Kaerym Yasura's Journal

You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.


After that, for lack of a better word...unfucking fathomable night where we lived out a whole fantasy action film and somehow survived the most ridiculous situations, John Batimir and I exchanged our contacts, went back home our seperate ways and (with a little help from batimir) got a ride back home all the way from Nebraska apparently.

I couldn't help but replay every thing that had happened in my head, over and over again.

Gareth...if it wasn't for him we would have all died, torn limb from limb and turned into one of those ghouls, I shudder at the thought, i will forever remember the name Gareth Vendet because the only reason I'm still going for how ever much longer is all thanks to him, he may not have known it himself but he truly did save us all, and it was not in vain.

ever since we got out of that.. Darkness, I felt something, it was that same feeling i had when i Leaped for the first time, it felt like I could do something new, but i didn't know exactly what it was until, on one of the many day's I practice my abilities, when I had my my eyes closed i could feel a rythm.. sort of a tempo, and it was coming from the air around me.

I could somewhat control it, i could change the rythm and even try to form sounds with it, it was like learning how to whistle almost, but instead of your lips you're using the atmosphere around you, eventually through doing this day in and out I could try to form almost steady streams and eventually it happened, I took a deep breath and put everything i had into the strongest sustained stream yet, I was able knock over one of those smaller trees using the wind, now not only was i able push myself with this ability, I can now send a powerful force of air to hit things from a distance

Mushroom Hunt
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.


After another unexplainable danger defying incident, I return home, the strongest feeling of releif overcomes me as I collapse in tears into my parent's arms, I've been Limping for several hours, trying to make it home with a gunshot wound in my leg, After that I remember it all fading to black and waking up a week later in a hospital bed, I'm still alive.

A month passes after that and I'm finally back home, able to walk with minimal pain, thankfully there had been an exit wound and the bullet hadn't hit my femur, I accept that fact that this will happen again eventually, and so i decide to be as prepared as i can be, every day I keep trying to push myself farther than i ever had before, just like before, i have this... new.. feeling.

I can Form the air into shapes now, i can feel how it's moves around me at all times and even make it move around a specific spot consistantly, I kept doing this until I could do it at all times, It's almost like breathing, but using the entire atmosphere around you, Ive managed to create an ever present force of air around me, I can control it and it stays on as long as im breathing, hopefully It helps.

I've never been shot before, the pain was worse than anything ive ever felt, i can only hope to have learned something from all of this, hopefully next time wont be as bad.

Passing the Hours
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

Is it all connected?

Returning from the last ordeal, this time without several gunshot wounds, i return to my daily life of partial worry and a veil of normalcy. 

I'd still been continuing to use my abilities and try to improve them and eventually, i did once more. i've been able to leap into the air from the start, but now i can do it at a moment's notice, the wind around me swirls and lifts me up into the sky, no more needing to charge it up and release, it went from feeling like being flung from a slingshot to being gracefully carried by the swirls of winds, much much easier than before.

In theory i should be able to utilize this in time and react to things coming my way, no more being a sentry turret when in a bad spot, while this is great i still lie awake at night and replay all the previous events, every close call, every death, every sacrifice.. gareth vendet. i have not forgotten his name, the least i can do to repay him is to let him live on within my memory, because once again without him, i wouldn't be here, alive, breathing and writing this, i'm always terrified by these contracts, they say being scared is good, it means you're not stupid, i sure hope so.

For what ever comes next i can do my best to be as prepared as i possibly can be, it seems that my abilties can only improve through the completion of these contracts, they seem interconnected somehow, this is the only way forward.


The visit to Barcelona

Despite the happy title of this entry, i assure you this story is nothing but an ever descending spiral of blood, death and stuff straight out of The Exorcist.


I've recently started learning how to drive, this is great and honestly despite the reputation it gets, I find it extremely relaxing compared to the other stuff that happens. I usually drive with the driver seat window open, I like a breath of fresh air and the feeling of the wind in your hair, but ofcourse the enjoyment couldn't have lasted because from the darkness of the road's sides a fucking BOOK came flying through the car's window whizzing right past my face, hitting the roof of the car then bouncing down into my lap, either who ever throw that had extremely good aim or was extremely lucky. Seeing my vision blinded for a second by a square object I SLAM the brakes, thankfully this was at 1 AM and no one else was out that night.

Can you guess what book this was?.. if you guessed that godforsaken black book then you are absolutely correct, and it was such a nice night too. I take this book back home, I know full well what it is and what will happen when i open it, I park the car down the driveway, close the door behind me and run upstairs, It's that time again, I open the book and there it is, the space where i leave my signature, I grab my pen and sign.. Here we go.



The Ether

After coming back from that riveting trip to Barcelona, this time via teleportation, the usual happens, this confirms my theory, these abilities can only be improved by going into one of these contracts and coming out alive, this one was even crazier though.

Clouds, Skies, the flow of matter through the world, It's like the co-existance of endless creation in an infinite ether, I'm not fully able to describe this right, words fail to do so.

I can feel it, i can USE it, i can do some extra crazy stuff now, I cut myself by accident a day ago, i looked at the cut to find it obscured by what looked like fluffy clouds, the pain went away quickly and was overcome with a feeling of.. solace, respite.. it was ethereal, the clouds disappeared after a few minutes and the cut was completely gone, no scar no nothing, like i never got cut in the first place, later i figured out how to control where and when these clouds appear, it was like controlling the pitch and frequency of a radio but with your soul almost, challenging but if i focused enough i could do it consistantly.

Now if you think that's crazy wait till you hear about this,  a few hours ago i killed a spider i found in my room, but then i remembered all the shit i see in contracts and realised how innocent and harmless the spider was, so i felt bad, i thought about what i did to my cut and so i tried doing the same to the spider, It had 2 legs and an exploded Abdomen before i did my thing, after the clouds faded from it it was Fully healed walking around again, Could this work on people? can i undo the worst of injuries? could i regrow Limbs to those who lost them?