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Patch 22.1.1 - Contract Classic: Stabilizations

After public playtesting, we have decided to replace the Complications system with a more involved Injury Stabilization system. Complications felt narratively disconnected and slowed down Combat. The new system moves dealing with Injuries after Combat and works better with The Contract’s grittier, more realistic tone.

Complications have been replaced

Taking an Injury Severity 4 or greater causes a Battle Scar

  • Severity 4: a Minor Battle Scar
  • Severity 5: a Major Battle Scar
  • Severity 6: a Severe Battle Scar
  • Severity 7+: an Extreme Battle Scar

The specifics of the Battle Scar are usually decided when the Injury is treated (see Stabilization). However, GMs may choose to apply an untreatable Battle Scar immediately if the narrative demands it (for example, if a Contractor’s arm is run over by a steam roller).

An Injury worsening in Severity does not cause a new Battle Scar or restart degradation.

Penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with wound Penalty. Instead, the highest penalty is used.


All Injuries Severity 4 or greater require advanced medical treatment and will degrade, worsening in Severity by one level every half hour until Stabilized.

This degradation rate assumes that the Injury is receiving basic care (such as applying pressure), and GMs may increase the rate of degradation if an Injury is grossly neglected. Basic care does not require a roll and can usually be performed by the injured character.


Stabilization represents a major treatment of a Severity 4+ Injury: closing wounds, setting broken bones, field surgery, etc. The amount of time stabilization takes depends on the treatment, and an Injury cannot degrade during a Stabilization attempt. Each Injury can only be successfully stabilized a single time.

An attempt at Stabilization is classified as either Proper or Makeshift depending on the supplies and expertise brought to bear. To attempt a Proper Stabilization, the character performing the treatment must have the appropriate equipment:

  • Severity 4: Advanced first aid kit (antiseptic, bandages, splints, stitches / staples, tape, etc).
  • Severity 5: Field surgery kit (splints, field surgery tools, morphine, donor blood, etc).
  • Severity 6+: Requires surgery theater (vets / doctor’s office, hospital).

Proper Stabilization

Using appropriate medical supplies, Roll Intellect + Medicine, Difficulty equal to the Injury’s Severity. Even a partial success will Stabilize the Injury and stop its degradation. Complete success (Outcome 4 or higher) puts the Injury on track for a clean heal, and any Battle Scars caused by the Injury will disappear when the Injury is fully healed.

Unsuccessful attempts can be retried at +1 Difficulty per failure, and each botched attempt increases the Injury’s Severity by 1.

Makeshift Stabilization

Roll Intellect + Medicine, Difficulty higher than the Injury’s Severity, based on the tactics and supplies used. A partial success will still stabilize the Injury and stop its degradation. However, any Outcome less than 4 worsens the Injury’s Severity by 1. Regardless of the treatment’s Outcome, any Battle Scars caused by the Injury will persist after it is fully healed.

Unsuccessful attempts can be retried at +1 Difficulty per failure, and botches also worsen the Injury’s Battle Scar.

Powers Changes


  • Clotting: Your Injuries do not degenerate over time without medical care or require Stabilization to regenerate. A fully-successful Proper Stabilization may still prevent some Battle Scars.
  • Regrowth: All Battle Scars heal with their associated Injuries, regardless of whether or not they would normally be treatable. Battle Scars caused by supernatural effects may be healed in a week.

Heal Wounds:

  • Added the following default behavior: The treated Injury is fully and properly Stabilized (in addition to healing effects).
  • Preventative Care: treatment removes all Battle Scars caused by the Injury, even those that would not heal with Proper Stabilization.

Medical Mastery:

  • Added the following default behavior: All Stabilizations you attempt are considered Proper Stabilizations.
  • Removed Enhancement: Field Medicine

Other Changes

Will to live

Will to Live has been changed to the following: “Once per Contract you may reduce an incoming Injury’s Severity by up to 4 levels (to a minimum of Severity 4). You take a point of Mind damage, and the Battle Scar you suffer from this Injury always remains after the Injury is healed, regardless of stabilization. “


System for aiming changed to: “-1 Difficulty per Round spent aiming to a minimum of Difficulty 4 for stationary targets and Difficulty 5 for moving targets.”


  • Replaced with Complications reference on the Character Sheet with a Stabilization reference.
  • Severe Injuries now track their Stabilization status on the Character Sheet.