News and Updates

Patch 0.0.5b: A Brave New World

May’s update is absolutely gigantic, featuring major improvements to Cells (now called Worlds), Games, and Contractors, as well as new Effects and Assets


A whole new World. Cells have been renamed to Worlds

See the world! Overhauled the View World page. It now displays alerts about upcoming Games in the World and gives a feed of recent Games, Journals, and World Events.

Make the News. World Events are a new way of announcing and recording the going-ons of your World. Post a World Event for any development that changes the setting or could be noticed by its Contractors. It’s like your World’s news channel!

World Roles (judges, members, watchers) now have configurable permissions. This allows World Leaders to restrict who can run Games, declare completed games, edit character sheets, post world events, define the setting, etc.

Find friends. Added a new Looking-for-World page where Players can find Worlds to join. Worlds are displayed with stats and other information, including a danger-rating that allows prospective Players to choose a level of deadliness that suits their tastes.

Worlds can now configure whether or not they appear on the Looking-for-World page as well as a host of other listing/admittance preferences.

Worlds can now provide a link to an external community like a forum or Discord server.

World leaders may now specify a set of “House Rules” that appears on the View World page and on Game invites.

Worlds now have an optional space to expand on the state of Harbingers, The Games and what sorts of people become Contractors in the setting. If provided, it appears on the Create Contractor page.

In a World. . . Worlds now have a tagline that’s displayed all over.

The View World page now has links to easily create Contractors and schedule Games in that World.

Added a “What are Worlds?” tutorial modal that appears on the Create Contractor page and the Find a World page.


You Game? Polished the View Game, Create Game, Edit Game, and Declare Outcomes pages.

Jump into the action. Added a Looking-for-Game page where Players can find upcoming Games that accept visiting Players. The GM’s title is displayed, along with the win/loss/death stats for their Games.

GMs can now specify which mediums their Games use (voice, video, in-person, etc) and provide a link for game-time communication.

This one’s for the popular GMs. GMs can now set a capacity for their Games, after which no one may RSVP.

GMs can now set a Game to have open invites everyone, no one, or only World members.

GMs can now see their prospective Player’s titles when accepting/rejecting their attendances.

GMs may opt to post a World Event as they declare the outcomes of their Games.


New rule: Contractors must choose a home World before their fourth Game.

New rule: Contractors cannot participate in Games in other Worlds unless at least half their Games have occurred in their home World. As Contractors reach Seasoned status (10 Victories) it becomes extremely important that they live in a consistent, shared setting that they feel connected to. Too much World-hopping undermines the stakes and ambitions of Contractors, leading to a bad gameplay experience. For this reason, we are enforcing a minimum residency requirement.

Added alerts and guidance to the Character Sheet related to the above rules.

New Sheet elements

Circumstances, Conditions, and Artifacts make it easier to track world-specific and GM-systemed elements like enemies, curses, and magical items found on-Game. The goal is to encourage GMs and World leaders to invent and use bolder custom content, and to give GMs from other Worlds an easy way to determine which effects travel with a visiting Contractor, and which ones are modified or restricted.

  • Circumstances - track your Contractor’s social, financial, and location status in each World.
  • Conditions - track GM-created status effects such as curses, enchantments, and diseases.
  • Artifacts - track supernatural, GM-created objects and equipment such as healing potions, spellbooks, and sci-fi technology.

Character Sheet visual update

  • Updated the Character Sheet to have three tabs: “Status” “Stock” and “Story”.

  • Improved the Character Sheet’s display on mobile devices.

  • Improved the load time of the Character Sheet.

  • Recent Journals now appear on the Character Sheet under the “Story” tab.

  • The Create Contractor page now makes a bigger deal about which World the Contractor belongs to.

  • The Create Contractor page header now fills in the name of your Contractor as you type it. Just for fun.

Other Website Updates

Welcome, {{username}}. Updated the logged-in homepage’s layout and improved display on mobile devices.

Updated the logged-out homepage.

Fixed a bug that made the top navbar too tall on some ipads and tablets.

Fixed a bug that caused Downtime Journals to occasionally refund improvements.

The Write Journal and Edit Scenario pages will now prompt “are you sure” before you can navigate away from them.

Replaced the “Tutorials” tab in the navbar with a new “Quick Access” dropdown.

New Assets

These powerful new Assets require each your Contractor to have a rating of 1 in an Attribute.

Pathetic (Brawn) You are so pathetic, no one takes you seriously as a threat.

Convenient Klutz (Dexterity) Your manner of tripping over yourself is so unpredictable, it makes you difficult to target.

Avoidance (Charisma) You are so off-putting, that most people just avoid you.

Oblivious (Perception) You frequently miss the soul shattering horrors that drive others mad.

Lizard Brain (Intelligence) You are so unintelligent, you’re accustomed to acting on instinct alone. You cannot be Incapacitated from Mind damage.

Deliberation (Wits) Even when others are scrambling to act, you take a little extra time to consider your options and pick the best one.

New Effects - Mythic Attributes

Do you possess the beauty of Helen? The strength of Hercules? Mythic Attributes allow Contractors who are defined by a particular Attribute to take it to the next level.

Contractors may have a maximum of one Mythic Attribute, and they must have purchased the relevant Attribute to a rating in 5 before taking it as Mythic.

Mythic Attributes allow you to boost the value of an Attribute as high as 8, which is reflected on the Character Sheet. They grant access to a bunch of unique Enhancements to make your Contractor worthy of their own mythology.

Check them out!

Mythic Brawn

Mythic Dexterity

Mythic Perception

Mythic Charisma

Mythic Wits

Mythic Intelligence

Updates to Existing Effects

Augmentation: Removed Enhancements that provided Attribute increases. Added parameters that provide Attribute increases.

Translocation: Renamed to Travel. Removed Cooldown and Range parameters, added a Cast Time parameter. Now has a default range ‘Line of Sight’ and default cooldown ‘1 hour’, both of which can be modified through Enhancements. Various other Enhancements and Drawbacks modified, added, or removed.

Super Leap: Added enhancement to allow short teleportation hops.

Inanimate Transformation: Added errata to Sentient Object which clarifies what happens if you have powers with yourself as a Unique Focus (Activating a Unique Focus Power requires someone else to be wielding you and incurs a -2 dice penalty for them.)

Illusion: Removed Enhancement which allowed your illusion to have moving parts. Changed default behavior to allow illusions with moving parts (though they still cannot travel from their initial location).

Telekinesis: Removed Enhancement that allowed your telekinesis to have hand-level dexterity. That behavior is now default. Added a Drawback that requires an open path between you and your target for “physical” flavors of telekinesis.