Art by Gwynn Tavares
The Contract is a TableTop Role Playing Game about ambitious individuals who agree to go on deadly missions for fantastic powers. Those who survive are forged into the most fearsome beings in the multiverse.
A modern take on TTRPGs featuring gritty action and custom powers in an urban fantasy setting.

Test your wits and resourcefulness.

  • Face challenges that demand outside-the-box problem solving, not min-maxed stats.
  • Will your Contractor rise to the top or end up in the the Graveyard?
  • Streamlined rules and online tools empower GMs to support creative tactics instead of playing calculator.

“Adult-schedule-friendly” is an understatement.

  • Each session is a self-contained mission with great risks and rewards.
  • Play your favorite Contractors no matter who shows up to game night.
  • No more "forever GM." A different player may act as GameMaster (GM) each session.
  • No in-person group? Join an active online community like our Discord and play as often as you’d like.

Play Characters you care about.

  • Build custom, flavorful Powers for any character concept you can imagine using The Contract's revolutionary Gift Builder.
  • Play and advance your Contractors session after session.
  • Contractors’ strong, individual ambitions spur exciting interactions and relationships.

The easiest full-sized RPG to pick up and play.

  • The Contract is available 100% free online via this website.
  • Online character sheets and integrated rules mean less memorization and fewer trips to the rulebook.
  • An active online community runs drop-in-friendly sessions almost every day for new and seasoned Players alike.
You don’t need to enter a credit card, read a hefty rulebook, or even assemble your own group.
You can play The Contract today.

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