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Patch 23.1.0 - Scenario Improvements and Merch!

Everything you ever dreamed and more! Improved Scenarios! Merchandise! New Effects!


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This update comes with major improvements to Scenarios on the website.

Writeup Improvements

  • Scenarios have been split into common sections: Overview, Backstory, Intro and Briefing, Mission, and Aftermath. Scenario writers can use as many or as few of these sections as they want. 

  • Scenarios now have an index like the Player’s Guide. First-order headers are based on the Scenario’s sections. Subheaders are based on the headers used inside the scenario writeups. (When editing, make sure you select the header level format instead of just modifying the font size). 

  • You may now upload images to your Scenarios and place them in the writeup sections. 

Community Editing

  • Scenarios are now editable by the community, wiki-style. You can disable this for your Scenarios by editing them and un-selecting “allow community edits”. 

  • Scenarios now keep a complete edit history of all sections. You can compare two edits side-by-side and revert any edits with the press of a button. 

Handouts and Aftermath Spoilers

  • You can now attach handouts such as Conditions, Circumstances, Loose Ends, and Trophies to Scenarios. GMs can easily hand these out to Contractors during or after a Contract.

  • When you unlock a Scenario by playing in it, the Aftermath section of the writeup and the Handouts remain hidden. They must be manually spoiled inside the scenario writeup. GMs can see who has spoiled these sections. This allows Scenario writers to include downtime content that follows the Contract in their Scenarios. 

Stock Scenarios

  • Retired the stock Scenario Mushroom Hunt and replaced it with Bobasaurus.

Changes to Patreon

We changed our tier structure to be cheaper and more generous. It now has two levels: Contractor and Harbinger. 

  • $4.25 - Contractors get everything Newbies got before but also get to vote on upcoming features. 

  • $8 - Harbingers get everything Vet-level patrons got before including early access to new website features.

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Website Improvements


  • Added the ability to mark your profile as “private”. Private profiles can only be viewed by people who share a playgroup with the user, and users with private profiles do not appear in the hall of fame. Furthermore, their contractors, gifts, and journals don’t appear on community activity feeds.

  • When RSVPing for a contract that occurs in a Playgroup you’re not a member of, if that Playgroup is public or you have been invited, added a page that asks if you’d like to join the playgroup

  • When joining a new Playgroup, added a page that allows you to add unhomed Contractors to the Playgroup

  • Added a link to our merchandise shop in the site footer and quick access menus.


  • Revamped the logged-out front page

  • Added a small section to the ongoing Contract page that shows the GM a summary of each attending Contractor.

  • Playgroup Leaders can now also leave Playgroups if they are the only member. 

  • Changed the font throughout the site

  • Polished up the quick start guide (how to play the contract)

  • Playgroup off-site community links now display a discord icon if they’re discord links

  • Renamed Community Records to Hall of Fame

  • Skulls now appear in the Hall of Fame next to the names of dead Contractors.

  • The usernames of players who have RSVPed to an upcoming Contract now appear on that Contract’s scheduling page. 

  • The Craft screen now displays your Contractor’s available EXP 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the contractor timeline wouldn’t show all exp expenditures

  • Fixed an error that occurred if you crafted consumables with a Gift, edited it in a way that refunded the consumables, and then edited it again in the same downtime. 

  • Fixed an error that caused Legendary Artifacts not to appear on the Assign Gifts page.

  • Fixed an error that caused crafted artifacts not to refund properly when you edited them to be another gift type.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the create Contractor page to return an error.

  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause an additional end bracket to appear in Gift system text.

  • Fixed a bug that caused editing consumable gifts to error out when the edit demands a refund.

Rule Changes


  • You may now React to firearm attacks without Gifts.

  • Added rules for heavy lifting and hauling. 

  • Added clarifications about un-reactable attacks (sneak attacks and hostage situations) to the rules. 

  • Removed concept of “Bonus Damage” from the game and the guide.

  • Updated the “Attack Difficulty Modifiers” article in the Situational Rules section of the guidebook. 

  • Botched Trauma rolls no longer grant both a Trauma and do a Mind Damage. They are counted the same as a failure.

  • Added a new Limit: Cowardice (You have a deep need to be courageous. Make a Trauma Roll if you ever display more cowardice than another Contractor or let them go in first (unless there’s a significant strategic reason).

  • Sweep rules for Firearms improved.

Assets / Liabilities

  • Changed “Oblivious” Asset to: “All defensive Mind rolls and Trauma rolls are made at -2 Difficulty.”

  • Changed “Clear Conscience” Asset to: “All Trauma rolls you make are -1 Difficulty, and Penalty does not apply.” 

  • Added the Seasoned / Veteran restricted assets (Seen Things, Unshakable) back in.

  • Clarified on Arsenal that it does not include weapons of mass destruction, tanks, or assault helicopters.

  • Clarified system on Dark Secret that your secret will get out eventually unless you go to great lengths to prevent it from being discovered.

  • The Liability Disorder can now be taken multiple times.

  • Asset Bounce Back now reads: “Whenever one of your severe Injuries is properly stabilized, reduce its severity by 1. Your stabilized Injuries heal 4 Severity Levels per month instead of the standard 2.”


Damage / Rolls:

  • Handgun Weapon Damage is now 2 (from 1)

  • Shotgun Weapon Damage is now 3 (from 2) 

  • Rifles Weapon Damage is now 3 (from 2) and have a range of 300 feet.

  • Heavy Sniper Rifles now penetrate 2 Armor and have a range of 1000 feet.

  • Unarmed Weapon Damage is now -1 (from -2)

  • Knife/Dagger Weapon Damage is now 1 (from 0)

  • Edgeless thrusting sword Weapon Damage is now 2 (from 1)

  • Sword or axe Weapon Damage is now 2 (from 1)

  • Greatsword and giant axe Weapon Damage is now 3 (from 2)

  • Club Weapon Damage is now 1 (from 0)

  • Throwing knife, axe, and improvised thrown weapons no longer have their Damage capped by your Brawn.

  • Bows Weapon Damage is now 0 (from 1) and are now Difficulty 6 (from 8)

  • Crossbows Weapon Damage is now 1 (from 2) and are now Difficulty 6 (from 8)

  • Slings and slingshots are now Difficulty 6 (from 8) but require a successful called shot to do damage.


Mastery Updates

This update makes the effects available on most weapon Masteries distinct from those available on their associated weapons. If you want to be the ultimate warrior, you’ll also need a special weapon. 

  • Fewer Enhancements appear on both the mastery and weapon Effect. 

  • All “react to bullets” effects have been removed.

  • Most masteries no longer have Bonus Damage and Armor Effectiveness Parameters. 

  • The overall cost to use Artifact Crafting with Weapons has been reduced. 

  • The Unarmed Mastery Effect is the one exception to these changes.

New Effects

We have added two new Extraordinary Object Effects: Special Projectile Launcher (bows, slingshots, etc) and Special Thrown Weapon (javelins, shurikens, etc).

Updated Effects

Mend Trauma

  • Add Selfish Drawback.

  • Added Enhancement: Easy

  • Added Enhancement: Teletherapy (You may now provide therapy at any distance, provided you are able to regularly communicate with your target. The Enhancements Stabilize and Suppress can be used on a target up to 50 feet away.

  • Renamed Enhancement “Forced Therapy” to “Institutionalize”


  • Removed Enhancement “Full Treatment” and made default behavior.

  • Added new Enhancement “Purify” (You may use this effect to sanitize a 15-foot radius, destroying all poisons, toxins, diseases such that they are inert and cannot affect any new targets).

Alternate Form

  • Combat-Ready Enhancement now also reduces Mind Penalty to 0.

  • Drawback Indiscriminate Killer changed to: “Whenever you enter Combat, roll Self-Control. If you fail, you cannot choose which targets to attack and cannot stop fighting until there are no targets remaining.”


  • Fix bug where illusion size parameter is broken when you take Drawback Specialist.

  • Clarified that Concentration can only be used to puppeteer one illusion at once.

  • Clarified that while you can use an illusion to obscure something smaller, you cannot make anything directly invisible (you can’t make a tank look like a regular baseball, but you can hide it in an illusion of a giant baseball)

  • Changed Enhancement Forgery to: “Any illusion made to disguise an Object as a different Object with a similar size and shape last a minimum of one day and can only be broken by a scientific analysis, investigative Effects, or witnessing the object being used in an inconsistent way.” Errata: (Forgeries do not gain any new, non-aesthetic-only functionality. If you disguise a bunch of spaghetti as a screwdriver, the illusion could be broken by attempting to use the new “screwdriver” to turn a screw, by someone breaking the “screwdriver” into two pieces with their hands, or by scientific tests such as measuring its mass, seeing how it reacts to boiling water, etc.)  

Suppress Senses

  • Flash Bang Enhancement no longer requires Seasoned.

  • Add Chain Lightning Enhancement


  • Added errata: Your vehicle cannot be equipped with any weapons you would not otherwise be able to acquire.

Heightened Senses

  • Swiveling Ears Enhancement changed to “You automatically know the origin location of any sound you hear, and you can tell which Action caused the sound.”

  • Activated duration changed from 1 hour to 3 hours.


  • Clarified that Enhancement “Deep Fake” does not fool investigative Effects.


  • Ensured that the Enhancement “Old School” appears in the rendered System Text

  • Hack default range changed to 20 feet.

Send Message

  • Clarified that Drawback Laaag can take longer than 30 minutes in the Drawback’s description.


  • Clarified that drowsy targets cannot “wake themselves up” prior to falling asleep. 


  • Added Enhancement: “Death Pact” (When you die, you may activate this Effect targeting the person that killed you at any range and without any penalty.)

  • Added Enhancement: Easy

Creature Transformation

  • Clarified that taking the Indefinite Enhancement does not require you to expend Source to return to your original form.

  • Activated Duration increased from 1 hour to 2 hours.


  • Modified Enhancement Ethereal Chains to “The binding affects intangible targets like ghosts and can no longer be attacked physically. Instead, a restricted target may roll Mind at Difficulty 7 to attempt to escape the binding.”

Mind Shields

  • Changed Instant Karma Enhancement to: “If you successfully resist an Effect with your Mind, you may reflect it back to another target as though you had cast it.” [errata: “The Effect’s Activation Outcome is equal to your resistance Outcome. If you reflect it back at the target who cast it originally, they do not receive a resistance roll.”


  • Removed Conditionally Costless Enhancement

  • Removed Enhancement Eternium, made Enhancement Built to Last require Seasoned instead of Veteran

  • You can use Artifact Crafting with the Fabricate Effect.


  • Changed Vanguard Enhancement to: “Whenever your Armor reduces incoming Damage, you are immediately made aware of the source of the Damage. You may pinpoint their location for 5 Rounds.”

Suppress Sense

  • Engineered Psychosis Enhancement no longer requires Switch.

Phase Out

  • Enhancements Ticket for Two and Personal Pocket realm are no longer mutually exclusive. 


  • The Enhancement Animatronic Jamboree now requires Seasoned status and can be taken with Imbue


  • Removed “Once per Day” Drawback

  • Added “Conditional” Drawback

  • The Enhancement “implants” now accurately updates the Visual Description requirements.

  • Added Enhancement: More Machine Than Man (Your Augments count as half a Battle Scar when calculating the reduced Body penalty from having too many Battle Scars.)  (Requires Veteran)

  • Added new default-available Augment: “Maws and Claws: Your unarmed attacks do +2 weapon damage instead of -1.”

  • Added Enhancement: Brave New World (Improves the systems of most of your augmentations. Previously-performed augmentations can be “upgraded” by re-augmenting the patient.) (Requires Seasoned)

  • Specialized: +3 dice

  • Implanted Tool: No larger than a backpack

  • Armor: 3 Armor at all times

  • Pouch: As large as a backpack (25 liters)

  • Zippy: Free movement increased by 15 feet.

  • Maws and Claws: +3 weapon damage instead of -1. 

Inanimate Transformation

  • Removed Enhancements “I want to be. . . Big” and “Too Slow” from Passive Inanimate Transformation

  • Changed Enhancemenet Soulbound to “The next time you die, you instead permanently transform into an inanimate object.”

  • Added new Drawback to Passive Style: Permanently Transformed (Take this Drawback if you die while under the effects of Soulbound. You have permanently transformed into a possessed object.) (Requires Soulbound)

  • New Passive-Only Enhancement: Wellspring (Your passive Powers affect anyone who wields you.) [requires Drawback “Permanently Transformed”]

  • Added Enhancement to Activated style: Fairly Odd (You may transform into any generic inanimate object that could easily be acquired in a town. No firearms or explosives.)

  • Removed Enhancement Gargoyle and made default behavior. 

  • Removed Enhancement Haunted and made default behavior.

  • Spirit of the Sword now requires Seasoned instead of Veteran.

  • Added guidance to the Chosen Form field: “You cannot choose an Alien form, nor one that is beyond your capability to acquire normally (e.g. a black hawk helicopter).”


  • Enhancement Induce Panic’s description now accurately states that it requires a Difficulty 6 roll.

  • Added Drawback “Humanities”

  • Added Enhancement “Mechanic”

Investigate Individual

  • Enhancement Diagnostic changed to: “Determine any medical or physiological issues they have, as well as their species and a general overview of their biology.”

  • Added Enhancement Mental Health Check: “You learn the target’s Traumas, Limits, and whether or not their thoughts, emotions, or memories are being influenced by any Alien forces.”

  • Enhancement Dream Seeker changed to: “You learn where the target sleeps, how long they tend to sleep each night, and whether or not they have nightmares.” 

  • Enhancement Birth Certificate changed to: “You learn the target’s age, place of birth, and how foreign they are to their current location.”

  • Drawback Conversationalis” can no longer be taken with Enhancement Conduit.

  • Drawback Conversationalist now locks cast time at a minute. 

Sense Beings

  • Activated duration changed from 1 minute to 1 hour.

Sense Objects

  • Activated duration changed from 10 minutes to 1 hour.


  • Activated duration changed from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t commune with both Humans and Creatures.

  • Added Enhancement to Activated Style: Glib Tongue (While active, you may choose to use glib tongue. When you do, anything you say (even gibberish) will be exactly what the target wants to hear. You gain no understanding of what that might be.) targeted only.

  • Added Enhancement to Activated Style: Quick Learner (If you use this Effect to spend an hour speaking with a native speaker of a human language you don’t know, you may Exert your Mind and roll Intellect + Culture Difficulty 7. With Outcome 4 or higher, you permanently learn that Language.) (Requires Seasoned, Requires Commune: Human)

  • Added Enhancement to Activated Style: Linguist (Whenever you encounter a Language you could commune in with this Effect, you immediately understand which language it is, the dialect, region, and other details about it.)


  • Activated duration changed from 1 hour to 3 hours.


  • Activated duration changed from 1 hour to 2 hours.

  • Forceful Mind Enhancement no longer works with Unarmed Mastery.

  • Modified the visibility requirements of Telekinesis to clarify that it is obvious that you are controlling the target via an alien means by default.

Extra Appendage

  • Activated duration changed from 1 hour to 2 hours.


  • Activated duration changed from 1 and a half hours to 2 hours.

Advanced Movement

  • Activated duration changed from 1 hour to 2 hours.

  • Added new Enhancement to Activated Style: On Another Level (As long as this Effect is active and you are traversing a terrain it covers, your movement speed is doubled.) (Requires You’re a Natural and Seasoned Status)

Spawn Minions

  • Duration changed from 1 hour to 2 hours.

Super Leap

  • Added Enhancement: Secret Door (You can use this Effect to hop to the other side of walls but can travel no more than 3 feet when doing so.) (Requires Seasoned and Short Ranged Portal)

  • Added Enhancement: Costless (This Effect has no Activation cost) (Requires Seasoned)

  • Added errata to clarify that vertical jump height measures to the bottom of your feet, so your total vertical reach is at least a body length greater.

  • Parameter Vertical Jump Distance changed to: 15 (default), 25, 75 (seasoned), 200, 1000 (veteran)

  • Changed Enhancement Fast Jump to “You may opt to trade your free movement for a Super Leap if you are jumping less than 50 feet or if you are closing a gap to an opponent and spend your Action on an attack.”

  • Changed Enhancement HALO Jump to “You may activate this effect while in free-fall, as long as your target Location is a surface on which you can land. You are immune to fall damage.”

Send Message

  • Enhancement Conversational changed to: “Instead of sending a single message, you open up a line of communication to your target. You may converse with them  without any additional Exertion cost for as long as you maintain Concentration.”


  • An Upgraded weapon now has its Weapon Damage increased (instead of Bonus Damage). Weapon Damage from multiple sources does not stack.

  • Removed the “next three months” and “indefinite” parameter levels on Duration. “one hour” duration level improved to “two hours”

Container of Holding

  • Convenient Carry-On Enhancement now requires a Quick Action to use and can no longer collapse the size of the container smaller than a fanny pack.

Warp Form

  • “The Process” Drawback changed to: “The Battle Scars you inflict manifest over the course of the next minute.”


  • +1 Dice bonus parameter level removed.

  • Effect Gift cost reduced by 1

Shape-changing object 

  • Now requires a Quick Action instead of an Action to disguise the object.

  • Enhancement Set It And Forget It removed and its behavior is now default.

  • Added Errata to True Change Enhancement: “You must be able to acquire this item normally. It can’t be something like an atom bomb or a nuclear submarine.”


  • Renamed to “Extraordinary Vehicle”


  • Enhancement Tying Off now lasts 2 hours instead of 1. 

  • Added new Enhancement: Bubble Wall (No one can pass through your bubble shield until it is broken.) (Requires Bubble Shield, cannot be taken with Persistent Shielding.)

  • Added new Enhancement: Unpierceable (Armor Piercing does not bypass your barrier. However, the barrier takes 2 additional Damage from half Armor Piercing and 4 additional Damage from full Armor Piercing.)


  • Added Enhancement: Wait For It. . . (Instead of always Damaging the Round after activation, you must spend a Free Action on your initiative to trigger the Damage or cancel the Effect. The area will remain obviously dangerous until you do so, or for a maximum of one minute.)

Emotion Control

  • Added Errata to the extended system:\ GM Guidance for common emotions and the actions they typically inspire:\ Anger (shouting, cruelty, denying requests, attacking)\ Pity (stopping an attack, executing a target with a severe Injury)\ Happiness (generosity, dancing, singing, cracking jokes, stopping a despair-driven action, socializing)\ Jealousy (stealing an item, petty cruelty, distancing themselves, sabotage)\ Anxiety / Fear (running, attacking)\ Sadness (finding solitude, openly crying, demotivation)

  • Updated the Errata of Formative Experience to clarify that it causes a Trauma, not a Condition. (And to update the reference to a rule that isn’t used any more).

  • Enhancement Chain of Screaming’s system changed to: “When your target interacts with any valid target, they must roll Self-Control or be swept up in the same emotion. New targets pass it on as well, and so on, with the remaining duration decreasing by half until the chain stops.”

  • Updated Errata on Chain of Screaming Enhancement: “About 30% of average people will fail a Self-Control roll. A target that successfully resists is immune to this activation of the Effect. Cannot spread back to you.” 

  • Changed the base system so that combat no longer causes the effect to end.

  • Added Drawback:  Snap Out of It (If any affected target takes or deals Damage, the effect ends.)

Super Speed

  • Added Enhancement to Activated Style: Blur (If you perform an all-out Sprint while active, all attacks targeting you suffer -3 dice for the next Round.)

  • Added Enhancement to Activated Style: Quicker Than You (When Initiative is rolled, you may declare that you are activating Super Speed as your First Action. If you do, you automatically win Initiative but must spend your entire first Action activating this Effect.) (Requires Seasoned) (Errata: “You may still use your Free Movement on your first turn”).

Unlock / Open

  • Added Enhancement: Speak Friend and Enter (You may Exert your Mind and spend two Actions to seal a lock or a closed door. Sealed doors / locks cannot be destroyed, removed, or operated by mundane means. When sealing a door, you may specify a passphrase which grants access.) 

Binding Oath

  • Changed the base system such that you cannot coerce a target through torture or threats of direct violence.


  • Removed Drawback “Biological Psychology”

  • Added Drawback “Humanities”

Heal Scar

  • Glimpse the unbroken now lasts a day instead of an hour

  • Added enhancement strict regimine

  • Removed Cast Time parameter level “ten minutes”

Memory Manipulation

  • Removed Drawback “Biological Psychology”

  • Added Drawback “Humanities”

Melee Mastery

  • Removed Parameters “Bonus Damage” and “Armor Effectiveness”

  • Changed base system to: “+2 dice to all Melee rolls.”

  • Removed Enhancements: “Blade Breaker”, “Dark Harvest”, “Mjolnir”, “Shredder”

  • Added Enhancements: “Finesse”

Melee Weapon

  • Parameter “Bonus Damage” changed to “Additional Damage” and the default level is now +3 Damage.

  • Legendary Artifact Melee Weapon costs 1 more Gift Credit

  • Removed Enhancements: “Assassin”, “Dismember”, “Fancy Footwork”, “Heavy Strikes”, “Whirlwind” 

  • Added Enhancement: “Dark Harvest”

  • Added Enhancement: Lasersaber (Given time, you may demolish any object or wall. To destroy 1 cubic foot of material: spend 2 Actions for material demolishable with a crowbar or sledgehammer, and 5 Actions for other materials (like steel).) (requires Shredder and Blade Breaker) 

Firearms Mastery

  • Removed Parameters “Bonus Damage” and “Armor Effectiveness”

  • Changed base system to: “+2 dice to all Firearms rolls.”

  • Removed Enhancements: “Keyhole”, “Silencer”

  • Added Enhancements: “Finesse”, “Called It”

  • Enhancement “I Shoot With My Mind” no longer require Seasoned Status

  • Changed Enhancement “Bullet Parry” to: “You may Defend against any attack in your firearm’s range using your firearm. Defending this way still costs a Reaction.”

  • Changed Enhancement “Quick Fingers” to: “Drawing your weapon is a Free Action as long as it is on your person. You may reload or swap ammo as a Free Action”


  • Renamed to “Special Firearm”

  • Parameter “Bonus Damage” changed to “Additional Damage”. Levels changed to [+0, +1 (default),, +2, +4(Seasoned), +7(Veteran)].

  • Legendary Artifact Firearm costs 1 more Gift Credit

  • Removed Enhancements: “Fastest Gun in the West”, “Quick Fingers,” 

  • Added new Enhancement: Infinite Ammo (This weapon never runs out of its standard ammunition)

Unarmed Mastery

  • Base system changed to: “+2 dice to Attacking, Defending, and Clashing without a weapon. Unarmed attacks do 0 Weapon Damage (instead of -1).”

  • Parameter “Bonus Damage” changed to “Weapon Damage” and added 0 weapon damage base level that is default.

  • Clarified Enhancement “Flow like Water”: If you Defend, the redirected attack uses your positive Outcome after defending, if you Clash it uses the outcome in entirety if you win.

  • Changed Enhancement Disarm to: “If you successfully Defend or Clash with a melee attack, you may take possession your opponent’s weapon or launch if up to 35 feet away.”

  • Enhancement Brutal Strikes changed to: “If your attack inflicts a Battle Scar, you may choose which of the appropriate-severity Battle Scars the target suffers. If it causes a less severe Injury, you may inflict a Minor Battle Scar of your choosing.”

  • Enhancement One Inch Punch changed to: “You may make a full attack against any target you can touch, even if you are restrained. To an observer, you hardly move. In a crowded area, determining that you were the source of an attack requires a Perception + Alertness roll with an Outcome of 4”.

  • Enhancement Precision Strikes changed to: “You may use Dexterity instead of Brawn on your attack rolls.”

  • Added Enhancements: “Called It”

  • Added new Drawback: Grabby (This mastery does not apply to your standard unarmed attacks, only grapples and chokes)

  • Added new Drawback: Chomp (You must eat some of your target each attack) (cannot take with Armored Fist)

Throwing Mastery

  • Removed Parameters “Bonus Damage” and “Armor Effectiveness”

  • Changed base system to: “+2 dice to all throwing rolls.”

  • Added Enhancements: “Called It”, “Assassin” “Finesse”

  • Removed Enhancement: “Heavy Toss”

  • Added new Enhancement: Junk Wolf (Thrown attacks with improvised thrown weapons deal +3 Weapon Damage) (Requires: Jackie Chan)

Special Thrown Weapon

  • New Effect! Parameters: Additional Weapon Damage [1, 3(default), 5(seasoned), 7, 9 (Veteran)], Armor effectiveness

  • Added Enhancements: Pin Down, Heavy Toss, Ricochet, Straight To The Face, Hail Storm 

  • Added new Enhancements:

  • Return (When you throw this weapon, you may opt to have it return to your possession at the end of the attack. Whoever threw this artifact last may use an Action to recall it from up to 100 feet away, attacking one target in its return path as they do so.) 

  • Magic Quiver (Instead of throwing, this Artifact, it is an object that produces an endless supply of temporary throwable objects. For example, bracers that allow you to throw ethereal javelins, or a sack of throwing rocks that doesn’t shrink when you withdraw one.) (errata: “Created projectiles last only until they strike their target and cannot be shared or stockpiled”).

  • Chain Lightning (You may Exert your Mind to perform a chain lightning attack. If your attack succeeds, All targets within 5 feet of your primary target take full Damage. The Damage can “jump” up to 5 times. Each target can be hit only once.)

  • Not Quite Flying (You may Exert your Mind and use up your Movement to “follow” any attack using this weapon, traveling right next to its point of impact.);

  • Pincushion (Any attack or Effect activation roll against a target with an Injury dealt by this weapon is rolled at -1 Difficulty.) (Requires Magic Quiver)

  • Remote-Control (You may choose to deploy this Artifact in drone mode. Each Round it is deployed, instead of attacking, you may spend a Quick Action to have it attack a target with 8 dice. You may end drone mode as a Quick Action on your initiative.) (Requires Return)

  • Pin (If your attack inflicts an Injury on your target, you may “pin” to the ground or a nearby wall. They are stuck there until you remove the weapon. The target may spend a Quick Action and increase the Injury’s Severity by 1 to pull themselves free.) (Requires Return)

Archery Mastery

  • Removed Parameters “Bonus Damage” and “Armor Effectiveness”

  • Changed base system to: “+2 dice to all rolls using bows, crossbows, slingshots, and slings. Reloading is a Free Action.”

  • Removed Enhancements: “Bullet Parry”, “Faster than a Speeding Bullet”, “Leave no Trace”, “Mercy”, “All-terrain Archer”

  • Added Enhancements: “Called It”, “Assassin” “Finesse”

  • Added new Enhancement: Pincushion (Any attack or Effect activation roll against a target that already has one of your projectiles stuck into them is rolled at -1 Difficulty.)

  • Added new Enhancement: Improvised Projectiles (You may use any object that is vaguely the same size and shape as your weapon’s ammo in place of its normal ammo with no penalty.)

  • Added new Enhancement: Blood Conduit (Any Injury caused by one of your projectiles satisfies the Conduit requirement for any other Powers you possess. This lasts until the Injury is healed or utilized as a Conduit.)

Projectile Launcher

  • New Effect! Parameters: Additional Weapon Damage [1, 3(default), 5(seasoned), 7, 9 (Veteran)], Armor effectiveness

  • Note to self: [1 cheaper than most masteries. Legendary artifact costs one more than artifact crafting.]

  • Added Enhancements: “Leave No Trace”, “Payload”, “Pin Down”, “Razor String”

  • Added new Enhancement: Infinite Ammo (This weapon never runs out of its standard ammunition)

  • Added new Enhancement: Ultra-shot (Spend one Action preparing an attack. This does not count as Aiming. Next Round you may make an attack as though the range of this weapon was 1200 feet.)

  • Added new Enhancement: Not Quite Flying (You may Exert your Mind and use up your Movement to “follow” any thrown attack using this weapon, traveling right next to its point of impact.)

  • Changed Enhancement Razor String to: “You may use this weapon as a melee weapon that deals its full weapon damage. Roll Dexterity + Melee to use it.”


  • Added errata on Enhancement Compact that indicates that the object is broken if it is expanded without enough room.

  • Added Enhancement to Blast and Injure: Conduit (requires Seasoned, can only be used on a given target once per day)

  • Added errata to the Maddening Drawback that clarifies that the Trauma can be removed by buying off the Drawback.

  • Added to the errata to the Buster Drawback: “This object cannot be disguised or morphed with other Effects like Shape-Changing object.”

  • Enhancement Point Control renamed to “Called It” and system changed to “Called Shots that you attempt only require a Contested Outcome of 2 for small targets and 4 for tiny targets.

  • Drawback Aftercare instructions clarified that the duration lasts the rest of the current contract and throughout the next contract