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Patch 22.5.0 - Road to Beta 2/3: Gift-Building Evolved

If you haven’t been paying attention, wake up. This one is big.

This patch is the second of three major updates we are releasing leading up to the beta release of The Contract! The next patch will be a massive update to our rulebook.

In this patch, we have completely evolved our Power Builder into a brand new Gift Builder.

The New Gift Builder

It’s hard to know where to start on this one. We have spent the past 6 months on this patch, and if we put out notes that covered every change, you’d be reading a book instead of building new Gifts!

The new Gift Builder is the final evolution of our original Gift Building system. It provides incredible flexibility, automatically-generated system text, and a brand new interface for building the Gifts you know and love. In addition, we’ve added brand new kinds of Gifts.


You can now craft consumables and artifacts. Crafting is performed by pressing the “Craft” button next to the “edit contractor” button on the character sheet of any Contractor with a crafting gift. Crafted items can be traded to other Contractors as well!

See the Gift Builder page for more information:


You can now set some Effects as Traps! Try building some.

Overhauled and New Effects

Some Effects needed a bunch of love, so we rewrote them:

Heightened Senses (merged with Protect Sense), Commune, Obscure Self, Memory Manipulation, Illusion, Warp Form, Mundane Catalog (now called Creature Transformation), Advanced Movement, Suppress Sense, Stun, Deteriorate (now called Afflict).

We’ve also added several new Effects including Augment Other and Mind Shield.

Other Changes

Not only did this update add over 100 Enhancements, a ton of other Effects, Enhancements, and Drawbacks have been updated. We’ll leave it up to you to find them.