News and Updates

Patch 0.12.0 - Webhooks and Communities

This small update adds webhooks that allow Worlds to easily add auto-posting bots to their Discord servers as well as a couple small bugfixes.


Worlds can now use Webhooks! These are an extremely easy way for World Leaders who run Discord servers to create bots that post in their server when Contracts are scheduled, World Events occur, or new members join. They can be configured to @mention particular roles as well.

World leaders can configure them by visiting their World and navigating to “Manage World” -> “Manage Webhooks”. Setup takes less than a minute.

Bugfixes and Improvements


  • The Graveyard no longer displays Contractors who did not participate in a single Contract.
  • The Graveyard now gives a gold border to Contractors with obituaries.
  • The Graveyard now accurately sorts Contractors based on their statuses.


  • The Leaderboard is now titled “Statistics” to better communicate that it is not the official goal of The Contract to be mentioned on that page.
  • Upcoming Contract events no longer give 500 errors when you edit them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain Contractor sheets to stop displaying.
  • Fixed a bug where the rich text editors (such as those used when editing Scenarios) showed a strange error banner.
  • Scheduled Contracts now show their World’s community link if a gametime link is not provided.