The Contract is a tabletop roleplaying game about ambitious people who go on deadly missions to earn fantastic powers.
Those clever enough to survive are forged into the most formidable beings on earth.

We'd all given up on trying to fix society. Then he showed up.

"What price would you pay to achieve your wildest dreams?"

"What risks would you take to change the world?"

For a select few, these questions aren’t hypothetical. They’re an offer.

We wager everything in the Contracts: our morals, our humanity, even our lives.

But the Harbingers pay well, and their Gifts transcend cash and coin.

Think you’ve got what it takes? No judgment if you chicken out.

Who wants superpowers anyway?

Be anything, even a: stoner magical girl

  • Start human, become whatever you want. This is your origin story.
  • Create balanced powers with rich advancement using The Contract’s custom Gift Builder.

Wade into the illicit and inexplicable

  • Smuggle supernatural creatures, steal corporate secrets, and do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Your powers, skills, and equipment are your tools. To succeed, you’ll have to get creative.
  • Explore modern greed and intrigue in our default setting, The Illumination, or play in a world of your own creation.

Play with anyone, any time

  • Each session is a self-contained mission with great risks and rewards.
  • Play your Contractor no matter who shows up to game night.
  • No more "forever GM." A different person may act as GameMaster (GM) each session.

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So where's the game?

The Contract is complete, polished, and 100% free-to-play. This website's online guidebook and extensive integrated tools make learning, playing, and running The Contract a breeze.

In addition to this web platform, we recently finished a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a PDF / print edition of the game! If you'd like to receive an update when it becomes available, create an account.

But even after we release the PDF / Print edition, this website will always be the premier way to learn and play. So. . .

How do you want to learn?

The How to Play Manual
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  • Learn the game's core mechanics alongside a short story that narrates a typical session.

Read the Guidebook
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  • All the rules, unabridged.
  • A classic guidebook. Drink from the firehose.

Printable Quickstart
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  • Printable condensed rules with premade characters and a Scenario.
  • Try the game out old-school.

Join our Discord
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  • Talk to humans!
  • Let's call it "traditional learning."