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When animals attack
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A real fixer-upper

The ferry home was a slow one,but it got me home eventually, had to take the ferry doe to this car I'd stolen

It's a lovely car and after the history of it saving our bacon, I couldn't just leave it there to become scrap metal

Getting it home from the dock wasn't too hard, it was a nice ride and I'm a good driver, very used to it.

I took the car to the local garage that one of the film studios I'm involved in uses, they managed to fix her up, adding some interested new features along with tightening up the suspension and sorting out more sensitive steering. 

It's such a lovely machine now, something fit for, we'll definitely someone more important than me, but they can deal with that, it's mine now. 

Got back towork which was interesting but a bit dull, the thrills and spills of acting aren't as strong when you have truly put your life in danger, ridden the roads and smashed through danger. 

I met up with a few mates, mainly to show off the car but the catch up was very nice, you forget how much you enjoy the company of long unseen friends. We shared some stories getting back to know each other, having some drinks, food and a good time. 

I took a good bit of time on the road, touring the north west, this car handles great and taking it out for a spin is such good fun. 

the hanged man
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Back to life

After managing to discover the identity of a murder or and being sent home. Adam returned to his (relatively( normal life. He returned to his climbing training managing to scale the fares he had been planning on doing. It was a good climb and he managed to find some friends while climbing, talking, shmoozing and making new friends. During this time, he made some new connections, nothing too important but friends are friends. 

Returning to his garage, Skids took the time to clean the inside and outside of his car Teodora. It had become a bit funky, mainly from the dead body he had been carrying. He took a good amount of time cleaning the inside, then taking it to a car wash to clean the outside, it wasn't in too bad shape but was good to do. 

Skids took some time off, relaxing and shmoozing, hoping from bar to bar, restaurant to restaurant and hotel to hotel. Life on the road can be fun, with few consequences from messing up, you can just head on out leaving a town behind, although this is rarely the best option. It happens every so often but usually Crowley can keep the peace and settle disagreements. 

On these travels Skids managed to network with a good assortment of people, even making some new movie connections, indie films, but work is work and shouldn't be passed up on. 

Adam got himself in a bad situation in a dive bar in Nottingham, a situation that he unfortunately managed to make worse, sometimes you can fix them but sometimes you just cant. This wasn't the best situation for Crowley but he managed to duck and dive, keeping out of too much danger before leaping through a ground floor window onto the street. Not a bar he'll be going back to but could not say it wasn't a good time.

On a plane!
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The Hounds Of Bleak Shordich

One of my films cam out today, it was another terrible one, but they pay had been good and you dont become known as that stuntman from that terrible film, so it doesn't usually harm the reputation. 

Anyway, this was a film, with a standard plot but a fun one. 

In Shordich, London, a book is found in an antique shop and sold to a student. This student after deciphering and reading it, let loose 'the hounds of Koth' (no idea if that's a real thing, probably isn't, rarely is with these things.) Anyway, these hounds kill the student, ravaging their home and then the streets of london. The police get involved but cant do anything, usual business, the supernatural powers of these hounds cant be stopped. So threats when the sohop owner investigates the history of the book, where it came from, it's writers, etc, etc. And he eventually finds the way to stop this, read from the book again, dispelling the dogs, yadda yadda. So he makes his way to the house pursued by hounds, evading their attacks with some stylish driving, courtesy of yours truly. He then gets into the house. Fighting off some hounds, again myself doing the work, and getting to the book and reading it, dispelling these dogs, with the grand finale of demolishing the house, with him (myself) inside, that was terrifying but fun, seeing everything crash around you, a sense of beautiful  chaos. 

I got the dvd as usual, do that with all the films I'm in, got a nice library of them so far.

Hunter in the Dark
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Got home the usual way,  a nice drive and a quick flight, got my guys can get me from anywhere to anywhere. Was a nice trip, nothing out of this ordinary.

Had to get Theo cleaned up after that bastards graffiti, should have killed hum. 

The weather was nice, i went to the beach which was ice but pretty uneventful, well no mental creatures trying to eat me which i seem to consider as 'normal' now. It's all so messed up

Back home took Teo to the usual guys, they know what they're doing, can fit anything into her. Got the specs and designs sorted and just needed them to do their work. Got some nice tech sorted out, gives her a bit more utility, y'know. 

Went on a bit of a shopping spree. Got new systems integrated so it was time to grab some kit, some gear to get rocking, chuck it in and prepare for quality.

Took Teo out for a spin with her new enhancements, the skies are lovely this time of year. Everything workers well, satisfied with that, did a good lot of testing and i think my guys did a great job, got all their stuff sorted.

Managed to find a bit more work, theres a couple of fils I'm working on, lots of fun things to do, jumping through windows, driving fast cars, flew a burning plane, that was fun but a little too close to reality, although it doesn't feel too worrying when there aren't any monstrous creatures trying to eat you. 


Turbo Lover

Got home the usual way, was a good trip, drive and a fly, got my guys to sort Teo out, is a good contact to have , getting the big stuff from place to place.

Got Teo sorted out , had to get her cleaned and reupholstered after that bastard kids graffiti. Didn't need to reupholster but Teo deserved it, but the new leather is just lovely, spent a little much on it but sometimes you just got to

Got Teo over to my garage, got the guys to do their usual work on her, sort out some new systems. All inbuilt  with some solid options. Everything's functioning normal, they dind't mess anything up.

Went on a bit of a shopping spree after that, needed some toys for Teo, can't improve systems without the components. 

Took Teo out for a spin, was a good ride, the skies are excellent and everything's functioning as it should. Testing was fun, did an awful lot of it.

Warlocks of the Woods
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Life in the skies

I've been touring the world recently, there's a lot of great places and since I've got my personal aircraft of sorts. Took a trip to y fathers old house, the old family home, had a look through my fathers old belongings. Found some interesting stuff. A couple of old journals and an atlas that was highly annotated with notes from so many travels. I've been travelling the routes he travelled before. 

South America was lovely, followed the Inca trail, it was one of his earliest travels, it was lovely, the scenery and people, also they have some amazing food down there. 

I feel closer to him now, hearing, seeing and feeling some of the things he did too. It was a good start. Looked like almost every page of that atlas had something written on it, notes of routes, destinations. I look forward to more of these trips.

I did some film work, it's good to do, the melodrama is enjoyable compared to these grand adventures, leaping through a window onto a crash at is much safer than exploring dangerous islands or transporting deadly creatures by plane. The films finished now, another good one, with some starts should be a blockbuster not that it affects me much, it's a good pay but you dont get famous from being in the sidelines. 


I bought he DVD of the Fillmore, bit of a dead medium i know but i still do it. Always get that, got a whole shelf for all the fils I've acted in. I go through them every so often. Some good ones, some absolutely terrible ones. I do love Shadows from the Underworld, such a nonsense film but it does what it set out to, and the whole demon ninja hovercraft scene was such a joy to film, and in all honesty, they made it work.

Serpent in Soho
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Pain and poor choices

Well, i made a bit of a mistake, a foolish venture and had to 'fix' things. Think I've managed but who knows. 
We did a 'thing' something to allow easier communication between cohorts but I suspect i shouldn't have done so. 

I had a blood transfusion, it was costly and painful, but actions have consequences and sometimes you have to do hard things to rebalance events. 

So that was... something, not something I would like to try again but my bloods my own once more.

Took a few days recovering from this ordeal

Did some film work, a nice bit of stunt work, some fun explosions and fight scenes.

I've been king a bit of writting recently, finished a script for a film 'Day of the Shark' It's solid, i believe, just need to find a studio to go for it. Shouldn't be too hard , I know enough people.

Took some time in the countryside, for a drive with my lovely lady Teodora, such a good ride and a lovely companion, took a drive round Italy, it's a cheap trip when you dont have to pay for travel, flights are cheaper Teo's way. 

Italy was lovely, such a scenic country and found some good places to eat and drink and made a good amount of friends along the way.

Continuing on this journey i made a round trip, Switzerland, Germany France and Spain, all nice places, all different, but enjoyable with their own sights and sounds. 

Here Lies Adam ‘Skids’ Crowley

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