News and Updates

Patch 0.11.0 - Witless Wednesday!

We made some big changes to Experience and Worlds this update. Oh, and we got rid of Wits.

Rules Changes

Attributes Lowered to 5. Like the number of Attributes, not their values.

Wits got eaten up by the rest of the Attributes. Is it really gone, or does it live on in the hearts and minds of the survivors?

Intellectual: Intelligence changed the most after eating Wits, and it now goes by the name “Intellect.”

Will and Testament: Any Exp you spent on Wits has been reimbursed.

Compensating for something: Character Creation Exp has been lowered from 150 Exp to 145 Exp. This is retroactive and applies to existing Contractors.

But what about Initiative? It’s Dexterity + Perception now.

But what roll should I call for? Here are some suggestions

  • Wits + Drive => Dexterity + Drive
  • Wits + Medicine => Intellect + Medicine
  • Wits + Stealth => Dexterity + Stealth for sneaking, Charisma + Stealth for crowds
  • Wits + any knowledge => use Intellect.

You can read more about the design decision to remove Wits here.

Changed Experience Rewards for Contracts

Participating in a Contract grants 1 Exp, win or lose.

  • +2 Exp if your Contractor is victorious.
  • +2 Exp if your Contractor is homed in the World the Contract took place in.

This change is not retroactive. It applies only to new Contracts.


At the end of each Contract,the GM chooses one Contractor to receive Commission. The choice is made at the GM’s sole discretion and can be by any metric: most valuable player, achieving the Scenario’s secondary objective, funniest line, greatest moment, etc.

+2 Exp if your contractor is the one chosen to receive bonus Commission. A gold star appears next to these Contracts in your Contract history to commemorate how great you were.

Raise your Culture to 6

6 is the new 11: Seasoned and Veteran Contractors can now raise their Abilities to 6. Rolls that use an Ability with a rating of six cannot Botch. Any roll with a negative Outcome is treated as a failure.

Get Cultured: Academics is now called Culture.

New Systems

What if targeting a specific area could be a strategic decision? Well you’re in luck because we now have rules for Called Shots.

Wait, we never had Grapple rules? Now we do! Grapple Rules.

Worlds Updates

  • World Leadership 101: We’ve added a new World Leader’s Guide.
  • Less Stick, more Carrot: Contractors are no longer required to play at least half their Contracts in their home World. The warnings have been removed from the character sheets.
  • Front Page News: Recent World Events appear in the Worlds section of the homepage.
  • Continued on page A8: World events now have permalinks.
  • Who’s around? When RSVPing for a game, Contractor choices are categorized by whether or not they are members of the World.
  • Easier Continuity: When scheduling a Contract, a reminder appears if the Scenario has been run previously in the selected World.
  • Community First Worlds now feature their community links more prominently.
  • Community Mandatory: Worlds no longer appear in the “Find a World” page if they do not have a link to an external community.

Character Sheet Updates

  • Little Black Book: Added “Encountered Contractors” link to the Story tab. Use it to figure out who your Contractor knows and how.
  • Asymmetry is in: Things felt a little empty on the character sheet for some reason, so we rearranged the Attributes and Abilities a little.
  • The Same Ability Layout on Every Sheet: Abilities are now sorted alphabetically, and Secondary Abilities are listed separately.
  • Skills that Pop: Abilities with lower values are displayed in darker text.
  • Don’t get too excited. Character sheets load a little quicker.

Effect Updates

  • *Not so Mythic now: Mythic Wits is dead (RIP). Its enhancements have been distributed to other mythic attributes:
  • Push Through It and Rethink moved to Mythic Intellect
  • Unflappable moved to Mythic Charisma
  • Slow Time moved to Mythic Perception
  • Wait For Your Moment moved to Mythic Dexterity

Dazed and Confused Stun no longer uses the targets Wits rating as part of it’s calculation. Instead, a successful Stun causes a dice penalty, and if the targets total penalty is high enough, they cannot act.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where declaring already-completed Contracts didn’t work.
  • Games were renamed to Contracts all over the site.
  • Fixed a bug where editing completed Contracts that included deleted Contractors caused the * * attendances to be recorded as Ringers.
  • Ported Contractor improvements no longer count for the improvement cap.