News and Updates

Patch 23.5.0 - Gift Update

This patch features a lot of updates for Gifts, including a bunch of new Enhancements for Veteran Contractors

Mechanics Updates

  • Added a new Contractor Status level, Professional, which is 17-24 Victories. Professional Contractors shouldn’t play in Contracts with Seasoned or lower Contractors.

  • Will to Survive cannot be used against falling damage.

Assets and Liabilities

  • Cost for Asset Ageless reduced to 9 Exp.

  • Cost for Asset Rich raised to 18 Exp.

  • Clarified that your Contractor can only have a single financial status at a time.

Website Updates

  • Fixed a bug that would cause Contractor archetypes and paradigms to display incorrectly throughout the site.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause word counts for Scenarios to not properly be calculated when they’re first written.

Specific Changes - Gifts


  • Drawback Conditional rephrased to: “This Effect is only available when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that you are unable to use this Gift the majority of the time on Contracts.”

  • Targeted style now specifies “in line of sight” in most cases [not when effect doesn’t make sense like project senses]

  • Enhancement Conduit changed to: “You may use this Effect at unlimited range, but you require a token of your target to do so, such as a track of the target, a body part of the target, etc. One activation per token.”

  • Added errata to Enhancement Compact: “You cannot expand this Object as an attack”

  • Enhancement Finesse changed to: “You may limit the Severity of any Injury you inflict or determine a maximum Wound Level to inflict on the target, including Incapacitated. You may also choose to make this Injury properly or improperly stabilized, or to keep it unstabilized.”

  • Added Errata to all Effects that offer Attribute bonuses: “Attribute bonuses from multiple sources do not stack. Instead the highest bonus is used.”

  • Changed the definition of an Object target to “Anything that is non-living, inanimate, and also free-standing, loose, or otherwise not currently a part of another structure or device.”


Mythic Charisma

  • Removed Enhancement “Liar Liar Pants on Fire”

  • Changed Enhancement “An Honest Face” to “Honest Eyes” (Your word is accepted as honest so long as you are speaking the truth as you understand it. You can always tell if someone telling a lie without making a roll, though you may not know what they are concealing)

  • Changed Enhancement “Poker Face” to (You reveal only what you want to reveal. It is impossible to determine whether or not you are lying. You may roll Charisma + Performance to resist any investigative Effect that targets you. If you successfully resist, you determine the info they get.)

  • Added new Enhancement “Come again?” (Whenever you say something or present yourself in a way that upsets someone, you may Exert your Mind. If you do so you may change what you said or how you present yourself, and the first attempt will be dismissed and forgotten.)

  • Added new Enhancement “Exploit” (Any influence roll against a target is made at -1 Difficulty for each Trauma of theirs that you know about.)

  • Life-Changing Conversation (Speak to a target for 10 minutes, Exert your Mind, and roll Charisma + Influence, Difficulty of the target’s Mind score. If you achieve a complete success, you may suppress one of their Limits or add a new Limit. Lasts two months) (Requires Seasoned)


  • Changed Enhancement “Wish you Were here” to: “Successfully affected targets are aware that you are interacting with them but they do not view it as an attack or view the resulting Trauma as malicious. If their Trauma is treated, they will be able to see the reality of the situation.”


  • Removed “Immaterial” Enhancement from Power Gift Type.

  • Added “This Armor cannot be circumvented with Called Shots” to base Effect for Power Gift Type.

  • Changed Enhancement “Vanguard” to (Whenever your Armor reduces incoming Damage, you are immediately made aware of the source of the Damage. You may pinpoint their location for 30 seconds.)

  • Rephrased Enhancement “Defensive Curl” to (You may spend an Action or Reaction and Exert your Mind to double your Armor rating for one Round.)

  • Armor Parameter changed from [2,3,5,8] to [3,4,6,8]

  • Enhancement Thorns changed to: “When you take Damage from a source which is within 5 feet, deal back that much Damage up to a maximum of your Armor rating.”


  • Barrier Strength Parameter changed to [Outcome + 2 (default), Outcome + 4, Outcome + 6 (seasoned), Outcome + 9 (veteran)]

  • Added Drawback Scarring to Barrier (on targeted Style)

  • Added Drawback Selfless to Barrier (on targeted Style)

  • Armor Penetration no longer affects Barrier.

  • Removed Enhancement “Unpierceable”

  • Enhancement “Multiple Shields” changed to “You may have up to 3 barriers active at a time.”

  • Added Enhancement “Bubble Shield” to targeted style

  • Added new Enhancement “Insurance” (Any target that is or was under the protection of your Barrier in a given Round cannot take an Injury greater than Severity 6 that Round.) (Requires Seasoned).

  • Enhancement Persistent Shielding now requires Seasoned status.


  • Changed Enhancement Chimera to: “By transplanting a body part from another creature, you can grant a Powers intrinsic to that body part to the subject.” and added errata “The systems for any Powers or Effects granted by splicing from other creatures are subject to Playgroup Leader approval and may be adjusted from their NPC counterparts.”

Summon Minion

  • Skilled Enhancement changed to: “Minions gain a basic skill of your choosing. Actions using it have an 8 dice pool.”

  • Enhancement “The Horde” now requires Seasoned status.

Inanimate Transformation

  • Passive, Legendary Artifact version of this Effect now costs 2 more Gift points.


  • Enhancement Instant Vitamins changed to: “You may Exert your Mind to convert your bonus resistance dice into additional Outcome to any Body resistance roll.”

  • Rephrased Enhancement Inoculation: “If you succeed a Body resistance roll against an Effect, you are immune to that Effect for the next 24 hours.”

  • Added new Enhancement “Total Immunity” (You are immune to all diseases, venoms, and toxins, including Alien ones.) (Requires Survivor, Requires Purge Toxins, Requires Veteran).


  • Added new Enhancement “Immortal Will” (If you die, you may continue to act as though you were not dead for 3 Rounds.) (Requires Veteran)


  • Clarified the “Combat Stealth” Enhancement’s errata to indicate that being Injured does not break Stealth.


  • Added Enhancement Costless to Targeted style.

  • Activated Style now costs 1 Gift Point less.

  • Enhancement “Quick Learner” changed to “If you use this Effect to spend an hour speaking with a native speaker of a human language you don’t know, you may Exert your Mind and roll Intellect + Culture Difficulty 7. With Outcome 4 or higher, you permanently learn that language and accent.”

Throwing Mastery

  • Enhancement Boomerang changed to: “On your Initiative, in the Round following a thrown attack, the objects you threw will return back to you. You may catch them automatically, without making a roll or spending an Action.”

Super Leap

  • Super Leap’s “Too Slow” Enhancement changed to: “You may use this Effect as a Reaction if you travel at least 50 feet. When using it to dodge, you do not need to roll.” Requires Seasoned.


  • Added new Enhancement: Rebirth: “If you spend an hour in cocoon, you emerge with all Injuries healed and your selection of Battle Scars healed.” (requires Cocoon, requires Veteran, passive style only).

  • Enhancement Weekly Pill now requires Seasoned.

  • Enhancement Adapt to Survive now requires Seasoned and its duration has been increased to 3 hours.

Sense Beings

  • Enhancement Got Eyes on ‘Em changed to: “Any beings detected by the initial activation of this Effect are “marked.” Until the Effect ends, you get live information about them even if they move out of range. Any targets that are marked satisfy the line of sight requirement for targeted Effects.” (requires GPS, requires Seasoned)


  • Specified in the base system that any targets viewable by your Ward satisfy the line of sight requirement for targeting.

  • Added new Enhancement: Panopticon (You may place a ward at any location in line of sight.) (requires Veteran)

  • The Enhancements “Stealthy” and “Place of Power” can no longer be taken together.


  • Specified in the base system that any marked targets satisfy the line of sight requirement for targeting.

  • The “Maximum Active” Parameter’s default level is now 3.


  • Removed the Concealed Enhancement

  • Added the Enhancement Conduit (required Seasoned)

  • Added new Enhancement: Dream Kill: “When you enter a target’s dreams, you may face them in combat. Any Injuries suffered by either party in the dream occur in real life. You may wake both parties as a free action on your Initiative.” (requires Dream Sculptor, requires Veteran)

Heal Wound

  • Removed Enhancement Just a Few Stitches on consumables.

  • Added new Enhancement to Targeted Style “Heroes Never Die” (Exert your Mind an additional time when activating this Effect. You may treat an Injury on every target within 30 feet.) (requires Veteran)

  • Added Enhancement to Activated Style: Triggered (requires Veteran)


  • Specified in the system that objects de-animate if destroyed.

  • Default duration increased to 3 hours.

  • Removed Enhancement Complexity and made the behavior default.

  • Renamed Drawback “Just One Item” to “Sidekick”

  • Enhancement Imbue can no longer be taken with Drawbacks Exhausting, Long Cast, Mage, or Once Per Day.


  • Cast Time parameter changed to: [15 minutes, 1 minute, an Action]

  • Maximum Object Size changed to: [a ziplock bag, a backpack (default), a large luggage bag (Seasoned), an SUV (Veteran), a cargo container]

  • Changed Enhancement Sorcerer’s Stone to: “You may create Non-Alien, generic objects that include rare materials such as radium or pharmaceuticals.”

  • Added new Enhancement “It’s Alive!” (You may fabricate Non-Alien Creatures. These Creatures are untrained and do not recognize you.) (required Seasoned)

  • Added new Enhancement “Mind Into Matter” (Instead of creating only generic objects, you may create bespoke, custom-made objects. This is limited to any object that can be constructed by an ordinary professional in the relevant trade or craft.) (requires Veteran) [If you can fabricate Creatures, you can now customize their appearance, as long as their capabilities are analogous to a single Non-Alien animal.]

  • Added Enhancement Willful End.


  • Enhancement Combat Repulsion renamed to Untouchable and system changed to: “While this Effect is active, you may take Actions and make Reactions at a -2 dice penalty without interrupting your Concentration.” (Requires Seasoned)

  • Added new Enhancement “Singularity” (Instead of creating a repulsion field, you may create an attraction field, centered on any Location within range with a diameter up to your range. All affected beings within the radius are pulled to the target Location and take 2 Damage.) (Requires Veteran)


  • Added Enhancement “Easy.”

  • Changed Extra Dice parameter to [2(default), 3(Seasoned), 5(Veteran)]

  • Removed Drawback “Once per Day”

  • Added new Enhancement: Enchant (Upgraded weapons count as any material your opponent might be particularly vulnerable to. Upgraded Armor cannot be circumvented by called shots. Upgraded Devices do not run out of fuel or energy.)

  • Enhancement “Reinforce” changed to: (Upgraded objects cannot be destroyed. If you can upgrade Armor, it cannot be shredded.)

  • Added new Enhancement: Arm and Equip (You may upgrade any number of Objects within a 10 foot radius of your target.) (Requires Veteran).

  • Fixed Drawback Equal and Opposite to accurately reflect the Gift’s duration.


  • Added new Enhancement “Bonded” (Once a given target has made a resistance roll and failed to resist your suggestions three times, you no longer need to Exert to use this Effect on them and their resistance rolls to resist any future suggestions is +1 Difficulty) (requires Veteran)

  • Changed Enhancement Groupthink to “You can affect a number of targets up to your Charisma rating.”

  • Removed Enhancement Kitsunegaru

  • Added Enhancement Conduit (requires Seasoned)

Creature Transformation

  • Added new Enhancement “Join the Herd” (Instead of transforming yourself, you may choose to target another Living being. The target may easily Resist) (requires Seasoned)

  • Modified Gift Errata to include: “Animals that are quicker than humans (like dogs) have 50 feet of Free Movement. Animals that are very slow (like turtles) have 0 feet of Free Movement.”

Mend Trauma

  • Added new Enhancement: No Lost Causes (Instead of removing a Trauma, you may remove a mental Condition from your target.) (requires Veteran)


  • Enhancement Blatant Thievery changed to: “You may Exert your Mind to stash items in others’ possession. They automatically notice you were the one to stash the item. This always requires a Committed Action.”

  • Added new Enhancement: Loot Dump (You may Exert your Mind and spend a Quick Action to withdraw as many items from your stash as you wish.) (requires Veteran)

Inhuman Physiology

  • Enhancement Distributed Systems now requires Seasoned status and the Misshapen Drawback.

  • Drawback Misshapen changed to: “You cannot be mistaken for a normal human. You cannot always use standard human clothes, equipment, vehicles, and facilities, and when you can, you suffer an increased Difficulty.”


  • Added errata: “You may not augment targets with pouches or implanted devices that are larger than they are.”

  • Added errata: “Targets without Body ratings may have a maximum of 4 augmentations.”

Creature Possession

  • Is now usable as an Action or Reaction

  • Added new Enhancement: Immortal Swarm (“Select a creature type. If you die and there is a Creature of that type within a mile, you instead possess them indefinitely.) (require Phoenix, requires Veteran)

Energy Transfer

  • Enhancement “​​Everything all at Once” changed to: “Instead of only choosing a single thing to transfer, you may transfer each of the things you are capable of transferring.”


  • Enhancement “Giant Machines” now requires Seasoned status.

  • Added new Enhancement “Rebuild Area” (When you activate this Effect, you may choose to repair any number of valid targets within 300 feet.) (requires Veteran).

Unlock / Open

  • Enhancement “Speak Friend and Enter” now requires Seasoned status.

  • Added new Enhancement “Create Door” (You may Exert your Mind, draw a door on a surface and open a door to any location within 25 feet. To keep it open, you must Exert your Mind each Round after the first.) (requires Veteran)


  • Enhancement “Immortal Flames” now requires Seasoned status

  • Extinguishing flames can now be done as a Reaction. This does not extend to explosives.

  • Added new Enhancement “Need a Light?” (You may Exert your Mind to light everything within 20 feet on fire OR to extinguish and/or prevent any fires you wish within range for the next two hours. This includes explosives.) (requires Veteran)

Destroy Object

  • Added new Enhancement “Anti-Material” (You may use this Effect to destroy a hunk of material as large as a duffel bag (35 liters), even if it is a part of a larger structure or object.)


  • Center of Attention changed to: “All valid targets within range are affected.”

Mythic Dexterity

  • Enhancement “Bullet Time” changed to: “Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to make a single dodge roll that applies its full Outcome to any attacks made against you that Round. Mob bonuses do not apply on attacks against you this Round.”


  • Enhancement Reach Out And Touch Me changed to: “Your illusion now feels real to the touch and has a taste. It can still be broken if it would Injure a target, or if subjected to enough force to break a window.”

Firearms Mastery

  • Enhancement Double Tap changed to: “If you are wielding multiple guns, your attack’s Weapon Damage is equal to the sum of your guns’ Weapon Damage. If you possess enough limbs, guns after the second increase Weapon Damage by 2.”

Send Message

  • Added new Enhancement “Flat Rate Box” (You may send any physical Object that would fit into a backpack with your message. Such messages take one minute to arrive. Any active timers, fuses, or triggers on the objects triggered when you attempt to send them.) (requires Veteran)

Mind Shields

  • Enhancements “Acute Self Care” and “Instant Karma” now require Seasoned Status.

  • Added new Enhancement “Defender’s Advantage” (The Difficulty of any Mind defense roll cannot exceed the Difficulty of the activation.) (requires Veteran)


  • Armor Effectiveness Parameter changed to [fully effective (default), reduced to ½ (seasoned), reduced to ¼ (veteran)].

  • Radius Parameter changed to [10 feet, 25 feet (default), 45 feet (seasoned), 100 feet (veteran)]

  • Damage Parameter changed to [Outcome + 2, Outcome + 4 (default), Outcome + 6 (seasoned), Outcome + 8, Outcome + 10 (veteran)]

  • Corrected several typos

  • Blast’s cast range is now aways 15 feet greater than the radius.

  • Enhancement “Wait for It. . .” changed to: “You may delay your blast’s detonation up to a minute, and you may spend a Free Action on your initiative to trigger the blast or cancel the Effect. The target area remains obviously dangerous until you do so.”

  • Enhancement “Deflagration” changed to: “Any flammable Objects within the radius during the blast will catch fire, and any being who takes at least 4 Damage will catch fire. Starting the Round after they caught fire, flaming targets take 2 Damage per Round until the fire is extinguished.”

  • Enhancement “No Friendly Fire” changed to: “When activating this Effect, you may specify one species or category of animate being that is immune to its Damage.”

  • Added new Enhancement “Annihilate” (Any object destroyed or individual killed in your blast turns to dust. Any parts of structures within your blast radius are destroyed and cannot bear a load or block movement. Your blast leaves a 15 foot deep crater in the ground and deals +1 Damage.) (requires Veteran)