News and Updates

Patch 0.8.0 - Achievement unlocked: You have entered the Blob Zone

Highlights of this update include a leaderboard, new convenience to the character sheets, some mechanics updates, and a new Effect: Amorphous Transformation.



Claw your way to the top of our new Leaderboard! The Leaderboard features 9 categories enumerating the top Players, GMs, and Contractors.

Dice counts and Combat Reference

  • Roll dice counts are now rendered on character sheets and Powers.
  • Character Sheets now have an expandable Combat quick-reference guide above the stats section.

New Effect: Amorphous Transformation

Wonder twin powers activate! Turn into a blob monster, swarm of bugs, or cloud of vapor with the new Amorphous Transformation Effect

Mechanics Changes

  • Exertion now ignores Penalty for the Round AND gives +1 to your roll’s Outcome.
  • Injuries now improve by 2 Severity levels every Downtime, regardless of Severity. Remember: if you don’t want to bring an Injured Contractor on a Game, play another Contractor in the meantime!
  • Resisting Compulsions, Phobias, and Delusions is now Difficulty 8
  • Encumbrance changed to: Once you hit the limit, -1 Penalty and an additional -1 for every 25 lbs over.

Website Updates

  • Fixed the Game Record ordering on Profiles
  • Improved the performance of the Profile Page load slightly
  • Encumbrance is now calculated on the Character Sheet
  • The “Spend EXP” button now only shows when the Contractor has 2 or more Exp available
  • Fixed an issue that caused CSRF token failures
  • Assets on the Character Sheet now have a “+” next to them
  • Fixed the Injury Severity form display on mobile
  • Worlds are now /actually/ bumped to the top of the Find a World page when one of their Games concludes.

Power Updates

  • Tag Team now has a range of Arm’s Reach
  • Conduit is now clearer that the Power always requires a token to activate.
  • Clarified phrasing on Mend Trauma’s Adjust Trauma Drawback
  • New Enhancement for Alternate Form, Amorphous Transformation, and Mundane Catalog: Unleash (If you are restricted, restrained, dazed, sleepy, or stunned, transforming immediately ends the effect. Cooldown 1 minute.) (requires Seasoned)

Concealed Enhancement

  • Concealed phrasing changed to “This power is not obvious, and it is hard for others to notice its use. Choose a Tell that occurs only when you use the Power; if someone suspects that a Power was used, they must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 8 to pick up on your Tell.”
  • Concealed Enhancement was removed from a variety of Effects where concealing the source/target of a Power was impossible, irrelevant, or not a balance concern: Travel, Tools at Hand, Super Speed, Stash, Sense Objects, Sense Beings, Grit, Repair, Protect Sense, Phase Out, Metabolism, Levitation, Immunity, Heightened Senses, Fabricate, Disguise, Cleanse, Armor, Alternate Form, Mobility.


  • Communication is now private by default.
  • Added Drawback: Loud Mouth (The communication occurs aloud in your native tongue and may be overheard or intercepted)
  • Removed Enhancement: Telepathy


Now has a 20 foot range by default. You must also communicate your command to the target.

  • New Enhancement: Kitsunegaru (You may issue a suggestion to your target at any range, but you must still be able to communicate your command to them).
  • New Enhancement: Subliminal (You do not need to communicate your command to the target).

Mythic Perception

  • Removed “Always Watching” Enhancement. Perception rolls are often Free Actions anyway.
  • Added Enhancement “Gut Feeling” (You may roll Perception + Alertness Difficulty 7 to detect when someone is watching you remotely, even through supernatural means. Requires Outcome 4 or higher.)

Mythic Dexterity

  • Added Enhancement “Infinity-Jointed” (Your body is incredibly flexible, allowing you to maneuver and squeeze through tight spots as if you were the size of a cat, and you get +3 dice to rolls which require extreme flexibility, such as escaping grapples.)
  • Added Enhancement “Centered” (You have perfect balance. You cannot be knocked over, and can maintain your footing regardless of the size or stability of the material underneath you)


  • Maddening Enhancement changed from +2 Difficulty to -3 dice.

Heal Scars

  • Added “Traumatizing” Drawback


  • Marks now last until destroyed or replaced.
  • “Stealthy Mark” Enhancement no longer requires Seasoned
  • Added an Enhancement: “Connected” (Your Mark satisfies the token requirement of any Conduit Power. Using a Mark in this way consumes the Mark.)
  • Removed Enhancement “Extended Surveillance”


  • Can no longer be stabilized by medical facilities by default.
  • Added Drawback: “Treatable” (The target may also be cured if the Deterioration is stabilized as though it were a Severity 6 Injury (Wits + Medicine Difficulty 8, requires equipped facilities (vet clinic, doc office).


  • Added Drawback: “Swap” (Whenever you withdraw an Object from your Stash, you must immediately Stash another object to replace it.)


  • “Afterburner” Enhancement changed to: (Any vehicle you pilot has a 50% top speed and can accelerate to its top speed in a single Round.)

Raise Dead

  • Revived creatures now have their original Dexterity rating.
  • Removed Enhancement: Rigor Mortis no More
  • Added Drawback: Rigor Mortis (The revived creature’s Dexterity rating is now 1)


  • Added a field to specify the aiming roll on Random Hop.

Investigate Individual

  • “Killer” Enhancement changed to: (Determine how many creatures the target has killed, what sorts of creatures they were, and how long it has been since they last killed.)
  • “Name” Enhancement changed to: (Learn the target’s name, nicknames, screen names, and aliases)
  • “Age” Enhancement changed to “Birth Certificate” (Learn the target’s age and place of birth.)
  • Removed Enhancement “Species.”
  • Enhancement “Diagnosis” now reveals the target’s species.


  • Now affected by Armor Penetration
  • Tying Off is no longer compatible with Reflect or Too Slow
  • Now has a short cooldown time before recasting whenever a Barrier falls or is broken


  • Added Enhancement “Mindblowing” (Fascinated targets are at +2 difficulty on any Mind rolls made as a resistance roll to one of your Powers.)
  • Added Enhancement “You May Approach Me” (Exert your Mind to compel any Fascinated targets to begin moving towards you.)


  • Sorcerer’s Stone Enhancement now requires Seasoned instead of Veteran.


  • Added “Double-Edged Sword” Drawback


  • Added Enhancement: Ageless
  • “Inhuman Anatomy” Enhancement now requires “Tamable,” “Hackable,” or “Object” Drawback.