Mike Westcott's Journal

Freud's Cigar
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Reading up on history

So after dealing with my first job, I well went with Athena a nice Lass I had met to turn myself back into the asylum after losing all the weapons I had.
After a dispute and asking to keep me in longer as of due to an escape, knowing that I still am said to be *Mentally Unstable* my ass but they allowed me to transfer to Athena's as due to getting my doctor fired due to letting me go and not wanting to deal with a guy like me while they actually deal with mentally not great guys. Though I will miss some of the guys I met though, like an old guy I played chess with. 
Anyway, after moving, I luckily had less bet of restrictions and Athena allowed me to have some of the belongings that I came herewith. The staff at least gave me back my uniform and dog tags but well my guns are gone and all the other big stuff gone like my lighter and whatnot.
Rather comfy in my clothes and now my special Jacket and Tags.
Now along with some of my stuff back, I got to reading up on the things I missed and Jesus christ I thought what we fought was the worst of it. Like Veitnam, Cold War, Bosnian War. Iraq like holy moly I had missed a lot of things. Also begin to sneaking some stuff into my room and not really big stuff, really just the books I took to read in the first place.  So all is well so far.

for whom the willow weeps
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Learning more about the new world

Kind of hiking my way back to America from Russia, wearing the latest in slav clothing I was soon stopped by the police force somewhere I have no clue.
They looked me up as a and saw no record of ID and whatnot but only belonging to Athena's asylum as a patient I was soon sent back to the states with no issue and but I had to ditch my guns. 
Arriving back and Athena understanding that I was on another contract understood that I had to at least be prepared. So as to what happened next is basically I just began living in the damn place. Like a home more than a prison somewhere, seriously I got to where what I found and had managed to persuade her into getting someone to make me a new pair of dog tags somewhere in the world and just like the originals but with more of a shine to it along with a whole secret compartment to which I could hide my guns and whatnot that are weapons. The staff understood that I was pretty much the sanest individual there but was pretty much living there.

So with this, I started wearing the tracksuit I got in Russia as I went on nice jogs at least outside the building in laps, kinda turned into sprints for a mile to which I got a new power entirely, payment of my contract in thanks of doing so.
Then after that went to work on my knowledge by reading up on survival books like bushcraft 101 and the boy scout guidebook, then with the switchblade being the only that stuck with me I practiced with it and I can definitely say got a bit better.

Sin in Vienna
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Pushing it to the limit

Having leaving the contract, I walked and hitchhiked all the way through Austria, Switzerland, and a bit of Italy, and mainly France. Met up with some rather nice locals as I did so and then when reaching the boat I had parked my boat upon, I luckily had enough provisions to make the trip as rode the boat all the way to the island back somewhere near the coast of New York. Not hard to miss it exactly.
Not having sustained any injuries like Athena asked I was alright, I had placed the weapons in my room as I acquired a disguise too even. But I had to clean it all soon after and dear god the smells, the smells were not great. 
Having now a disguise and new weapons for newer jobs I felt great, so I decided to relearn some of my old tricks from the war by yes watching films. Watching war films had created helped and even did it but without it. What I did was act like it was there and make the motions as hopefully, that worked. Also watched saving private Ryan, good film would recommend.
After the deep exploration into war cinema and weapon use for myself, I decided I need to get better close quarters just in case some bastard tried to mess up my firing by getting all up close, so I had managed to take a book and with my switchblade really just practice and that was simply the last of it all.
Lastly asked Athena took acquire me some armnents from my time, she had acquired me two thompsons and one M1911. Glad to know her.

From the Cradle
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After the job, I hitchhiked back to the asylum and rode my boat back to the island to which houses my home. 
By doing so I well asked and got qualified for no longer being insane and well needed at the asylum anymore.
I still live there but eh it's glad for my freedom as I can now travel without looking behind my back for my entire life in this new world now and can even travel which is so neat and cool to do so. I decided to take a day off and went off to one of my old positions to where I once sat with my squad which was near the docks of new york before we left for Norway, my old map and apparently it has attained a bit of magicalness due to my disappearance through temporal anomalies and it is definitely going to be useful for anymore jobs I am going to be assigned to do to gain some damn power and get back home, also improved on my gun style to where due to my freedom made it more spread out and no longer based on what I used to use and am glad doing so now as I can see Boston now, and worked on my running to where I can fit into pretty tight spaces which is pretty nice and glad at my running time for at least 5 minute a mile and I was surprised as hell doing so, so uh yea freedom and getting stronger. 

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Dealing with myself

After the cards had been dealt after the job, I went and realized to do what I must is going to be incredibly difficult and I am going to do my best to simply well avoid the fate that soon must come, for now I will take it easy as one can be and hell even try maybe to revoke the contract though I believe that wil be impossible until I become strong enough to do so. But hey working at a place like this and I get some pay at best is neat enough and I am pretty much well using the computers here, the nice lady is my sugar momma as what the kids in this time are calling it but I call it simply helping a fellow colleague.....alot.

Anyway getting a new tattoo from her that changed how it looked and how it works I went into practice and working on myself, connecting with my roots from the war and well I went through the trouble of finding a piece of my old gear and well my ole knife was my payment supposedly, found it quick, easy, and still holding that sharp edge that I still love to this day, sadly cant use it on the old gooks in Germany and the knife is well I got my best moves with it as I practice a few jabs with it and it defintely is still supieror to the new thingamagigs that people call knifes these days. 

But dealing with the issue at hand will have to wait, and well have to put some measures to use deal with it but I continue to work at the health instution.

Scenario for The Finger Biters
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