News and Updates

Patch 0.0.7 - A Painless Update

Several Combat System improvements as well as fixes and overhauls of several under-used Effects.

Combat Changes

Stunna Shade

Stuns from taking Damage have been removed from the game.

Split Actions Split

Split Actions have been removed from the game. If you would like to attack multiple targets, your Outcome is divided evenly between the targets. The GM in charge of deciding which target gets any remainder.

Quick Actions Take the Spotlight

No explicit changes to Quick Actions, but GMs are encouraged to use them for many of the situations where they’d previously use Split Actions.

Perry the Platypus

The “Perry” Action has been renamed to “Defend.”

Incapacitated Recapacitated

A character who is Incapacitated cannot move on their own, automatically fails any Action that requires a roll, cannot activate any Powers, and can only speak at a whisper.

Powers Changes

Overhauled Effects

  • Possession
  • Animal Possession
  • Obscure Other
  • Resist Stun (now called Grit)

Changed Effects


  • The Tying Off Enhancement now lasts one hour instead of indefinitely.

Destroy Object

  • Supernatural Objects now get a resistance roll if sentient.


  • Added Enhancement: Not Dead Yet! (As long as at least half your body remains in tact, you remain at Incapacitated instead of dying, regardless of wound level. You are clearly alive in this state. Injuries that would normally kill you leave Battle Scars that cannot be regenerated.)
  • Added Drawback: Action Hero (Your Regeneration cannot reduce any given Injury’s Severity by more than two levels total.)

Project Senses

  • Default level of the “Duration” Parameter has been increased

Unlock / Open

  • Default level of the “Range” Parameter has been increased, and the Seasoned threshold has been raised.
  • “Locker” Enhancement’s behavior is now default
  • System now specifies that the Power can be used on vehicles.

Companion Creature

  • Enhancement Flight no longer requires Seasoned status

Mythic Attributes

  • Parameter level 2 is now restricted to Seasoned


  • The Painful Enhancement now specifies that it does not stack.

Mythic Perception

  • New Enhancement: Clear Sighted (same as Asset)

Super Leap

  • Clarified that encumbrance affects super-leap’s range.

Command Animal

  • May be used on hostile animals by default
  • Subsequent commands to the same animal have no cost.

Other Powers Updates

  • Parameters for object size now include volume measurements in liters
  • The “fits inside a laptop bag” Maximum Object Size parameter rank has been removed.
  • The “Painful” Drawback has been removed from all Effects. It is replaced by “Tunnel Vision,” “Draining,” and/or “Exhausting”.
  • The Cursed Drawback now leaves room for the target to disbelieve the curse if the Power is Concealed.
  • Clarified that the Battery Operated Enhancement means you don’t need to Extert your Mind to activate the Power.


  • Games completed record in player profiles is now reverse-sorted.
  • Player profile load times improved slightly.
  • Wound level calculation appears below Body on the character sheet.
  • The “choose effect” page has been upgraded.


  • Computers primary ability renamed to “Technology”
  • Academics no longer includes math. Now only Science
  • Removed the Asset “Clear Sighted”
  • Removed the Asset “True Grit”