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The First Annual Halloween Highlander

Join our first annual Halloween Highlander event for a chance to revive a dead Contractor!

Halloween Highlander

Once a year on all-hallows-eve, the dead may walk again. . .

We are opening sign up for the first annual Halloween Contract, a Highlander game for dead Contractors only - the prize: a second chance at life.

There will be 4 Tiers

  • Newbie (0-4 Wins)
  • Novice (5-10 Wins)
  • Seasoned (10-25 Wins)
  • Veteran (25+ Wins).

You may submit only one Contractor, so choose wisely.

Once you have selected your Contractor, send a private message to **Misroi#7352 on the Discord Server containing your Character Sheet.

Ported Contractors

To compliment our halloween event, we have given Players who played The Contract’s Predecessors a special method of porting their old House Games characters to The Contract.

Those who played House Games will see a new “Ported Status” option appear during character creation and when editing characters that have not yet participated in a game. If selected, the Contractor is marked as Ported and granted Gifts, Improvements, and Experience depending on their status.

  • Ported Seasoned (15 Gifts, 5 Improvements, 90 Exp)
  • Ported Veteran (30 Gifts, 10 Improvements, 180 Exp)

If you are a previous House Games player but do not see the option, message Spencer, Dylan, or another House Games Player on the Discord Server.