News and Updates

Patch 0.0.6: Into the Fold

This small update removes Body Exertion, adds rewards for GMing Games with new Players, and fixes several website bugs.

Into the Fold

GMs now receive an Improvement for running a Game if they achieve the Golden Ratio OR if it was one of the attending Players’ first Games.

To encourage established Players to introduce The Contract to their friends, we are adding in-game incentives for running Players’ first Games.

GMs cannot receive more than one Improvement per Game. A Player’s “first” Game is determined by the order they are entered onto the website, not by the time associated with the Game itself.

Removed Physical Exertion

The Body Exertion mechanic has been removed from The Contract. All Exertion is now Mental Exertion.

We have decided that the flavor benefits of distinguishing between Mental and Physical Exertion are not worth the additional mechanical complexity and burden of knowledge associated with the mechanic. Players found it difficult to determine which type of Exertion applied to which Actions, or chose to ignore Body Exertion altogether.

Website Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed a bug which caused issues when Improvements from Journals were refunded.

  • Fixed a bug which caused Journal Entries to appear in the wrong order.

  • Removed empty entries in Contractor timelines.

  • Added the ability for Admins to give Experience Rewards at will.