News and Updates

Patch 23.4.0 - Source recharge, Consumables buff, Notifications!

This patch introduces notifications, recharging Source pools, a big buff to Consumable Crafting, and a greatly improved Create Contractors page.

Mechanics Changes

  • The Source pools of Contractors Novice and higher (3+ victories) have gained a new refill mechanic. 

  • You may specify some event or condition under which your Source is replenished by one point. 

  • The cooldown is one day for Novice Contractors, one hour for Seasoned Contractors, and one minute for Veterans.

Website Improvements


  • Added notifications! Now you have a one-stop shop for all updates about activity on the website. Check the bell icon in the upper right of the navbar!

Private Messages

  • Private messages are no longer used as notifications (for game invites, etc)

  • All unread private messages have been marked as read. Now if you see an unread message, you know it’s from a human. 

Polished Create Contractor

  • Added a new option during contractor creation about starting human or supernatural. This option has no direct mechanical impact; it’s designed to make players more intentional about creating their contractors.

  • You must now specify your Contractor’s residence. 

  • Added new help popups that will answer most common contractor-creation questions. 

  • Improved the page’s visual appearance. 


  • Fixed a bug that caused the logged-out front page to display improperly on large screens

  • Fixed a bug that caused the navbar to display improperly when logged out on mobile

  • Fixed a bug that caused unlocked and public Scenarios to not spoil properly

  • Fixed a bug in the Gift Builder which caused some enhancements to not always require all of their prerequisites. 

  • Fixed a bug that would cause deceased Contractors to appear on artifact transfer forms.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause errors when updating crafting powers

  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when RSVPing to a Playgroup

  • Fixed a bug where the reward page for a contractor would show green + icons next to gifts even if you didn’t have a Gift / Improvement to spend. 

  • Fixed a bug where people could enter Moves for their own Contractors. 

  • Fixed a bug where editing a Gift on a legendary artifact would sometimes remove the gift from the artifact. 

  • Fixed a bug that caused Limits to display improperly on the character sheet.



  • Maddening Drawback’s “The chosen Trauma must be particularly dangerous and/or restrictive.” changed to “The chosen Trauma must be likely to be relevant during a Contract.”

  • Removed the Drawbacks “Selfless” and “Selfish” on Artifact Gifts.


  • Consumables that require a roll now always have a dice pool of 7 dice and don’t use a specified Attribute + Ability roll. Penalty does not apply to Consumable activation rolls. 

  • Consumable Gift Type cost has been reduced by 1.

  • Enhancement “Exceptional Craftsmanship” renamed to “Durable”.

  • Added new Enhancement Exceptional Craftsmanship: (This Consumable’s roll now has 11 dice instead of 7) Requires Seasoned.

Investigate Individual

  • Added Enhancement: Passwords (You learn the target’s passwords, passcodes, secret phrases, pin numbers, etc)

  • Added Enhancement Treasure Map (You learn what the target values most and where to find it, provided they know. This includes any hidden or concealed treasures). 


  • Removed Enhancement “Wish you were Here” from trap activation style.

Throwing Mastery

  • Rephrased Enhancement “Bullet Parry” so it doesn’t reference firearms.

Unarmed Mastery

  • Clarified that Enhancement “Meat Shield” requires a Reaction to use. 


  • Flying Sword Enhancement has new errata that suggests using Mob rules when dealing with multiple animated objects.

  • Sorcerous Animation Enhancement changed to: “Animated Artifacts now have access to their own Effects. Touch the animated Artifact and Exert your Mind to grant it one point of Source, up to a maximum of three. They may use this Source to activate their Effects.” 

  • Animated objects now have a dice pool of 7 dice when performing actions they were designed for and 4 dice otherwise. 

  • Enhancement Zoomies changed to: “Your animated target moves faster. If it doesn’t have its own means of locomotion, the object may now move across the ground or hover 7 feet above the ground at 40 feet per Round.”


  • Capitalized “Damage” in system text.

  • Damage parameter changed from [1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11] to [2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12]

Mythic Dexterity

  • Changed Bullet Time Enhancement to: “Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to make a single dodge roll that applies its full Outcome to any attacks made against you that Round.”