # Losses # Improvements Exp Remaining
Contractor Name is a Non-supernatural Archetype who will risk Pronoun life to become
the ultimate Supernatural Paradigm and Ambition
They often appear as Appearance


Cost to increase: current rating x 5 Exp


Cost to increase: current rating x 2 (2 Exp for first rank)


Battle Scars



Wound Level = highest severity Injury + number of other Injuries.




Cost to increase: current rating x 2


Contractor Name:

Loose Ends

Description and Threat


Max Encumbrance: Brawn x 15 lbs.


Contractor Name:


Contract Record

Scenario Name
{index + 1}
Contractor Name:

Experience Log

150 Remaining
+150 +/- Change
New Contractor
Source / Spent on
Guide: Creating a Contractor

How to Create a Contractor

Note: Using the website is the easiest way to create a Contractor. Visit . Online Character Sheets can easily be printed out for in-person play.

Step 1: Come up with a concept

Before you start filling out stats, you need a rough idea of who your Contractor is. All Contractors have three things in common.
You are Exceptional
You Will Sign the Contract
Incredible Power Sleeps Within You

Step 2: Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the blanks at the top of the first page.
  • Contractor Name: The name of your character.
  • Player Name: Your own name.
  • #Victories, losses, and improvements: These start at 0 and increase as you play.
  • Exp Remaining: Leave this blank for now.
  • Archetype: Your Contractor's core concept, e.g. "Skater-punk Werewolf" or "Cannibal Celebrity Chef."
  • Pronoun: Your Contractor's preferred pronoun.
  • Ambition: What drives your Contractor to risk their lives for power? What do they want to change about the status quo? Ambitions can change with time.
  • Appearance: How does your Contractor usually look?

Step 3: Select Your Three Limits

Limits describe experiences that test your ability to cope.

Most humans have the three default Limits: Anguish, Atrocities, and Murder. Other options are provided to enable different concepts, such as psychopaths, zealots, and faeries. You can find the other available options and more details on the Limits sheet.

Once you've selected your 3 Limits, write their names in the Limits field on the first page.

Step 4: Buy Attributes and Abilities

Attributes and Abilities define your Contractor's capabilities. The higher their values, the more likely you are to succeed at the Actions you attempt. Read more details on the "Attributes and Abilities" sheet.

You can increase Attributes and Abilities by spending Experience Points. All new Contractors start with 150 Experience Points.

The cost to increase an Attribute is its current rating x 5 (so buying the second level costs 5 Exp, and buying the third costs 10 more Exp for a total of 15 Exp). Abilities cost 2 Exp for the first level, and then 2x their current rating after that.

If you'd rather not do the math, you can select from the following Attribute/Ability value "spreads." These will use up all 150 starting Exp without you having to do any calculations.

Attribute Spreads. Rank your contractor's Attributes from best to worst, then select a Spread to determine their values.
  • Leveraged: 5, 3, 2, 2, 1
  • Specialized: 4, 4, 2, 2, 2
  • Blind Spot: 4, 3, 3, 3, 1
  • Well-Rounded: 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
Ability Spreads.
  • Devotee: two Abilities at rank 5, two at 3, two at 2, one at 1
  • Specialist: one at 5, one at 4, three at 3, two at 2, three at 1
  • Generalist: six at 3, five at 2, three at 1

Step 5: Assets and Liabilities

You can further customize your Contractor using Assets and Liabilities. These are only available at character creation, and allow you to start with various Conditions, Circumstances, Battle Scars, Traumas, and Loose Ends.

If you are purchasing your stats with Exp, each Asset costs 3 x its rating to buy, and each Liability credits 3 x its rating when you take it.

If you are using "spreads" take whichever Assets and Liabilities you'd like, but ensure they are balanced (the sum of your Assets' values is equal to the sum of your Liabilities' values).

See the handouts for Assets and Liabilities for a complete list.

Step 6: Calculate your Stats

Your Contractor's Body Rating represents their physical fortitude. Body Rating = 5 + (Brawn / 2, rounded up).

Your Contractor's Mind Rating represents thier mental / emotional fortitude. Mind Rating = 1 + Charisma + Intellect, with a minimum rating of 3 and a maximum of 9.

Write your Mind and Body Ratings on the first page, and use a pen to complete the outlines of that many dotted boxes below, Starting from the bottom.
Guide: Creating a Contractor


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Attributes are rated from 1-5. A rating of 2 is average, and a rating of 5 is world-class. Although Attributes are expensive to increase, they are used in every roll, and their ratings are referenced in many mechanics.
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Abilities are rated from 0-5. A rating of 0 means your Contractor is untrained, a rating of 3 is professional-level, and 5 is world-class.
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Guide: Creating a Contractor

Physical Assets

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{quirk.element_type}: {quirk.description} ({quirk.system})

Background Assets

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Mental Assets

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{quirk.element_type}: {quirk.description} ({quirk.system})

Restricted Assets

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{quirk.element_type}: {quirk.description} ({quirk.system})

Physical Liabilities

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{quirk.element_type}: {quirk.description} ({quirk.system})

Background Liabilities

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{quirk.element_type}: {quirk.description} ({quirk.system})

Mental Liabilities

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Restricted Liabilities

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