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Change in Ecosystem... Just a isolated cryptid? or a entire new species?

(Characters will require 1 culture, 1 occult, or 1 animal to interact with this event.)

On multiple pages, from YouTube, to twitch, to kick, to rumble, even on Cryptoleak, a video is dropped with a link.

The link is a page that leads to... a summarized and analysis of news reports and articles about a new subspecies of existing creatures/cryptids causing mayhem amongst the American populace...


Even local news starts to pick up on this topic as it gains traction.


A news reporter stands outside what appears to be a park reserve, trees litter the background and around it, multiple warning signs and even fences gating off the area. 
"This just in, Here, live at Michigan, another body has been found. A trespasser entered within this very park and was reported missing 24 hours ago. This is the 8th incident this month. Similar to previously, the body was found impaled and mangled badly. Burnt with Lichtenberg figures along their body and the ground around them. We suspect it was the White stag that was previously spotted here, docile and rather friendly at first, whatever happened has caused it to be extremely hostile to us." As the reporter says this, for a moment, a flash of light can be seen before a loud explosion is heard over the camera and one of the tree's behind the fence sets fire. The crew breaks into a sprint after getting up and the report is cut short.


Scrolling down, a different page is seen. Upon clicking the "Expand the page" button...

Wildlife Biologist in Washington DC has recently reported that entire species, such as rabbits, hares, elk, beaves, bison, even grizzly bears and black bears has been hard found within the state. Skeletal figures of such creatures, crushed bones, almost fully licked clean. There has even been cases of human disappearances such as missing children and teenagers whos body has been found devoured. Reports show that perhaps a new apex predator has been introduced into the environment and the biologist fear for what the continued impact will have amongst the state. Rumors has been spreading of a haunting creature at night, bright red eyes that vanish and disappear almost like a demon. A haunting memory of what's happening...


Another link? Clicking on it, Grabs your immediate attention... a rat that breathes flame briefly seen on a police officer body cam.

"This here, we believe is a hoax, if a rat could breathe fire, do you know how dangerous that would be? the amount of fire that would break out at such a rapid pace would out number what a entire squad of firefighter would be able to take care of!" or so this 'cryptozoologist' states. He believes that the rat is a hoax, yet according to our records here, numerous fire outbreak has been occurring within the Chicago area. The sewers has even exploded 2 times. Food has become much scarcer, disappearing and often being found with rats in them. Holes amongst concrete and metal walls has been found, melted down. The homeless population lives in fear, many are suffering from terrible illnesses already. Things such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella has a reported figure of 30% increase in likelihood of acquiring within the Chicago city line within the past month alone.


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Dateline NBC: Chris Hansen dances with the devil in a special interview with Ky Matranaga!

On televisions around the country, a new commercial has begun to play. Beginning with dramatic music and a dimly lit room it cuts to Chris Hansen who is seen in his iconic serious demeanor, seated across from Ky Matranaga.

A narrator speaks over the stillness of the scene

"Coming soon on Dateline NBC..."

The camera cuts to Ky Matranaga with a determined expression and a leather face mask with metallic bars over the mouth, a reminder of his vicious nature as he listens to Chris Hansen's questions

A Narrator's voiceover speaks as the scene transitions "An interview unlike any other."

The camera then zooms in on Chris Hansen as he leans in, pressing for answers, staring right into Ky Matranaga's four black demonic eyes.

Chris Hansen: "Ky, we're not here to dance around the truth. We need answers."

The commercial cuts to several intense shots from different angles at intense moments of the interview. 

The Narrator's voiceover speaks once more as the music builds to a tense crescendo and the title plays across the screen

"Unmasking the Enigma - The Ky Matranaga Case."

The screen then flashes with Images of headlines and news articles about Ky Matranaga.

The Narrator's voiceover booms as the music hits a sinister sting "A town on edge. A murder that shocked a community."

Cut to Ky Matranaga's face, his eyes revealed to the world, proof of his demonic heritage and the hideous evil in them self-evident. 

The Narrator's voiceover speaks a final time as the camera zooms in to focus on his eyes alone, the burning visage filling the screen;

"Will he confess? Or will he evade justice?"

Chris Hansen's voice breaks the tense music and narration, granting the viewer a reprieve from the evil of Ky's devilish gaze, his voice firm and unwavering in the face of evil.

Chris Hansen: "We won't rest until we get the truth."

Then the Dateline NBC logo fades in with dramatic music as the narrator speaks again. 

"Dateline NBC. Investigative journalism at its finest."

Letters fly in from off-screen to display the message

"Coming soon."

Then the narrator speaks as the screen begins to fade to black

"Stay tuned for the exclusive interview that will leave you questioning everything."

The commercial then completely fades to black with the Dateline NBC logo and air date. 

Latest Journals

1 day, 11 hours ago: Ky Matranaga wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for The Finger Biters

Confessions And Responsibilities

Prison hasn't been going great, shockingly. Not much time to do anything but train, meditate and reflect. I've managed to avoid groups of people and getting stabbed so far, but it won't be wrong until I end up in a confrontation.

...My mind keeps wandering back to everything that's happened. I've done my best to just compartmentalize and move forward so far, but I've had a lot of time to unravel and think about things.

I know that at this point, nothing I do from this point can make up for what I've done. I can't do anything to restore the lives that I've taken or take by my actions. There's no redemption for someone like me.

...My eyes have started to transform into something else. More weird magic shit's going on. Seems like whatever's inside me knows I'm a monster too.

Even so, I'm not satisfied with giving up and letting myself rot away in here. Even if I deserve it, not yet. Not while I can still do something to make sure everything that's happened hasn't been in vain.

I'm being given an interview soon that'll be broadcasted to the public. Apparently, it's with Chris Hansen, which is just great. They're trying to convince me that it's an opportunity to clear my name, but I don't believe it. Even if it is, it's not like there's any justification for what I've done.

Still, I'm going to come forward and talk. Not like I have much of a choice in the first place. At the very least, I can set some things straight and make sure no other names get dragged into my mess.

1 day, 12 hours ago: Ky Matranaga wrote a Downtime Journal for Not enough Grit.

Judgement Time

Woke up in another hospital bed. It's a prison one this time, though.

Didn't even manage to get into a car before having to flee. Ended up running into another cop, and it was fucking Tom Snart of all people. I swear, that guy's not even human. Couldn't lose him across the entire damn city, though I managed to talk him out of arresting me while shifted. Eventually, I had to refresh my disguise and someone walked in. Caused a commotion, and Snart put a bullet in me while I was jumping seventy feet away. Was almost a killshot-- but I managed to survive somehow.

Fortunately, my injuries got stabilized and I got to keep my leg. Didn't have a chance to escape, though-- but at least I had enough luck to not get jumped while I was being treated.

Now I'm stuck in a holding cell, awaiting a sentence. Seems like prosecution's going for the death penalty, and at the very least, I'm getting moved to a max security prison. Lawyer doesn't seem all that interested in actually defending me.

Either way, I'm probably dead soon. Executed from a lethal injection, gunned by some guards, or stabbed by the prisoners.

Honestly, I've had it coming for a while now. Wasn't expecting to get to this point immediately, but it was inevitable. Wish I had the chance to do something good before my luck ran out...

...Fuck. Can't see a way to get out of this corner. All I can do is go down fighting at this point.

The end might be near, but I'm not giving up yet.

1 day, 14 hours ago: Issac Norton II wrote a Downtime Journal for A Gift for Mother

A Word on the Environment

The following speech is recorded by several phones in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

"It is the duty of all right thinking Americans & yes, all citizens of this spaceship called Earth to protect, conserve, & care for the life sustaining bosom of Mother Nature - the environment we would bequeath to our children & their children is a matter of grave import; again, those of good & true heart know this intrinsically: to be a good steward of our beautiful planet is the most noble profession - a task that returns it's manifold blessings to us all."

A crowd gathers around the would-be Emperor

"That being said, there are those malcontent with such gifts - be they robber barons pushed up by the rampant adventurism of the past or reprobates loose among us seeking to indulge momentary self importance in hideous, deviant fashion: this latest act of malice against Our fair city seems to be the latter, & rest assured: the culprit WILL be brought to face the good & true Justice of these United States! We call on all citizens of goodwill to unite under this common cause: The bandits who would befoul our beloved Bay with microplastics must be found out! Let any citizen who has such information that would lead top the apprehension of these malcontents come forward! Such a matter is in service to the Greater Good, yet let it be recorded this day that Emperor Norton II of these United States will personally reward those who act in defense of our planet, our city, & the honor of our species as rightful Sovereigns of this world!"

2 days, 14 hours ago: Jason Brennings wrote a Downtime Journal for To Russia With Love

Baseball and Funerals. R.I.P. Slug.

One day I'm playin' this supernatural baseball game with my buddy Valentine. Yeah, he's one of them supernatural baseballers too. Anyway, our powers infused the game with an otherworldly energy, and before we knew it, a mighty swing of my bat sent a baseball soaring through the sky, narrowly missing an airplane. Phew, close call!

But that ain't the end of it. Couple of days later, my pal "Slug," yeah, that's what we call him, comes up to me with a favor. He wants me to help him take down an old evil nemesis. Now, let me tell you, this nemesis was one nasty sonofabitch, full of evil and crap. But me and Slug, we don't back down from nothin'. So, we teamed up with this super scary mutant guy and some random fighter. Man, that fighter was one tough cookie.

We fought our asses off, me and the gang, and finally, we defeated that old nemesis. We were feelin' pretty good about ourselves, you know? But then, shit got even crazier. Turns out, this Fighter guy had an evil clone. Can you believe it? So, I was faced with a choice. Slug was my boy, you know, the one who asked for my help. But this Fighter needed help too, and I couldn't just turn my back on him.

So, I said "Fuck it" and decided to help the Fighter. We battled it out in the damn forest, dodgin' punches and throwin' haymakers. And you know what? In the end, I took my trusty baseball and sent it straight through his damn head. I know, sounds brutal, but it's what had to be done.

After all that adrenaline-pumping action, I said goodbye to Slug, thinkin' I'll see him again real soon. But boy, was I wrong. Couple of weeks later, I found myself at his funeral. Turns out, he had died on some secret supernatural job. Man, it hit me hard. I hate seein' friends die, you know? It's like losin' a part of yourself.

So, that's my story, my crazy rollercoaster of a life. Me, a New-York baseball-player superhero from Boston, livin' life on the edge and kickin' some serious ass. It ain't always sunshine and rainbows, but hey, that's the life I signed up for. And you know what? I wouldn't change a damn thing.

2 days, 17 hours ago: Lanie wrote a Downtime Journal for The Photoshoot

On the Way

Running Low

Minerva's phone rings about ten minutes after she initially called the supposedly powerful woman she knows as "Alice." It might register in her mind that it's a confidential call as the caller profile is now the head of a white fluffy Samoyed (not a paw print icon) and the name is now "Lanie (Alice)." 

Minerva lies in her bed, trying to stay calm.  It was all going to be fine.  It always had been before, right?  She'd been on ten of these jobs in just about six months, and it was fine.  She was fine.  They were going to go out, and find Mars, and bring her home safe, and it would be fine. The young foxgirl jumps some as her phone rings, and she picks it up, looking at it and nodding a bit.  At least she recognized it this time.  She answers it, and then.. "Lanie?"

"Minerva, I need to apologize for forgetting to contact you after the ritual. Obviously I'm alive, and I'm also de-cursed now. It's been..." Lanie sighs. "... a life."

"It's okay.  I'm glad you're de-cursed!  And...I'm sorry about that.  Can I help at all?"  She wiggles her nose some, just staring at the ceiling. She had her own issues, of course, but Alice was going out of her way to help her.  She should at least do anything she could to help in response.

Could she? "Thanks for offering. Nothing comes to mind at the moment--" a lie, the first one Minerva's heard her tell "Well, nothing of high enough priority." The truth. "I still have a demon to tame and a frien--husband to de-curse, but one thing at a time." Another sigh. "Anyways, from now on, I'm 'Lanie.' I've just shed the 'Alice' identity. Hopefully that won't make too big of a splash on the news, when they find out." 

Minerva tilts her head to the side just a little at that lie, and then nods slightly after.  "Okay.  After, then..."  She makes a mental note to get out of Alice what she could help with, and then do so.  She owed Alice already.  She could understand that maybe she wasn't strong enough to help tame a demon or such, but surely there was something to do.

"...Ah.  Okay..." She takes a moment.  "Lanie.  Okay. " There's a pause, as gears turn in the young girl's head, but it doesn't quite come to the right conclusion.  She'd seen the Pepsi commercials, but.. she didn't make the link.  That, and she wasn't a big Pepsi drinker.  Stuck to her teeth.  Half a conclusion, though.  "Why'd you shed the name Alice? I think Alice is a nice name."

Lanie answers slowly. "The Alice identity is tied to two people who are wanted by the FBI, one who is suspected for brutally murdering an FBI agent and the other who is suspected of helping a cop-killer escape execution. Neither of my friends are guilty of the charges, but its best I step away from them both physically and legally for now until they figure out how to handle their situations. Basically, I don't want to drown in the waves of their messes."


A pause. "Plus, 'Lanie' is part of my original name. It feels better."

"...Okay, Lanie.  Lanie is a nice name too.  And I hope your friends sort out their issues!  And it doesn't come back on you.  ...I hope helping me doesn't make any trouble for you." 

"No more trouble than I want to take on. To be honest, you caught us at a good time. Albert and I were just leaving the scene of Alice's 'death' and I had forgotten to destroy this borrowed phone. That being said, you can't reach me by that number anymore, but here's the new one..." She reads it out slowly once Minerva's ready to type it down. "Part of my delay in getting back to you was my busyness, but the other part was that I was waiting on some things. To catch you up, my four friends went to the scene of the crime and followed a trail to their closest safehouse in Goshen, which by the time they got there was very trapped and abandoned. Albert did most of the work, including getting all the evidence and information, and advised that I dismiss the other two from the investigation given how little help they provided--and the third one left before the investigation really began because a sniper almost took him out as he snooped around the police station on his own." A pause. "He's fine now--I hired a friend to restore his eye. It's taken a while for Albert to recover the data from the wiped and broken hard drives. In the meantime, I've recruited one more person to join us: a professional bodyguard and quite possibly a mercenary named Amarjeet Interpal--one of us."

"Okay... as long as you're sure."  She nods after.  "Okay..."  She takes a moment to write the number down in her phone before going back to listening.  "Mmm."  She still feels a little annoyed she hadn't gotten a chance to help with that!  But there was nothing to do about it now.  "Ah, and-  oh!"  She says as soon as the sniper is mentioned.  "Is he-  Oh.  Good.  ...A sniper..." She shivers a bit.  Scary.  What could one do against a sniper?  At least he survived. 

She nods again.  "Okay, and that's good!"  A professional bodyguard sounded great, really.  She quickly googles them, and then... "...Oh."   She'd seen this video before.  "Um... is she good at her job?"

Lanie's mind goes back to the same video that Minerva's watching. "My bet is that she's advanced over time, like we all have. Mark Collins recommended her, so I'm willing to find out how skilled she is. Plus, I'm already pulling heavily on my Network to take down a sapient, powerful demonic being that recently attempted to murder my daughter and continues to curse my husband--an endeavor that's scheduled for late next week. With one friend uninterested due to the sniper incident and the other two dismissed," and Iryna dead, and Mark Collins tied up in legal trouble, and Jason Valent missing, and Bu Fang being mentally and emotionally unstable "I'm running low on people to pull in." 

"...That's fair, we all have, and-  Wait, you know Mark Collins?  Wait, is he one of us too?" Minerva blinks a few times.    When her her mother told her she could grow up to be like The Mother of Dragons or Mark Collins... maybe she really could be.   But really, Alice  Lanie knew everyone!    They were like the godfather or something.  "...I'm sure they're very skilled, then..."  A sapient, powerful demonic being.  Wow.  "...Can I help at all with that?   I'm not very strong, but I have some abilities..."

Lanie blinks. It wasn't obvious that Mark Collins was a Contractor like the rest of them? She had pieced that together since her very first job, during a conversation with the harbinger. "Lets try to survive this first task--one thing at a time." It wasn't a yes, and it wasn't a no. "I'm confident that with Albert and Amarjeet co-leading, we have a solid shot at extracting Mars, assuming she wants to leave. That being said, have you been able to touch bases with her in the dreamworld or otherwise?" 

"...Okay." She nods some.  "That's good, and... no.  Typically I can reach her in the dreamworld, but... there's no link anymore, it's unstable.  I guess... I guess I kinda use my amulet as a crutch in some ways, and I think hers was taken from her.  So I can't reach her.  I'm sure she'll want to be rescued, though.. and... and I know they can mess with memories, but.. I think I can too.  I think I can fix them."

"Oh?" That wasn't on this list of supernatural skills that Minerva had originally provided. "Is there anything else you'd like to share with me?" An open invitation to self-disclose whatever the girl considered important. Assuming the principal consented to it, they would soon walk into something exceedingly dangerous together. Better to know more than less. 

"Umm....   I've... I've just been getting stronger.  I can put people to sleep... and go dreamwalking... and pass though walls and doors if I focus enough, and.. I don't know, I've been practicing just a little, it's like... I can influence people to accept me as long as I'm not the focus of attention."  She scratches behind an ear.    "I.. think that's it?"

Lanie adds these three to the mental list. "My ally was right when they recommended you to join the Network. They described you as 'very capable in your magical and physical capabilities.'"

Minerva smiles a bit at the compliment.  "... I'm glad!  I'm sure it's nothing compared to the rest of your allies, but... I'm getting stronger!  Maybe in another six months I'll be as strong as some of them."  She nods.  Very capable!  Yay.  She glows a little at the compliment. Literally.

"On my end," Lanie continues, "since we last spoke I've almost fully shed my human form along with my identity. This comes with pros and cons, but I've been preparing for it since I started on these jobs."

She nods a little.  "... I understand that. Human form sucks.  I have too... even if I need to go back into it when I go out because people are lame."  Minerva doesn't think too deeply on it past that - she'd shed her human form too!

"People are... complicated," Lanie answers in partial agreement. "I'm glad you're finding your way. Now, one last thing before I reach out to Principal Wolstenhome and then Amarjeet. I'm considering attempting to call Mars without directly revealing who we are and that we're all on our way to her, as I'm not sure how much memory reading and manipulation is happening on her end. What would you like me to tell her, if I reach her? The same thing you said before about you not wanting to play second fiddle?"

There's a pause. "Mmm." She comments, and then tilts her head to the side. "....Somehow I doubt she has a phone. Does she need a phone? And.. yes, that's probably the best thing to tell her. She'll know it was from me, at least..."

"Any electronic device that sends and receives audio will work, even a two-way radio or an Airpod or something, so long as its in her possession. It can even be dead or broken. We'll see. I don't expect to reach her, but I can't think of any massive downsides from trying to. Anyways, we'll be in touch."

"Okay..." She wasn't sure Mars would have any of those. "How long? It needs to be soon, doesn't it? Or they'll move safe houses..."

"We'll need to swing by Albert's house to pick up the explosives. Aside from that, can you travel on your own or do we need to pick you up?"

"Umm... I can.. typically arrange transport.... If you're passing by, though, travelling with you would be nice..."

"We aren't passing through Massachusetts; that would add 20 hours to the drive to pick you up. Let me confirm that you're coming with your principal. Assuming it's a yes, you can meet us at the Minneapolis airport, and we'll drive the rest of the way from there."

"... She said I could go if I went with someone else already!" She huffs a little. "But okay... I can make my way there."

"Indeed, our conversation should be quick and seamless," Lanie states. "Talk to you soon." The call ends. 

She nods a little. "Okay. Talk to you soon." She lets out a breath. After a minute, she stands up, going to run around outside. She needed to burn off some energy. Maybe climb a tree.
During the six-hour-long car ride from the Minneapolis airport to one of the three safehouses in Illinois, Minerva gets two small charms that are shaped like houses. They telekinetically float out of a small bag beside the Samoyed who's laying down in the back seat area (Minerva got the passenger seat). The dog speaks through an Airpod (on the private line) that Albert provided her upon entering the vehicle. "Give one charm to Mars and keep one. At preferably at the same time or close to, approach a shut door and say 'Friendship is magic' and then open the door and walk inside. My friends will greet you on the other side. Please don't lose these--I'm borrowing them from my friends."
Minerva takes both of them, tilting her head to the side.  "Okay.  I'll keep them safe."
"Thank you. The person waiting for you will collect them and return them to their owners once you get there."
"Okay."  She nods once, looking down at them and putting them in a pocket.
"And then we'll meet you there--we'll just have to drive instead of teleport, and might take a long route if Albert thinks we're being followed."
"Can't we all teleport together?"  There's a pause.  "... do we have to worry about revenge from these people?"
"It's one person per charm. That's how the magic works, so sadly we can't teleport together. Albert is hoping to strike so much terror through his forced body alterations that they'll want to wash their hands of the whole thing. That's my preference too--less killing. But I recommend you and Mars lay low at the location you teleport to until we touch bases with you. You'll be with two mundane women, a woman and her mother-in-law. Sweet people who have exposure to the supernatural but no powers themselves. My intention is to smuggle you both out of their house once we're clear of the enemies because I don't want there to be any ties between what we're doing today and them."
"Okay..." She nods a little, wiggling her nose after.  "I hope so.  I don't want anyone to have to die."  She sucks in a breath and nods.  "Okay. We can stay low." She wiggles her nose a bit and listens, and then nods again. "That's fair."  She stares out the window.  "I hope this doesn't go really badly.  For me, Mars, or anyone else."
"Maybe when we reunite there you can show me that less than human form of yours. And I can show you my human one, even though I consider it expired."
Minerva just smiles a little, and nods. "I'd like that a lot, yeah." She nods a few times, and then wiggles her nose. "You don't have to if you don't want."
"Seems only fair."
"Not really.  I'm showing you who I really am, you're showing me who you were. Not the same thing."  She shakes her head.

A long pause. The dog's head tilts slightly to one side as she considers the counter-point. "I suppose." The dog climbs up onto the backseat to look out the window, lowering the window a bit to get all the smells. The wind whips into the vehicle. "And after all this, I'll add you to my Network of Contractors, a way to exchange information, favors, services, and goods with a certain level of privacy."

Minerva smiles some at the breeze from the window, and lowers her own.  "Okay."  She nodnods.  That sounded useful!

About five minutes later, Lanie's voice speak again into Minerva's ear, a bit louder through the device to be heard over the wind: "There's no guarantee that Albert can take down everyone inside the building remotely. You and Amarjeet might be rushing into a combat zone. I want to make sure you understand that."

There's a long pause. "You mean I might die when I go in." She just stares out the window, into the breeze. It makes her hair a bit messy. "It seems like such an abstract concern." She lets out a breath. "I don't... I don't have a great method for hurting people. I can just make them sleep. Eventually. But I'll try."

"Does you ability to command people work a bit faster?"

"...Yeah, it does..."

"Then tell them to run as far as they can from the safehouse."

"As far and as fast as they can."

"Actually... how complicated can you make those commands?" Minerva can hear a smile in Lanie's voice.

"Umm... sorta complicated?  But not super complicated...  I... haven't really tested how far I can push people, either.   I'm worried if I told them to put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger they would."

"I would never want you to command that," she replies quickly. "I was more thinking, 'Take this weapon and packet of evidence to the nearest police station and tell the first police officer you find that you're a kidnapper.' Or 'run quickly into the nearest police station and point this weapon at an officer' if we're feeling particularly savage. Hopefully they don't get shot down--just arrested. But it's cleaner to make the threat real for law enforcement to act on it quickly."

"I... I don't think I can issue compound commands like that.  I could maybe work on it..."  She wiggles her nose, seemingly considering.  "But I wouldn't count on it.  'Run as fast as you can to the closest police station' maybe?

"No worries. Let's play it safe with 'as far away from the safehouse as fast as they can.' That way it'll work even if they don't know how to get to the closest police station."

"That's fair." She nods, memorizing the command she was going to use. It seemed generally useful!
"Maybe Dominic can set up some cameras or drones so that we get footage on what they look like for 'thorn in their side' purposes later on."
nodnods. "That makes sense. He's planning to try to hack into their security cameras first, so.. hopefully that works out."
"Ah yes, I forgot. So many moving pieces... I wish I could do more than unite you all."
"You're doing plenty already."
A pause. The cracked window rolls up, and the dog lays back down on the floor of the backseat. "We'll see if it was enough."

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2 months, 1 week ago: ShadyTradesman ran Monster Hunter: Island
2 months, 1 week ago: Polymorph ran Starlit Pines
2 months, 2 weeks ago: Kamulis ran Night Terrors
2 months, 3 weeks ago: Redchigh ran The Legend PBP
2 months, 3 weeks ago: SeedofEntropy ran For the Dogs
2 months, 3 weeks ago: jjkilla234 ran ANOINTED
2 months, 3 weeks ago: ShadyTradesman ran Viva!
3 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran Scenario for The Village 2
3 months, 1 week ago: SeedofEntropy ran Fantastic Land!
3 months, 1 week ago: emivvv ran The Most Fun You'll Ever Make
3 months, 1 week ago: Strazhari ran Who Done It?
3 months, 1 week ago: shotgunwizard22 ran The Photoshoot
3 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran To Russia With Love
3 months, 3 weeks ago: Iamangelofwar ran children of the eyeless
3 months, 3 weeks ago: Glitchy ran Treno di Ragazzi Ricchi
3 months, 3 weeks ago: emivvv ran Bite your finger
3 months, 3 weeks ago: jwesley123 ran The Night The Storm hit
3 months, 3 weeks ago: Iamangelofwar ran Mushroom Hunt
3 months, 3 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran Mushroom Hunt
4 months ago: lumiq ran Sanctuary
4 months, 1 week ago: Serpentail ran Medium Rare
4 months, 1 week ago: Metal ran Crimes of Passion
4 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran To Russia With Love
4 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran The Enemy within
4 months, 1 week ago: Polymorph ran Flash Suits
4 months, 2 weeks ago: Iamangelofwar ran Predator or Prey?
4 months, 2 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran A Maelstrom of Typhoons
4 months, 2 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran A walk of a thousand li
4 months, 3 weeks ago: Redchigh ran The Heist I
4 months, 4 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran Scenario for The Hospital
5 months ago: emivvv ran Animal Farm
5 months ago: Kamulis ran Night Terrors
5 months ago: loroman1211 ran Methuselah
5 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran When You Wish Upon A Star
5 months, 1 week ago: Polymorph ran Polite Disagreements
5 months, 1 week ago: Battlerwinner ran Sleepover~!
5 months, 1 week ago: Butters2077 ran When a G Falls
5 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran To Russia With Love
5 months, 1 week ago: Kamulis ran Bed, Bathory and Beyond
5 months, 2 weeks ago: shotgunwizard22 ran The Caverns
5 months, 2 weeks ago: Serpentail ran Truck Stop
5 months, 2 weeks ago: Strazhari ran Who Done It?
5 months, 2 weeks ago: Battlerwinner ran Bobasaurus
5 months, 3 weeks ago: ShadyTradesman ran Sin Eater
5 months, 3 weeks ago: Strazhari ran Prime Real Estate I
5 months, 3 weeks ago: Serpentail ran Trona
5 months, 3 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran Dreams of an insomniac
5 months, 3 weeks ago: NPboom ran Monster Hunter: Island
5 months, 3 weeks ago: Kamulis ran Bed, Bathory and Beyond
5 months, 4 weeks ago: Pokefan777 ran A Gift for Mother
6 months ago: Serpentail ran Ferrous wheel
6 months ago: GreenAppll ran On a plane!
6 months ago: Glitchy ran The Forlorn King
6 months, 1 week ago: GreenAppll ran Phasmaphobia 2
6 months, 1 week ago: Strazhari ran Project: Wormwood
6 months, 1 week ago: jwesley123 ran The Night The Storm hit
6 months, 1 week ago: Pokefan777 ran The Lady's Treasure
6 months, 1 week ago: SeedofEntropy ran For the Dogs
6 months, 2 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran Mysophobia
6 months, 3 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran Exalted Affliction
6 months, 3 weeks ago: NPboom ran The Caverns
6 months, 3 weeks ago: Butters2077 ran This is for you
6 months, 3 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran The meteorite from the sky
6 months, 3 weeks ago: jwesley123 ran Dog Catchers 2
6 months, 3 weeks ago: Polymorph ran Stormy Talks
7 months, 1 week ago: leonvanderblight ran Ties
7 months, 1 week ago: Pokefan777 ran Ashes to ashes
7 months, 2 weeks ago: loroman1211 ran Blood Bag
7 months, 2 weeks ago: Strazhari ran High Noon
7 months, 3 weeks ago: Kamulis ran Bed, Bathory and Beyond
7 months, 3 weeks ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Ghost Whisperer
7 months, 3 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran 1366
8 months ago: Demonic ran Infernal Wings
8 months, 1 week ago: leonvanderblight ran Blackwood Mystery
8 months, 1 week ago: dae_kianna ran Savage
8 months, 2 weeks ago: dae_kianna ran Savage
8 months, 2 weeks ago: jwesley123 ran Consensus
8 months, 3 weeks ago: dae_kianna ran Savage
8 months, 3 weeks ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Hunted
8 months, 3 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran An Auction in Austin
8 months, 3 weeks ago: dae_kianna ran Savage
8 months, 3 weeks ago: Riley ran Vox Pupa
9 months ago: Zee ran When a G Falls
9 months ago: Zee ran Beware the Assassin!
9 months, 1 week ago: leonvanderblight ran rich blood
9 months, 1 week ago: Strazhari ran Venture Captalism I
9 months, 1 week ago: ShadyTradesman ran Bobasaurus
9 months, 1 week ago: loroman1211 ran Into the Nether
9 months, 1 week ago: NPboom ran A Welcoming Party
9 months, 2 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran The only thing
9 months, 3 weeks ago: jwesley123 ran Scenario for The Hospital
9 months, 3 weeks ago: T3K ran But a Simple Heist
9 months, 3 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran Egg Hunt
9 months, 4 weeks ago: loroman1211 ran Vampire Slayer
10 months ago: Strazhari ran Who Done It?
10 months, 1 week ago: Strazhari ran Lot No. 7
10 months, 3 weeks ago: GreenAppll ran Coffin Village
10 months, 4 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran Three Laws
11 months, 1 week ago: GreenAppll ran A Hallow Party
11 months, 1 week ago: leonvanderblight ran Exit 23
11 months, 2 weeks ago: TheSuperChrisb ran Lost and Found
11 months, 2 weeks ago: therustyy257 ran corporate interests
11 months, 3 weeks ago: leonvanderblight ran Ties
12 months ago: GreenAppll ran On a plane!
1 year ago: Redchigh ran Mega-Murder!
1 year, 1 month ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The Rook's Seal
1 year, 1 month ago: Riley ran The Crypt Keeper
1 year, 1 month ago: Riley ran The Crypt Keeper
1 year, 1 month ago: leonvanderblight ran Ignis Mortis
1 year, 1 month ago: Redchigh ran Consensus
1 year, 1 month ago: Riley ran Eight
1 year, 1 month ago: Redchigh ran Hungry like the Wolf
1 year, 2 months ago: Ltyinkwint ran Frozen Birdcage
1 year, 2 months ago: GreenAppll ran The meteorite from the sky
1 year, 2 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Enzyme
1 year, 2 months ago: fuck ran The Backrooms
1 year, 2 months ago: Battlerwinner ran A Harmonic Hymn to Sito
1 year, 2 months ago: leonvanderblight ran The mansion
1 year, 3 months ago: Strazhari ran Project: Wormwood
1 year, 3 months ago: Redchigh ran Safe Space
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Enzyme
1 year, 3 months ago: Lemmy ran Crimes of Passion
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Mushroom Hunt
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Passing the Hours
1 year, 3 months ago: Strazhari ran Head Count
1 year, 3 months ago: blackrouge963 ran A novel dog fight
1 year, 3 months ago: GreenAppll ran Chrysalis
1 year, 3 months ago: jwesley123 ran Scenario for Dog Catchers
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Passing the Hours
1 year, 3 months ago: Strazhari ran Contractor's Ball
1 year, 3 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Party in the Desert
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Mushroom Hunt
1 year, 3 months ago: Strazhari ran Undying Evil
1 year, 3 months ago: Rendrick ran Childs Play
1 year, 3 months ago: T3K ran A Witch’s Hubbub?
1 year, 3 months ago: leonvanderblight ran Field Trip
1 year, 3 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Passing the Hours
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Mushroom Hunt
1 year, 3 months ago: T3K ran Sleepover~!
1 year, 3 months ago: GreenAppll ran Stolen Chip
1 year, 3 months ago: Iamangelofwar ran A single drop of blood
1 year, 3 months ago: Skelebro ran Warsaw Corruptions
1 year, 3 months ago: leonvanderblight ran Acceleration
1 year, 3 months ago: jwesley123 ran Scenario for The Hospital
1 year, 3 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Avengers Assemble!
1 year, 3 months ago: leonvanderblight ran Acceleration
1 year, 3 months ago: therustyy257 ran the hanged man
1 year, 3 months ago: SamrinSamrin ran Mushroom Hunt
1 year, 4 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Rook's Seal
1 year, 4 months ago: Iamangelofwar ran A single drop of blood
1 year, 4 months ago: loroman1211 ran Monster Hunt IV Bunyip
1 year, 4 months ago: jwesley123 ran Beware the Assassin!
1 year, 4 months ago: GreenAppll ran Phasmophobia
1 year, 4 months ago: jwesley123 ran To Russia With Love
1 year, 4 months ago: blackrouge963 ran Delete it
1 year, 4 months ago: Serpentail ran Truck Stop
1 year, 4 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Tentacle Paradise
1 year, 4 months ago: shotgunwizard22 ran The Caverns
1 year, 4 months ago: starkill ran Green like rotting flesh
1 year, 4 months ago: Strazhari ran Sanctuary
1 year, 4 months ago: Tranks_300 ran The Academy Awards
1 year, 4 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Pet Shop Horror
1 year, 4 months ago: shotgunwizard22 ran The Caverns
1 year, 5 months ago: Red007 ran Eviction Notice
1 year, 5 months ago: Redchigh ran Freud's Cigar
1 year, 6 months ago: loroman1211 ran Monster hunt(s): Vampire
1 year, 6 months ago: Strazhari ran Middle School
1 year, 6 months ago: bluebird032 ran Adventures in Babysitting
1 year, 7 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Stoned in Kampong Som
1 year, 7 months ago: therustyy257 ran Bobasaurus
1 year, 7 months ago: Lemmy ran Bobasaurus
1 year, 7 months ago: TheSuperChrisb ran Sanctuary
1 year, 8 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Avengers Assemble!
1 year, 8 months ago: loroman1211 ran Dead Man Walking
1 year, 8 months ago: loroman1211 ran Astray a PBP Adveture
1 year, 8 months ago: Strazhari ran Exit Interview
1 year, 9 months ago: loroman1211 ran Devils in the details
1 year, 9 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Bobasaurus
1 year, 10 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The mansion
1 year, 10 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Passing the Hours
1 year, 10 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Rook's Seal
1 year, 11 months ago: therustyy257 ran pest control
1 year, 11 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The Rook's Seal
1 year, 11 months ago: GreenAppll ran Island of lost dreams
1 year, 11 months ago: GreenAppll ran The Recital
1 year, 11 months ago: GreenAppll ran On a plane!
1 year, 11 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Lemmings
1 year, 11 months ago: therustyy257 ran black dog
1 year, 12 months ago: GreenAppll ran Adora's Temple
2 years ago: therustyy257 ran overtime
2 years ago: GreenAppll ran On a plane!
2 years ago: T3K ran The Antidote
2 years, 1 month ago: Merfian ran The Platinum Heist
2 years, 1 month ago: GreenAppll ran Risk of Rain
2 years, 1 month ago: therustyy257 ran the hanged man
2 years, 1 month ago: ShadyTradesman ran Smell no Evil
2 years, 1 month ago: GreenAppll ran On a plane!
2 years, 1 month ago: TheSuperChrisb ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 1 month ago: TheSuperChrisb ran Saving Fairview Mall!
2 years, 1 month ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Rook's Seal
2 years, 1 month ago: coco ran Da Temple 3(or 4 i forgot)
2 years, 2 months ago: coco ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 2 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Contractor's Ball
2 years, 2 months ago: coco ran The One-Eyed Man Is King
2 years, 2 months ago: Strazhari ran Project: Wormwood
2 years, 2 months ago: coco ran BioWeapon
2 years, 2 months ago: T3K ran A Livestock's Life For Me
2 years, 3 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Smell no Evil
2 years, 3 months ago: lumiq ran Mayfest
2 years, 3 months ago: AqueousSnake ran Luna's Transcendence
2 years, 3 months ago: therustyy257 ran rich blood
2 years, 3 months ago: therustyy257 ran somber lullaby
2 years, 3 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The Outsiders
2 years, 3 months ago: CascadingDragon ran The Gentlemen
2 years, 3 months ago: therustyy257 ran somber lullaby
2 years, 4 months ago: lumiq ran Smell no Evil
2 years, 4 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Simulation
2 years, 4 months ago: BOMBSHELL2150 ran There Will Be Blood
2 years, 4 months ago: Strazhari ran Who Done It?
2 years, 4 months ago: therustyy257 ran bad things underwater
2 years, 4 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The hunt
2 years, 4 months ago: Strazhari ran Sanctuary
2 years, 4 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Stoned in Kampong Som
2 years, 4 months ago: BobDylan530 ran Traitor!
2 years, 4 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The boy who drew cats
2 years, 4 months ago: coco ran A fun little game
2 years, 4 months ago: coco ran Magic Cupboard
2 years, 4 months ago: Strazhari ran Project: Wormwood
2 years, 5 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The boy who drew cats
2 years, 5 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Mall Rats
2 years, 5 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Serpent in Soho
2 years, 5 months ago: coco ran Da Temple 2
2 years, 5 months ago: coco ran Da Temple
2 years, 5 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Rook's Seal
2 years, 5 months ago: coco ran Scenario for Heist
2 years, 5 months ago: Tsair ran GM Workshop
2 years, 5 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Submarine Terror
2 years, 5 months ago: BobDylan530 ran Scenario for The Menagerie
2 years, 5 months ago: Strazhari ran The White Ronin
2 years, 5 months ago: starkill ran Scenario for up to scale
2 years, 5 months ago: Strazhari ran Project: Wormwood
2 years, 6 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 6 months ago: Strazhari ran Sanctuary
2 years, 6 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Dig at El Calvario
2 years, 6 months ago: lumiq ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 6 months ago: Strazhari ran A Serpent in Soho
2 years, 6 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Killer Chicken island
2 years, 6 months ago: Strazhari ran You Bet Your Life!
2 years, 6 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran The Fundraiser
2 years, 6 months ago: coco ran Scenario for Unfortunate Weather
2 years, 6 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The lab in the Snow
2 years, 7 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The Assassin
2 years, 7 months ago: LeBigP ran Scenario for The Hunter
2 years, 7 months ago: Redchigh ran The Delivery
2 years, 7 months ago: LeBigP ran Scenario for
2 years, 7 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 7 months ago: BobDylan530 ran Monster Hunter: Island
2 years, 7 months ago: Rainbowdragon1357 ran The hunt
2 years, 7 months ago: Lerinyth ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 7 months ago: LeBigP ran Scenario for
2 years, 7 months ago: Redchigh ran Scenario for
2 years, 7 months ago: CascadingDragon ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 7 months ago: BobDylan530 ran The One-Eyed Man Is King
2 years, 8 months ago: Redchigh ran Scenario for The Finger Biters
2 years, 8 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Smell no Evil
2 years, 8 months ago: BobDylan530 ran Submarine Terror
2 years, 8 months ago: Redchigh ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 8 months ago: CascadingDragon ran The Rise of the Master
2 years, 8 months ago: Redchigh ran Scenario for The Finger Biters
2 years, 8 months ago: BobDylan530 ran The One-Eyed Man Is King
2 years, 8 months ago: ShadyTradesman ran Mushroom Hunt
2 years, 8 months ago: Hawful ran Mushroom Hunt

Curious about joining Maelstrom?

The most active "Illuminated Earth" World. Come play and leave your mark on the setting!

Maelstrom was created by Hawful 2 years, 8 months ago

Playgroup Judge

Bill Brenner the deep cover ex-Soviet agent
A 12-Victory Seasoned Contractor

Playgroup Judge

Frank Lambert the Sailor aquaman
A 4-Victory Novice Contractor
Connor Inkz the Tattoo Artist tattoo artist
A 18-Victory Professional Contractor
Patrick Oneal the Half-Leperchaun Theif
A 18-Victory Professional Contractor
Taku Smith the Child savior
A 8-Victory Novice Contractor
Conner Johnson the Cynical Humanitarian
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Harry Johnson the Underground Boxer
A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor
Newbie the Fire eater
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Timothy Humbug the Elderly Miser Miser
A 12-Victory Seasoned Contractor
Jeremy Wesley the Accountant Leader of Men
A 24-Victory Professional Contractor

Playgroup Judge

Clay Evans the crooked coroner
A 8-Victory Novice Contractor
Harry Davis the Private investigator
A 9-Victory Novice Contractor
Esther Porcelli the homeless girl
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Damien Lee the Ex-Mercenary
A 8-Victory Novice Contractor

Playgroup Member

Shai Smith the secretive stranger
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Ichiro Mochizuki the generic good guy
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Zahri Kuznetsov the ex-Olympic archer
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Thale the Runaway Dhampir
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Malik Momin the Disgraced Archeologist
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Pathi the sad human
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Nimh the Mad inventor
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Pan the handyman
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor
Appolo the Musician
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Bleep blop the speedster
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

James Hawking the Avian biologist
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Eden Davis the street criminal
A 12-Victory Seasoned Contractor
Summer Rose the time traveler from 2037
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Isar Awan the Injured Sprinter
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Rafael Davidson the hermit survivalist
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor
Robert Thorne the botanist
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Angharad Tyali the park ranger chosen one
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Eiko Ymara the Aspiring Musician
A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor
Kaerym Yasura the Aeromancer
A 9-Victory Novice Contractor

Playgroup Member

Dallas the failed programmer cybernetic
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Miash Comen the modern day ronin
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Declan Veeder the Psychologist (Therapist)
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Forastera the Genius manipulator
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Luciel the VanGuard beastmaster
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Jaycey Saundra Hill the FBI Agent
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Heimer Zinger the Zealous Inventor
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Felix the Street performer orphan
A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Donavan Alto the Devils loanshark
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Bogs Jhonson the drunkard with a cannon
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Lazarus Smile the Creepy Tattoo Artist
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Talessannie the orphaned sailor
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Dr Bognac the mad scientist
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Morgan Deathwhisper the Frontman
A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor
Rory O'Donnell the MMA fighter
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Sketch the new-age art major
A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Micky V. the bowling alley owner telepath
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Azazel Adair the Physicist Grad student
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

TBD the Mercenary Symbiote Host
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Henry Tem the postman master thief
A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Loyabard the Lawyer Terminal Arbitor
A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor
Grigori the Catholic Acolyte Monster Hunter
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Rook Nox the Serial Killer
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Mirage the music student
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Rhonda the Depressed College Student
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Jason Valent the Mechanic Crafter
A 13-Victory Seasoned Contractor
Jimmy the stoner werewolf
A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor
s the survivalist mutant
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Blank the ?
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Vin Blanc the Black Market Butler
A 4-Victory Novice Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Nuema Gental the photographer cultist
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Ty Chiledean the random elf child god
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Ace Pieceman the monster hunter
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Mary Alice the Medic android
A 7-Victory Novice Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

lillian nightshade the gardener
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Valentine the Baseball player symbiote host
A 5-Victory Novice Contractor
Kaida the Hunter Legendary Hunter
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor
Osmand "Oz" Stark the miner demigod
A 4-Victory Novice Contractor
Ruby Bit the cyberpunk cyborg
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Otto Richling the gameshow host demigod
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Dante Gallo the fencer divine avatar
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Aiden Hammond the student Normal person
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Arthur dela Cruz the EMT chronomancer
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Ace Tarjetas the Mortuary Assistant
A 4-Victory Novice Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Ying Taigen the Cyborg Hitman
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Dax the Phantom the bayou redneck hunter
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Retired the Retired Character
A 13-Victory Seasoned Contractor

Playgroup Member

Weary the middle manager demon contractor
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Karston Finnick the cyberpunk necromancer
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Ilysia the earth element one with nature
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
K'Tali the fire element tba
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Michael the cleric tba
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Conrad the genius a shapeshifter
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Samuel Ink the chief bodyguard
A 2-Victory Newbie Contractor
Walter the out of place farmer
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor
Solomon the professional assassin
A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Nephlius the Philanthropist Vampire
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Hercules the Supernatural Military Solider
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Norwin Ante the mercenary
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Playgroup Member

Jayce Tallyss the Student Inventor
A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor

Playgroup Member

Gimmlin Artstet the Mildly insane artificer
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The Illumination

Illuminated Earth is a twisted reflection of the modern world where the advent of smartphones and the internet confirmed the existence of the supernatural instead of disproving it. Here, witch hunts have merit. Billionaires and Senators employ paranormal advisors and bodyguards, and everyone knows. Charlatans become pop culture icons, and each revelation inspires a new cult. The world is changing. The secret societies that pull humanity's strings scramble to adapt.

Now's a good time to move up.

House Rules

Contractors from Maelstrom Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
Maelstrom grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

The Purpose of Maelstrom is to create a space for players to invest in a world in an engaging and interesting way, creating connections and relationships for their Contractors to explore.


Contractor Creation Rules

  • Contractors may take no more than 21 EXP of Liabilities or Assets. Brand new Players are highly encouraged to take even less. Going over this limit requires Playgroup Leader approval. 
  • Contractors cannot be direct ripoffs of pop-culture concepts, to the point that NPCs in-game would notice the similarity. For example: you may play a heroic strong-man, but not Superman. A famous weapons-developer, but not Iron Man.
  • Contractors may not start out as a concept that is likely to disrupt Contracts (e.g. being a walking, talking fox, being as notorious as Osama bin Laden, having a bomb in their chest that detonates when they die, etc).
  • Contractors are mundane people who would see their ambitions through regardless of access to powers. That is why a Harbinger offers Gifts, and why they are willing to risk their lives for the power to make their dreams come true. Your Ambition must be a core driver to your character's actions, is a large point of tension for their story, and is likely to get them into trouble. Craft your Ambition carefully and be open to suggestions and changes from Playgroup Leaders in order nail it.
    • Keep in mind, however, that Ambitions can (and will) change over time as your Contractor develops. It's simply part of character development! No matter what, Ambitions are why a Contractor risks their life continuing to participate in Contracts. 
  • New Contractors must be submitted for approval in The Contract Discord server, channel #maelstrom-approvals, before their first game. 
    • Interacting with Loose Ends, Conditions, and/or Circumstances require Moves between games to be cleared. This connects your contractor with the world in some tangible way. 


Maelstrom Contractor Limits

  • In order to facilitate more focused character concepts, Maelstrom has a hard limit on the number of Newbies and Novices that a Player can keep active. Any character housed in the Playgroup is considered active. Remove them from the Playgroup if they are no longer in-play. Moving Contractors back into the Playgroup requires Leader Approval. Maelstrom is not a parking lot, please do not treat it as such. At Maximum, a Player can only have 2 Newbies and 3 Novices active in Maelstrom at once.


Developing Background

  • At the end of every Newbie and Novice game, Players will be assigned a question or two about their Contractor's background that they must answer before they participate in their next game. These answers will be stored in the Biography section, and will often be relevant to their current situation in-game. Use this creative freedom responsibly. 


Power Creation Rules

  • Flavorful Powers: Manifested Gifts must be in-line with Character Concepts and require World Leader approval. Powers in the Health category are most likely to be watched. This encourages networking between other Contractors and NPCs when healing and curing is required.
  • Logical Flavor: Players must be able to explain how and why their power works in a given situation, otherwise GMs have license to cause them to fail. For example, a Blast flavored as a ball of fire might not work underwater. But at the same time, that same Blast power might do extra damage to enemies vulnerable to fire. GMs always have final say, but must remember to make Powers feel powerful. 



  • Active Players are expected to GM Contracts from time to time. If you have played as a Contractor in your most recent six Maelstrom Contracts, you are barred from playing in Maelstrom again until you GM a Contract yourself, unless you are attending the game of a GM who is fulfilling Citizenship Requirement themselves. 


Loose Ends in Maelstrom

  • Treacherous Loose Ends: A Contractor who waits for a Loose End's threat to manifest without taking any precautions against it during their Downtimes will see the threat revealing itself at the worst possible moment during downtime. Ask Approved GMs and Playgroup Leaders for Moves to help control Loose Ends before they control you.
  • Neutral/Unknown Loose Ends: Some Loose Ends are Unknown, meaning that they give the *Player* a hint of moving parts behind the scenes, but not necessarily the *Character*. A Neutral Loose End usually means that the dangers or benefits of the Loose End are obscured or up to the Character's actions once it manifests. Neutral Loose Ends also may or may not be known to the Contractor.
  • Investments: Some Loose Ends bestow benefits at the end of their clock. Investments are usually rewards for Moves and Hustles, but might come from other sources as well. Ask Approved GMs and Playgroup Leaders for Moves to further your Contractor's goals.



Notes on GMing in Maelstrom

  • All members of Maelstrom are encouraged to GM and run Moves, and no approval is required. Custom Scenarios likewise do not require pre-approval. 
    • By default, you cannot run Games or Moves for a tier that you have not played in yourself. For example, if you would like to run a Novice game, but have never played a Novice game, you must wait until you have had some experience in Novice as a Player.
  • Use GM Notes! This is a place to provide more detail about Circumstances, Conditions, and Loose Ends as well as important developments behind the scenes. Good GM notes makes it easier to run relevant Contracts and Moves for characters.
  • Keep intros concise during game time. If you want to run more extensive introductions, try to do it before playtime. Players, in general, should not need to be wheeled-and-dealed to agree to a Contract. A simple Letter sent to them should suffice.
  • World Leaders are there to help. Spoil them on Scenarios, get feedback, ask them questions. 
  • In general, Contracts and Moves are subject to an "Exposure" criteria, especially when it comes to posted World Events. Contractors in higher Gift ranges have more freedom to affect the playgroup as a whole. At Newbie/Novice, however, the outcomes games will not ever have an international reach. Though Contractors might _remember_ terrible things happening during their Contract, World Events might be scaled back due to meddling from The Powers That Be.
    • Don't take it personally if your World Event gets edited by a Playgroup Leader. It's part of the game and our efforts to keep consistent tone within the Playgroup.
    • NOTE: Some previous World Events from the Playgroup will be edited or deleted over the coming weeks. When this note has been deleted, assume that all World Events are canon. Until then, ask a World Leader for details.
  • GMs are encouraged to build interesting, consistent locations for Contractors to explore through Contracts and Moves. Talk to a Playgroup Leader about location development, they are happy to delegate the development of content.


Full Setting Description

This Playgroup uses the official Illumination Setting with slight tweaks.

Very small supernatural phenomena are rare, but not completely unknown. Fewer than 20,000 people in the US are born with some kind of basic supernatural abilities. Think, a guy who can snap his fingers to light a cigarette, slightly glowing eyes that help to see in the dark, or the ability to make a small electric spark. Very niche, not terribly useful, a cool party trick. The big supernatural phenomena are what makes the news, and what creates Illuminations. A bona-fide werewolf, an insect disguised as a human, a monstrous cryptid, or other similar intense anomalies will absolutely catch the attention of the media if they are found.

World Events

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Change in Ecosystem... Just a isolated cryptid? or a entire new species?

(Characters will require 1 culture, 1 occult, or 1 animal to interact with this event.)

On multiple pages, from YouTube, to twitch, to kick, to rumble, even on Cryptoleak, a video is dropped with a link.

The link is a page that leads to... a summarized and analysis of news reports and articles about a new subspecies of existing creatures/cryptids causing mayhem amongst the American populace...


Even local news starts to pick up on this topic as it gains traction.


A news reporter stands outside what appears to be a park reserve, trees litter the background and around it, multiple warning signs and even fences gating off the area. 
"This just in, Here, live at Michigan, another body has been found. A trespasser entered within this very park and was reported missing 24 hours ago. This is the 8th incident this month. Similar to previously, the body was found impaled and mangled badly. Burnt with Lichtenberg figures along their body and the ground around them. We suspect it was the White stag that was previously spotted here, docile and rather friendly at first, whatever happened has caused it to be extremely hostile to us." As the reporter says this, for a moment, a flash of light can be seen before a loud explosion is heard over the camera and one of the tree's behind the fence sets fire. The crew breaks into a sprint after getting up and the report is cut short.


Scrolling down, a different page is seen. Upon clicking the "Expand the page" button...

Wildlife Biologist in Washington DC has recently reported that entire species, such as rabbits, hares, elk, beaves, bison, even grizzly bears and black bears has been hard found within the state. Skeletal figures of such creatures, crushed bones, almost fully licked clean. There has even been cases of human disappearances such as missing children and teenagers whos body has been found devoured. Reports show that perhaps a new apex predator has been introduced into the environment and the biologist fear for what the continued impact will have amongst the state. Rumors has been spreading of a haunting creature at night, bright red eyes that vanish and disappear almost like a demon. A haunting memory of what's happening...


Another link? Clicking on it, Grabs your immediate attention... a rat that breathes flame briefly seen on a police officer body cam.

"This here, we believe is a hoax, if a rat could breathe fire, do you know how dangerous that would be? the amount of fire that would break out at such a rapid pace would out number what a entire squad of firefighter would be able to take care of!" or so this 'cryptozoologist' states. He believes that the rat is a hoax, yet according to our records here, numerous fire outbreak has been occurring within the Chicago area. The sewers has even exploded 2 times. Food has become much scarcer, disappearing and often being found with rats in them. Holes amongst concrete and metal walls has been found, melted down. The homeless population lives in fear, many are suffering from terrible illnesses already. Things such as hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella has a reported figure of 30% increase in likelihood of acquiring within the Chicago city line within the past month alone.


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Dateline NBC: Chris Hansen dances with the devil in a special interview with Ky Matranaga!

On televisions around the country, a new commercial has begun to play. Beginning with dramatic music and a dimly lit room it cuts to Chris Hansen who is seen in his iconic serious demeanor, seated across from Ky Matranaga.

A narrator speaks over the stillness of the scene

"Coming soon on Dateline NBC..."

The camera cuts to Ky Matranaga with a determined expression and a leather face mask with metallic bars over the mouth, a reminder of his vicious nature as he listens to Chris Hansen's questions

A Narrator's voiceover speaks as the scene transitions "An interview unlike any other."

The camera then zooms in on Chris Hansen as he leans in, pressing for answers, staring right into Ky Matranaga's four black demonic eyes.

Chris Hansen: "Ky, we're not here to dance around the truth. We need answers."

The commercial cuts to several intense shots from different angles at intense moments of the interview. 

The Narrator's voiceover speaks once more as the music builds to a tense crescendo and the title plays across the screen

"Unmasking the Enigma - The Ky Matranaga Case."

The screen then flashes with Images of headlines and news articles about Ky Matranaga.

The Narrator's voiceover booms as the music hits a sinister sting "A town on edge. A murder that shocked a community."

Cut to Ky Matranaga's face, his eyes revealed to the world, proof of his demonic heritage and the hideous evil in them self-evident. 

The Narrator's voiceover speaks a final time as the camera zooms in to focus on his eyes alone, the burning visage filling the screen;

"Will he confess? Or will he evade justice?"

Chris Hansen's voice breaks the tense music and narration, granting the viewer a reprieve from the evil of Ky's devilish gaze, his voice firm and unwavering in the face of evil.

Chris Hansen: "We won't rest until we get the truth."

Then the Dateline NBC logo fades in with dramatic music as the narrator speaks again. 

"Dateline NBC. Investigative journalism at its finest."

Letters fly in from off-screen to display the message

"Coming soon."

Then the narrator speaks as the screen begins to fade to black

"Stay tuned for the exclusive interview that will leave you questioning everything."

The commercial then completely fades to black with the Dateline NBC logo and air date. 

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Ky Matranaga Apprehended by Hero Cop Tom Snart



"Horrible Cop Murder, Sister Slaughterer, and Known Spawn of The Great Deceiver Ky Matranaga has been apprehended!"


Today in West Virginia the horrible monster for whom there is a nationwide manhunt Ky Matranaga was finally apprehended when he was seen using his demonic shapeshifting ability to steal the skin of some former victim. Tom Snart, who had been on site helping a homeless woman to the shelter was the first responder who through use of his side arm, and his taser managed to defeat the known menace. Ky Matranaga was incapacitated in the struggle, and has been moved to the hospital at famed West Virginian Prison United States Penitentiary, Hazelton also known as "Misery Mountain" until he is to be sentenced for his many heinous crimes. 


Updates will come as Law enforcement provides more information. 

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Mysterious Purple Glitter Pollutes San Francisco!

Northern California news channels spread the story (although it spreads farther and faster over social media):

Local authorities are investigating what some say is a simple prank and what others call "pure sadism" and "an act of environmental terrorism" as the pristine city of downtown San Francisco becomes irrevocably infected with purple glitter. Faint clusters of glitter seemed to fall out of the clear blue sky for hours, carried far and wide by the usual Bay Area wind. The phenomena was first noticed by several people and posted to social media sites around 9:00 AM as a light drizzling of glitter appeared. Soon this sparkly layer spanned hundreds of city blocks. Local authorities (as well as the social media-savvy public) quickly determined that the plastic pollution originated around the iconic Salesforce Tower because it accompanied fears of a break-in.

Specifically, Salesforce reported that the phenomenon likely began in the morning or overnight because, around 8:00 AM as employees arrived to the building, they found faint spots of purple glitter throughout the entire skyscraper. It seems to have spread in the vents of the tower's A/C system. A later inspection of the Salesforce Tower rooftop led to the discovery of hundreds of pounds of glitter that was slowly being picked up and tossed over the edge by the wind. By 1:00 PM, the sprinkling of what one influencer called "violet pixie dust" mysteriously ended as subtly as it began.

An independent lab in San Francisco has already conducted an analysis of the glitter and confirms, "it's just your average arts and crafts materials. Nothing special here."

Salesforce denies being the cause, decrying the glitter dump as "an irresponsible marketing stunt to mar our good reputation." Local LGBTQIA+ groups have also spoken out against the glitter stunt. Adding to the mystery, news stations have not yet received any anonymous messages. An estimated 1,000 lbs of purple glitter dropped into the city.

If someone's trying to make a statement, their message is unclear. 

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#FungalFeedingFrenzy goes viral!

Channel 7 NBC News with a Special on The Latest Trend Affecting Your Children!


This month has seen the rise of the latest, and perhaps strangest, of the viral challenge trends that have been sweeping through the American Youth today. Starting in Nevada after a video of a half-clothed Gen-Wyld enthusiast known as "Emily Miller" after the woman in question had stopped a strange, and some believe supernatural, hijacking attempt on the much loved "Porcine Porter" that had been transporting alien enthusiasts through the region for the past 20 years before taking a seat and asking a passenger for any anti-fungal medication they had. The video then goes on to show the woman drinking the entire tube while sobbing uncontrollably. Some have likened this to the behavior of a depressed alcoholic, others have claimed that it was an attempt to treat some unknown medical condition.

What is known is that tens of thousands have attempted to emulate this already in the form of a "Challenge". The so-called "Fungal Feeding Frenzy" challenge or as some are calling it "Mushroom Mukbang"' ing, the context of the strange challenge involves eating a large amount of mushroom spore powder and then consuming as much anti-fungal foot cream as possible to kill the previously consumed spores.

Popular streamers have found themselves inundated with requests to undertake the challenge, and there have already been 10 hospitalizations regarding the challenge as many fame-seeking hopefuls attempt to emulate the famous face of Gen-Wyld's "Furry" augmentation line, and despite warnings from news centers and health professionals, it seems like this "Feeding Frenzy" isn't going away anytime soon. 

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Slick AI goes live!

Various news sites, tech insiders, and reporters the world over have been baffled by a new player in the emergent AI warzone that is modern tech. With no major players like Meta, Apple, Microsoft, or Open AI behind this new model, many of them are baffled as to where such an advanced model would have come from given it would need billions of dollars in network infrastructure to deploy and maintain the level of users that it has seen. Yet, with inquiries into AWS, Azure, and other hosting services not producing any actionable information the world can only scratch their heads at the origin of this incredible new AI's features! 


Elon Musk has been cited stating that the services it provides border on the dangers, with no legal restrictions, and no distinction on whether or not NSFW or even illegal content can be created with the service he believes that it presents a real and present danger to society as a whole. When questioned as to whether or not this statement was at odds with his current investments in other large AI players, Musk refused to comment. 

These concerns were put to rest as well when Government Agencies confirmed they received a large anonymous tip from what they can only presume is the force behind Slick AI detailing everyone who had been requesting illegal services or information from the platform. Providing complete histories, IP addresses, and even physical addresses for the dangerous individuals in question. 

After this battery of arrests around the globe of confirmed dangerous individuals the public's opinion is now split. Is this all merely a morally motivated AI sting set up by some government agency and now you risk your data and digital privacy by using the service with users having to merely content themselves with the idea that they live and die on the enigmatic creator's moralistic whims, or is the service safe to use and you should only be concerned if you have something to hide? 

The world waits with bated breath to see. 

(Any PC or NPC that uses it receives +2 dice to technology rolls used in the process of research.) 

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LAist: Haunted Sleepover Scam Artist Arrested!

Today Johnathan Quiroz was arrested by local authorities in Jalpa, Zacatecas, Mexico just four days after fleeing the United States with the $1,000,000 that he and his business partner Chris Olem acquired through the "Dare & Scare Parlor" scam--a small business formerly known as the Sweet Fun Parlor in Alhambra, Los Angeles. According to the FBI, an anonymous tip was provided within 48 hours of Quiroz and Olem's disappearance making the news. Only $240,000 of the million dollars were recovered at his relative's home where he was arrested.

According to U.S. federal fraud laws, mass marketing fraud becomes a federal offense when it involves interstate or international commerce. Because a large portion of the online buyers of the haunted sleepover packages were located out-of-state, this scam will likely count. If found guilty, Quiroz and Olem could get up to 30 years in prison as well as fines of, ironically, up to $1 million.

Chris Olem is still at large. Feel free to contact the FBI anonymously if you have any information at

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LAist: Haunted Sleepover Scam

Ghost tourism has reached an all-time high since the rise of Ghoul Fever, along with the scam artists.

Take the Sweet Fun Parlor, a small business in Alhambra, as an example. Budding entrepreneur Johnathan Quiroz purchased the humble kids party place and reframed it as a "genuine haunted experience." On his YouTube channel, Quiroz claims he and his business partner, Chris Olem, toured the place three weeks ago in the evening with an interest in taking over the reputable business. As they toured the interior, it appeared to Quiroz to be extremely burned. However, to Olem it appeared to be flooded out and moldy. They claimed to have photographic evidence of the phenomena, which they shared online. However, upon returning the following day, the interior was in pristine condition.

"At first I thought the grandma was insane, and then I wondered if we were insane... But then I realized that this place could provide something unique--what so many people want!"

A website for the promptly re-branded "Dare & Scare Parlor" offered one-, two-, and three-night haunted sleepover packages at a whopping $600 a night per person for up to 15 people each night. Within two weeks, the location booked up for the rest of the year.

However, just three days ago the Supernatural Sights Society investigated the site and declined to certify it.

"After spending two nights and conducting a seance, the Society cannot provide confirmation that this site is haunted," comments James Madison, long-time SSS Investigator. 

"I want my money back!" Emily Knightly declared as she stood outside of the closed shop, reflecting the sentiment of over 1,000 customers. Unlucky for them, both Quiroz and his partner have conveniently vanished.

It's safe to say that with approximately $1,000,000, the two entreprenuers are living a sweet, fun life. It was a good investment after all.

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Kevin Hartwell, leader of the local chapter of BACCA, and Jacob Brooks tragically murdered by Devil Child and His Spawn

Horror Strikes Goshen! 


The scene the camera depicts is one of chaos. Cars run off the road into local buildings, the sound of sirens blaring in the background, and broken families looking on in despair at what was once an integral part of their lives as their storefront currently has a bus from the "Our Sister of Mercy" sisterhood through the front display window and most of the building. A somber looking reporter, a woman in her twenties with raven hair and brown eyes wipes mascara from her face as she addresses the camera 


"It is with great sadness that I come to you all today, as Ky Matranaga. Once thought dead, but now known to have merely evaded justice. The San Francisco Bay Devil, The Priest Pummeler, and now.. The Demonizer of The Defenseless has struck Goshen Indiana. Having proclaimed himself to be the actual devil, he first started by killing Deputy Jacob Brooks during a routine traffic stop where it can be seen that the officer in question did not even have time to draw his firearm before him and his newfound accomplice, a man identified as Logan Wells whom social media is now calling the Arborial Assassin or the Demonic Deciduous viciously attack the man.

You can also see that as they fled the scene after failing to kill his partner they recklessly drove through oncoming traffic. Caused mass devastation and numerous traffic accidents where many were injured, and the local leader of the Bikers Against Child Abuse chapter of Goshen Indiana Kevin Hartwell was killed in a reckless display of disdain for human life. A statewide manhunt is underway for these two heinous killers, and authorities claim they already have leads regarding curtailing this demonic duo's future activities. So, until we have more, this is Channel 7 News Goshen signing out as we observe a moment of silence for the dead."

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Blogger Bag Buffet

A news anchor, one of many vying for your attention as you scroll through the front page of whatever news app you frequent, calls out in a small frame with a haunted look in his eyes. You're intruiged. What did this guy see?

The title of the article is Blogger Bag Buffet, a jarring and comedic discrepancy from the footage playing behind the news anchor. It shows a small-time travel blogger's selfie cam, a short video that loops.

The blogger grins and waves at the camera, picking up the handle of a suitcase and rolling it along a street into an alleyway. The bag's handle seems to grow stickier, visible even through the shaky footage, and almost seems to be grabbing at the hand.

The blogger's looking where they're going, and switches the camera to a photogenic alley cat before the camera drops and crunches and muffled screams are heard. The phone bounces and the image whirls, stopping to show the suitcase - now bearing a set of oversized fangs in a lipless, fluid maw - chomping away at a leg that clearly belonged a short time ago to the blogger. The gray-blue suitcase, through beady eyes, seems to see the recording and shuts it off with a frantic, gray palmed hand that reaches from amidst its side.

The news anchor continuse shakily over the footage, his voice bringing you back to the present moment.

"... and as of yet we have no idea what this thing is, but stay safe out there, people, and know that this is the only reported case of... hungry luggage."

Well fuck, you think, at least that wasn't me.

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"Bombs bursting at a motel outside of Goshen, Indiana."

September 09, 2023,

A local Goshen Motel bursts into fiery explosions, beginning at midnight. 

Backflips and leaps were seen on scene. The motel was burned, two rooms blown apart by what looks like to be C4, as well as Grenade shrapnel was found on the roof and balcony. Eyewitness accounts are all over the place, It's held consensus that it was a terrorist attack. There was a charred corpse on the balcony of the motel, Presumed a casualty of the explosion. DNA results point to a French man named Aaron Buell, a known criminal. No one knows how this man arrived at the scene.Police on scene found a note reading:

"You mindless brute, I've come to take your life. I can no longer live on this earth knowing of your existence. You must die."

This note seems to point to a murder attempt. 
If anyone has any information on the events that occurred, Please let the Local Goshen police know at 555-555-5555.

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"Breaking News: Puerto Rican Town of Weaver's Hollow Disappears; Noted Superpowered Activist Iryna Also Missing"

In an unprecedented mystery that has left authorities baffled, the small Puerto Rican town of Weaver's Hollow has disappeared without a trace, taking all of its residents along with it. Adding to the perplexity, renowned superpowered activist Iryna, who had been visiting the area for undisclosed reasons, is also missing.

Community pillars like the enigmatic innkeeper Tom Weaver and the reclusive blacksmith Sarah O'Brien have vanished, leaving an eerie emptiness where the once bustling town stood. "This is utterly inexplicable," said Officer Ana Morales, visibly shaken. "It's like the whole place has been wiped from the face of the Earth."

Strangely, the surrounding environment has experienced an unexplained revival. The once-depleting flora and fauna are now thriving, leading scientists to scratch their heads in disbelief.

Local religious leaders like Padre Juan suggest the land is now 'Tierra Sagrada' (Holy Ground) and urge against meddling with the mysteries of the divine. "There are things beyond our understanding," he cautioned.

Both federal agencies and the UN are deeply concerned. "Every possible explanation is on the table," commented a spokesperson from the federal investigative team. "The world needs to understand what happened here, especially considering the disappearance of Iryna, who was an influential figure in social justice."

The baffling disappearance of Weaver's Hollow has grabbed global attention, and as more questions than answers pile up, it's clear that this case is shaping up to be one of the most intriguing and unsettling mysteries of our time.

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Ky Matranaga, AKA: The Priest Pummeler, and The Sister Slaughterer outed as demonic!

Channel 7 News San Francisco with a new scoop!


This weekend we saw the notorious child, known for his ruthless beat down of the Nuns of our lady's sacred order, and their attending Priests from The Western Baptist minister group was seen using powers straight out of hell in order to flee the ranks of the newfound Cthulhu cultists. It is currently believed that he was following them in order to pursue his existing vendetta against Christianity as across that same street was a protest organized by Alt-Right Religious Group The Sons of Salem. 


This reporters question though remains, if Ky Matranaga is indeed demonic in origin should he be considered a threat by basis of his origin, or should we give him a final chance to prove that he is capable of turning a new leaf?

More at 11, for now this is Channel 7 News signing off. 

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The Kraken tendril erupts from the Bay, & all those struck by the sleeping sickness awaken from their collective nightmare!

The signs are clear...


Lovecraft was right! In a world swept by Ghoul Fever, a perfect breeding ground for cult conspiracy is born - thousand run gibbering about the rise of the GREAT OLD ONES who even now stir from their ancient slumber!

Laws don't matter! Everything you know is a lie! In his House in R'yleh, Cthulhu wakes! He will sweep the earth of Mankind & dance maddingly to cosmic songs man was never meant to know!

(Lovecraft inspired cults break out worldwide. Most recognize each other by using "Fthagn" in place of "Fuc@#%!" as a kind of dogwhistle. This practice catches on in some niche corners of the internet)


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Into the catacombs, not sewers, of NYC

My Name is Michaela Carlson, and today's top story: a dungeon rumored to appear in our lovely Central Park, seemingly overnight. Reports say that sometime in the past week, the inconspicuous spot of forest opened up to a stone archway tunnel, the top of it reading out "Lair of the Mad Goblin King."

Rumors first started to circulate about it during that time, about freakish elemental goblins that lurked inside. Chittering creatures of wind and fire that caused more than a couple injuries to the homeless population, it was recently brought to the attention of authorities after Kent Scott, age 19, had to be wheeled out of the location in an ambulance with electrical scars covering half his body, having barely escaped.

Little is known about the Nature of the "dungeon" but we urge the public to bring forward any potential information about it.

[Contact Angel if there is interest in exploring the lair.]

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Come one, come all, and witness the great titan of wrestling DAN STEEL take on a real life MINOTAUR in a fight to the DEATH this upcoming Sunday in Plaza de Toros México, Mexico City.

Bookies will be taking bets! Odds are set at an incredible 1:1.2! Essentially even odds!

Tickets on sale now!

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Spirit Halloween Launches "Ghoul Fever!" Costume and People Are Wondering if it's Appropriate

Buzzfeed, user Saturn Holland, 3:36 pm


As summer starts to end, you start to smell those first TJ Maxx pumpkin spice candles on the wind, and back to-school ads haunt children, America's favorite Halloween outlet has begun to move in to the recently vacated shells of strip mall retail stores. Spirit adds new costumes every year, but among the additions this season is something undoubtedly disturbing: "Ghoul Fever!", including arm covers made to look like rashes and lesions, vampire-esque plastic fangs, and dirty looking street clothes. The models wear makeup that gives them a generic wasted, sunken appearance. Perhaps most worrying is that this costume comes in sizes for adults, teens, children, and even babies. The costumes can be seen here.


Spirit held off on costumes built off of the Covid-19 virus and pandemic, so this really came as a shock. The reactions are mixed:


"This is really in awful taste. Steven Silverstein should 100% come out and explain himself, or fire whoever launched these costumes immediately. They disgust me and millions of other Americans." -Lacey Drewell


"I think people should chill out. I HAD ghoul fever and I thought it was funny. I'll probably get this and freak my friends out." -Elsie Sommers


"I swear to f*ck that grey shirt in the man costume is the same shade of gray Andrew Tate was wearing in his YouTube video on June 23rd. This is targeted towards conservatives and trying to rile us up!" -Ed Turpin 


"I literally don't see the problem. People are being too sensitive either way, it wasn't that big a deal." -Jason Rice


Steven Silverstein, Spirit Halloween CEO and President, has yet to comment or recall these costumes. Some sources say that his niece was one of the many victims of the pandemic, and perhaps this is his way of coping. 

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A New Meth?

A New Meth has begun to spread around Detroit causing more crimes in the city. Coupled with the fact that the crimes are becoming way more violent with people exhibiting advanced strength while on this drug similar to PCP. The city is concerned as Detroit continues to deteriorate. (Please message Psycho for further info)

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"This s*** is fire."


In the most prestigious, pretentious, expensive private school of Saudi Arabia, a fifteen-year-old brat finally beings to apply himself in his studies. Sitting alert and silent beside the boy in the classroom aisle is a German Shepherd. The dog wears a perfectly fitting Kevlar vest that has a fashionable pattern of metal circles along the edges (see GM Notes for Ains Ladeen for details). No classmate dare tease this Pathetic yet Beautiful boy who is at the top of the social food chain due to his sheer Charisma. In fact, several are jealous of his school-attending pet ("Why is he more kidnappable than am?" and "Why does he get to bring his pet to school and not me?"). Several days and pushy parent phone calls later, bringing one's "guard dog" to school becomes the next trendy thing among the supremely upper crust zoomers, soon catching on among the plain old upper crust as well--a worldwide trend rapidly disseminated via Youtube, TicToc, Snapchat, and Instagram influencers. Private school administrators sigh, kids with dog allergies get sent home, and lawsuits abound.

But the boy? He's just trying to get back into his mother's good graces.

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Mark Collins Arrested!

Today: Famous hero Mark Collins arrested by the national guard at the Hoover Dam in Nevada. 

In response to an unusual meteor impact, the national guard evacuated and closed the road to the Hoover Dam today. A convoy of three national guardsmen were killed at the road blockade on the Western side of the dam. Mark Collins was arrested driving a personal vehicle inside the closed area. Details of the case are still ongoing, but the national guard has handed Collins over to the Las Vegas Police Department, who posted bail for a mere $50,000 due to Collins' low flight risk. 

District Attourny Anderson says trespassing may only be the first of several charges against the popular hero. "Despite Mark's great heroism during the horrible tragedy that befell Ceasar's Palace, people like him need to learn their limits. We will announce the full list of charges soon."

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Patrick O’niel dies in hospital fire

Wanted criminal Patrick Oniel was turned in yesterday by the famed detective Charles. He declined to give details on how he captured the wanted criminal until any trial.

Unfortunately, later that night, Patrick perished in a hospital fire. Fire crews say the blaze started in Patrick's room. The wanted criminal was one of six deaths caused by the fire. 

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The Ghouls Speak!

Breaking news: for the first time ever, a ghoul has made a public statement to the news media. 

Several media outlets receieved an encrypted communication from wanted-dead-or-alive criminal Connor Inkz to cover a particular ghoul delivery to Gen-Wyld. The ghoul in question was captured by one "Theo Simões," a Brazilian citizen who was in the USA on a tourist's visa. 

"I figured I'd hunt some ghouls while I was visiting," says Theo in a field interview. "I had a 12 pack of Milwaukee's Best beer in the back of the truck, and when I saw a ghoul in there, I shut it up and called Gen-Wyld." 

But Theo got more than he bargained for. When he delivered the ghoul, this is what happened. 


Footage of Theo approaching his box truck as a team of Gen-Wyld handlers stand by. He opens the back to find it completely empty save a few crumpled cans of beer and a hole in the bottom. A moment later a voice off-camera says "Hey guys," and the news media scramble like someone dropped a tiger in the middle of them. The camera shakes and pans to show a ghoul standing near the crowd wearing a Steeler's jersey and torn blue jeans. "Sorry, that Milwaukie Beast has me pissin' like a race horse - had to step outside meep."

The Leader of the Gen-Wyld handlers holds a hand up to halt his people and speaks to the ghoul. "My name is Fredrick. Do you have a name?"

The Ghoul responds, "Course I got a name - what kind of yahoo would I be without one?" The twisted muzzle of the beast could be smiling, it's hard to tell, "We all do, since all ghouls were normal folks once. Or didn't you know that?"

"So, are you going to try to hurt us?"

The Ghoul looks at him for a long moment, as if weighing the options..."Nah. Yinz're just doin' your job. Boss lied about things, when is that not the case? I ain't going to the dissection table though." He turns to the rolling cameras, "Next time you want a cure for diabetes or some shit, ask us first before letting these scrubs try and bottle that shit for you! Not that we'll be hard to find soon, since one in a hundred that got Ghoul Fever are gonna turn to Ghouls! Which there ain't no cure for: I should know."

"Anyway; I'm leaving now - those ghouls listening or any werewolves that don't want to get eviscerated so Gen-Wyld can cure baldness in rich people - keep an ear out for the radio, 'Boneyard 101' and I'll try and help out." The Ghoul turns back to look at the police, then the men with their catch poles, "I'm leaving now, meep - if'n yinz want to stop me, nows your chance - I'm just a 'dumb animal' without rights after all. 'Course, if that's true that also means I ain't gotta follow no laws, doesn't it? Those that try & stop me won't be going home tonight."

The ghoul disappears into the forest, and no one moves to stop him. 


Gen-Wyld refused the ghoul delivery and refused to pay, which upset Theo. After yelling at the Gen-Wyld employees as they drove away, he turned around and sold the box truck to Fox News media for an undisclosed amount. He says he is donating 100% of the money to the Connor Inkz defense fund. 

Experts agree that the ghoul's figure that one in a hundred victims of Ghoul Fever will become ghouls themselves is patently untrue. However, the ghoul's statement matches anecdotal rumors that have been circulating on the internet since the cure to ghoul fever was announced. At least 10 cases of Ghoul Fever patients physically transforming into more ghoulish forms after ingesting human flesh have been confirmed, however some claim the numbers are far greater. 

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Maelstrom Setting Update

The world has been presented with the dire threat: Ghoul Fever. People are retreating to their homes, social distancing is legally mandated, and those who refuse do not have the luxury of the survival rate COVID provided. Streets are less populated, and gatherings of more than 10 people in any given location are banned even within America with violators facing fines of up to 10,000 dollars for locations without provisions for preventing physical contact.

In addition, graveyards, morgues, and more are being met with increased security as corpse thefts reach an all time high by those who do not wish to, or are unable, to pay the costs for ghoul fevers treatment in countries where medical care is not a human right, with some cemeteries and mortuaries' taking up arms and hiring security to defend their stock.

This Setting Update currently has a duration of 10 in-Playgroup Contracts.

As a note, GMs are not required to engage with these setting changes, but we highly encourage it for a more consistent and cohesive world.

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The Bay Burns! Chaos in San Francisco.

Breaking News from San Francisco! 

Good evening, I'm NBC News Reporter Trisha Wright and you're watching our live coverage of the Bay disaster. Today, an extraordinary event unfolded in San Francisco Bay as a monstrous Kraken tentacle emerged from the depths, wreaking havoc and terrorizing the region. However, amidst the chaos, one man emerged as a true hero. His name is Frank Lambert, and he played a pivotal role in assisting the military in the defeat of the Kraken tentacle.

Our reporters on the scene have gathered the details of this incredible incident. It all began when the Kraken tentacle, measuring over 200 feet long, burst out of the water, striking a carnival cruise liner with tremendous force. The ship, carrying thousands of passengers, was left in ruins as the tentacle mercilessly tore through its structure.

The U.S. Coast Guard immediately sprang into action as fortunately the USCGC Sherman was doing routine patrols and was in a position to respond. The Sherman valiantly positioned itself between the Kraken and the vulnerable San Francisco Bay, standing as the first line of defense. The crew of the Sherman demonstrated remarkable bravery and resilience, engaging in a fierce battle to hold the Kraken at bay despite their lack of firepower that could meaningfully harm such a large creature. 

As the Coast Guard battled on the water, the United States Air Force swiftly took action. A flight of F-22 Raptors, armed with advanced missiles, was dispatched to neutralize the Kraken. These highly skilled pilots maneuvered their aircraft with precision, targeting the massive tentacle threatening the bay's safety.

After a nail-biting aerial showdown, the F-22 Raptors unleashed a barrage of missiles, striking the Kraken tentacle with incredible force. The impact sent shockwaves through the air, causing the monstrous appendage to retreat into the depths from whence it came.

Despite the military's success in defeating the Kraken, the aftermath of this extraordinary event continues to pose challenges. Lingering fires have broken out on the water's surface, creating hazardous conditions in the bay. Firefighting teams are currently battling the flames, working tirelessly to bring the situation under control.

Amid this chaos, let us not forget the heroic efforts of Frank Lambert. Mr. Lambert, a perhaps more than ordinary citizen who happened to be in the area, demonstrated exceptional courage and selflessness. He provided vital support and assistance to the military during this unprecedented battle, playing a critical role in the victory against the Kraken as he acted as bait and used his supernatural hydrokinetic abilities to defend us from this horrifying monstrosity. 

The city of San Francisco and the entire nation owe a debt of gratitude to Frank Lambert, the Coast Guard crew of the USCGC Sherman, and the brave pilots of the U.S. Air Force. Their unwavering determination and valor ensured that our beloved San Francisco Bay remains safe from this monstrous threat.

As we continue to monitor the situation in the bay, we urge residents and visitors to exercise caution and heed all safety warnings. We will keep you updated with the latest developments on this extraordinary event.

This has been an NBC News report. I'm Trisha Wright and thank you for watching.

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Hurricane Sadie Racks Florida: Tragedy at FantasticLand Theme Park

Last month, a hurricane more powerful than any in history fully broadsided the eastern coast of Florida. The effects of the hurricane, dubbed Hurricane Sadie, were felt along the totality of the Florida shoreline. The wind and subsequent flooding destroyed power grids, battered inland businesses, and left hundred of thousands homeless. Local authorities were instantly outmatched. The National Guard was dispatched but we’re in over their heads. The Red Cross could only help so much. Two weeks later, thousands of people had died, not of drowning or the direct effects of the storm, but of neglect, exposure, and a lack of fresh water. Some smaller communities were not contacted until almost a month after the storm, in most cases far too late to do any good. Before the FantasticLand story broke, the phrase "America's Shame" had been attached to the response effort and was gaining traction.

It was only when the situation came under a reasonable amount of control, and billions in federal government aid had been disbursed, that the story of FantasticLand hit with a crash that shattered all other news stories about the disaster. It sounded like an urban legend at first--far too "out there" to be real. Only after the ruins of the once mighty amusement park appear in online video footage did it become clear that the worst stories were true. Shockingly true, unbelievably true, but undeniable.

Of the 326 employees who stayed behind in the park, 207 were eventually evacuated. The fate of the 119 missing souls may never be known, but evidence of death and slaughter was immediately apparent. Photos soon emerged: heads on spikes outside of rides, corpses floating in detention cells, and viscera decaying in the humid Florida sun. FantasticLand, where "Fun Is Guaranteed!", was covered in blood. There were human bones littering the gift shops. It was all the country could talk about. The coverage crossed all media, breaking records for hits, views, likes, clicks, and shares.

The most indelible images, the one most of the public saw first, is among the most haunting photos of the past fifty years. Captured by photojournalist Ophir Bouhouche, the photo shows the seventy-five-foot-tall FantasticLand logo, a bright red Exclamation Point at the center of the 2,200-acre amusement park, shattered into thousands of jagged pieces on the ground. In its place, a crude yardarm stretches between support towers that once held the Exclamation Point in place. Hanging from the plank are five bodies, strung by their necks. Two nooses are empty, the bodies visible on the ground. One has simply fallen. The other has been decapitated. Behind the bodies, a sign boasts in bright red letters, FUN IS GUARANTEED!

Reinforcements were called immediately. By the time employees broke their silence and began telling their stories, the media were scrambling and desperate to get on the scene. Unfortunately for FantasticFun Inc., the legal owner of the park, an uploaded video showed National Guard troops entering the park the very day a press conference downplaying the carnage was held. The footage aired side by side on most networks. Details began to emerge, bringing with them a flood of unanswerable, terrible questions.

How could a group of survivors, mostly children, commit such terrible acts? How could survivors with the best possible circumstances in which to weather the storm and its aftermath produce the worst possible result? What does this say about our children? Ourselves? Is every American teenager just a few short steps away from bloodthirsty savagery? How do we prevent this in the future? Was an American institution that had provided joy to children since the 1970s fatally harmed by this incident, or is redemption possible?

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Dallas Zoo introduces Polar Bear Exhibit

Dallas Zoo Has Introduced an Animatronic Bear Exhibit!

In a bid for relevance to the Zoomers, the Dallas Zoo has dediced to introduce an Animatronic Polar Bear exhibit. Visitor numbers have spiked, and many younger people of Texas are flocking to the zoo to get a photo with the cute, yet realistic little contraption - in this viral sensation, some publicists are saying the zoo may even overtake the Houston zoo in popularity.

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Pepsi's new mascots!

Pepsi has become the first company to employ supernatural actors! In a bold move on the companies part, two individuals of a mystical persuasion were hired to act in their latest ad, using incredible powers to show off just how great the taste of Pepsi is!

Neither actor has previous performances credited to them, but we can be sure, they won't soon be forgotten!

A woman made of sparkles riding a blue horse, and levitating a bottle of Pepsi through the air, and a man with antlers changing from the form of an elk and shattering the ground with a mighty stomp, a truly incredible sight to see. Their names are yet to be revealed to the public, but their faces have been shown all over the world.

[A picture of a Nanook and a picture of Dr. Alice Decker, made of sparkles, are shown on the screen]

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Meet Neil Ashworth: Gen-Wyld's new spokesperson

Fans of high-schooler wunderchild Niel Ashworth will be excited to hear that he's signed a new sponsorship deal with high-profile pharmacuticals company Gen-Wyld. That's right, Niel Ashworth is the firm's newest spokesperson. Some say it's a match made in heaven, has the company faces increased scrutiny over its new diabetes cure that apparently utilizes ghouls to produce in some way. 

Niel Ashworth made this statement:

“In this day and age, the biggest concerns people have come from within. With Ghoul Fever cured, the big problems we in first world countries suffer from are diseases like cancer and diabetes, and issues with self-confidence and depression. Gen-Wyld holds the answer. With their innovative treatments, Cancer can be a thing of the past, diabetes can be fixed with a simple injection, and you can look however you want, take who you are on the inside, and bring them to the outside.

"With the research performed at Gen-Wyld, people of my generation will be able to live longer, healthier, and happier lives than any generation before, and things will only get better. The future is coming, and it’s name, is Gen-Wyld.”

Wooh powerful stuff! This kid's going to get me to smear my mascara. Well, on that hopeful note of American Exceptionalism, this news reporter is signing off. 

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Gen-Wyld reveals secret to diabetes cure: Ghouls!

The company Gen-Wyld revealed that the secret ingredient to their new diabetes cure is ghouls.

"There is no evidence that this 'ghoul fever' pandmic originated from ghouls, although they can be carriers. But after processing, we can guarantee that the treatment for diabetes we produce is 100% ghoul-fever-free."

The company has posted a public bounty wherein they will buy any live ghoul for $200,000. 

"One ghoul can cure a thousand patients of type-1 diabetes. These ghouls are not intelligent. They are animals. Animals that are very valuable to those suffering from this disease." 

If the ghould-rush wasn't in full effect before, it is sure to be so now, as anti-ghoul sentiment, driven by misplaced anger over the ghoul fever epidemic, reaches an all time high.

Calls to systematically eradicate ghouls from the united states have not yet been actioned on by any government officials, but many conservative politicians are adopting and pressing the issue as a publicity stunt. 

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Ghoul Fever: is the cure worse than the disease?

Since Jacksonville high schooler Neil Ashworth discovered the cure to ghoul fever, he has been praised by the entire world and even granted the presidential medal of honor by United States president Joe Biden. As confirmed Ghoul Fever cases rise past the global 15 million mark, scientists believe the spread is starting to slow significantly.

But the facts of the cure are grim: a patient must consume a pound of human flesh at least 30 days deceased in order to be cured, and the psychological symptoms of the disease are not reverted by the cure.

Pew Research polls have found that as many as 80% of uninfected united states citizens and up to 98% of infected people claim they would be willing to eat human meat to cure themselves of Ghoul Fever.


But where is all this human meat coming from? Most world governments have placed a temporary hold on the laws restricting the sale and consumption of human meat, and the price of human meat has risen as high as $1200 per pound.

Several stories have gone viral of people visiting dodgy surgeons in developing countries to remove an arm or even a leg to sell. Meanwhile plastic surgeons in the united states have started paying the morbidly obese to come in for liposuction, provided the surgeon gets to sell the material they remove.

Disappearances are showing a concerning rise as well, and may expect people are being kidnapped and murdered, harvested for their meat.

Thefts of mortuaries and morgues are extremely common. Some have hired increased security, and some are accused of selling remains instead of following the families’ wishes.


The governor of Pennsylvania, Josh Shapiro, has used emergency executive powers to order the exhumation graves across the state.

“We are ground zero for the Ghoul Fever epidemic. Freshly harvested human meat from organ donors takes a month to prepare, and we don’t have that kind of time. We have a hundred thousand patients that will suffer life-ending psychological trauma if we don’t get them human meat now.”

The governor’s plan is to grind old bones into bonemeal to be baked into bread that will be used to treat the region’s many patients.

"By the end of the week, we will have enough bonemeal to treat our entire population and share with our neighbors. I urge other states and countries to follow our example and put an end to this horrible pandemic. Our lost loved ones would be honored to save our lives from beyond the grave." 

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Endangered Cryptid Sighted!

This Just In!


A confirmed sighting of the rare Pacific Nothwest Arboreal Octopus was reported by hikers earlier today - one Robert Ladd captured the endangered cephlapod while hiking in the Olympic Rainforest. He adds:

"I've been spending all my time hiking since the Ghoul Fever lockdown. Just wanted to stay away from the cities, you know? Something was up a tree throwing pinecones down. I thought: "Is that a chipmunk?" But then I saw the little guy, just hanging out up there."

Officials in Washington State could not be reached for comment.


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Zombie Attack in France!

Now that Ghoul Fever is no longer dominating the headlines, there is room for new bad news...

"The Beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse?" News channels ask their viewers with somber glee.

"In a town on the north coast of France a new threat has emerged..." The reporters drone on in speculation as the view cuts to short clips shot from smartphones. The monster in question is a buff male humanoid with short hair wearing a stylish outfit and metal armlets with glowing red gems--hair matted, outfit and red skin stained dark with dried blood. It bleeds from numerous bullet wounds in the shoulders, chest, and leg, yet it moves swiftly and effortlessly. It bares bloodied and chipped teeth, and a brief glimpse of its eye reveal a soulless, insatiable hunger:

  • With the backdrop of a pastoral golf course and blue skys, this thing runs at breakneck speed towards the cameraperson and his golfing buddy. Trailing behind it are two cops, firearms drawn but not pointed at the two unlucky vacationers as they yell for them to flee the area. The zombie downs the one with a camera to the sounds of a bone-breaking crunch with a horrific male scream. 
  • Another video of the same area, this time from a police car camera showing monster in the distance striking down the two police officers with spears of crackling lighting that seems to manifest in its hands.
  • And then videos from second stories of buildings where the citizens had enough warning to retreat, of the thing running through alleys and hopping onto and over cars, being chased by two cop cars.

The news story adds that the municipal police successfully neutralized it before anyone else got hurt with the help of an unknown ally:

  • Videos showing an expensive European car with dented sides and a broken windshield that is absolutely covered in blood racing down the empty narrow town streets with the sounds of gunfire in the distance.
  • A video from a camera on a restaurant patio showing an armed figure in full black tactical gear, face obscured by a dark helmet, rushing past two confused police officers and out of sight into the building (with the sounds of gunfire much closer).

Reporters have no confirmation from authorities if the creature was a disease vector. The police declined to state, instead insisting that they had everything under control. "As of now, there are no other known cases of this spreading," reporters drone on, "with the two hospitalized civillians under close supervision. Is this the end or the beginning?"


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As Ghoul Fever Hits 5M Victims, a Cure Emerges


The World Health Organization has announced that there are now over 5 million confirmed cases of Ghoul Fever globally. And while China and North Kora claim to have contained the spread through aggressive quarantines, most of the world is not as lucky. The WHO explains that the actual count may be much higher than 5 million.

It’s a pandemic that spreads like wildfire and ruins lives almost as quickly. While it does not kill directly, those affected face a horrifying downward spiral. It starts with a fever, itching, drooling, and horrifying hallucinations including worms under the skin. Within a month, victims are reduced to gibbering, meeping wrecks, incapable of speech or self-care.

“I don’t think there’s anything left of my daughter in that. . . thing she’s become,” says one mourning father. Often times victims’ families are left to care for those who have succumbed to the disease and who remain contagious indefinitely.

Noteworthy victims include Michael Phelps, and Jennifer Hudson. Internet personality Andrew Tate is also believed to be infected, as his podcast has become more and more unhinged, and he raves for his fans to consume worms, feces, and other disgusting substances. He was re-arrested after taking a bite of a woman who was staying with him. Mr. Tate is now held in solitary confinement in Romania.



Neil Ashworth, a high school senior from Jacksonville Florida seems to have found a cure for Ghoul Fever. His discovery was propelled to global notoriety after famous movie star Tom Cruise who trusted the kid’s home-grown evidence.

“I was looking down the barrel of a gun, and I thought, ‘hey, couldn’t hurt to try, right?’” said Mr. Cruise in a statement.

Wunderchild Neil Ashworth gave this statement to a group of reporters at a press conference:

“I discovered the treatment for Ghoul Fever through observation. I saw one of the victims of the disease eat from an open grave - the Ghoul Rush means there’s a lot of those about - and noticed that they stopped degrading over the following days. Further observation lead me to conclude that the consumption of aged raw human flesh is both a compulsion for the Fevers victims, and capable of stabilising those afflicted, and I chose to approach Tom Cruise because he is a great actor, and I believed in his commitment to using his status to help people”

Initial studies have confirmed that those cured in this way are freed from the physical symptoms of the disease, are no longer contagious, and case to suffer continued mental degradation. Unfortunately, any mental trauma they had already experienced remains.

However, now that we know that consuming aged human flesh cures ghoul fever, we must ask ourselves: what’s next? How will world governments get that much human meat to that many people? Already, hints of a disturbing black market are starting to show. . .

The taboo against cannibalism seems poised to evaporate overnight, as human meat becomes medicine.

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London News Tonight - Fire downtown finally extinguished

London fire services has finally announced that the downtown fire, consuming several adjacent buildings, is considered extinguished.  The fire is at this time considered to be arson, and police are reporting that the fire caused several casualties.   The area is currently being handed over to police, with the area under lockdown.

In the corner is a TV news picture of the smouldering ruins of several buildings.  They're still smoking, despite the rain, and appear to have been almost entirely consumed by the blaze.

Preliminary reports suggest the killings are due to gang violence, although some reports indicate it may be tied to organized crime.

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Governor Wesley comes forward on Ghoul Fever!

Channel 9 live!

Cameras flash, the lighting in the room is bright but everyone present looks haggard and worried. Every reporter present, and the Governor himself looks tired. This has been an incredibly trying month for Tennessee. Questions fly back and forth, but The Governor's aides deflect and give the typical political answers until Jeremy Wesley, the rightly elected governor of the state despite his recent controversies, waves them off and comes forward to make his statement with all the gravitas that such a man of state should wield:

“My Dear Constituents,
It has come to my attention that another Pandemic is sweeping through the world and is probably already affecting those here in a way today. It has come to my attention by a third party that the spread of this disease is caused directly by those hunting ghouls and digging up graves. This “Ghoul Fever” coined by the media has had drastic effects on the world in the form of a crippling pandemic that’s sweeping through the population. I am enacting a state of emergency similar to Covid-19 there will be further directions by the Tennessee Health department in a few days and hopefully the CDC will provide guidelines soon. I will alert my constituents to any new information as soon as I can please stay healthy and stay safe. Good day.”

The Governor then turns and takes his leave, refusing to answer any further questions. Who is this mysterious source the Governor claims provided this information, why has the CDC not come forward to validate his statement if it is true, and what does this mean for Tennessee, nay, America? 

With these questions and more all we are left with, this is Channel 9 Live signing off. 

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There are whispers in the officer lounges and leadership offices of America’s local law enforcement and federal law enforcement communities. The data coming in for the past month (one month after the untimely death of Kevin Sparkles) shows an upward trend in all types of homicides--including murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter. This trend is nationwide, almost equal in every state. 

Despite the rise in cases requiring investigation, the arresting of suspects has not similarly spiked. This is in part due to insufficient staffing/funding--particularly of local law enforcement--and in part due to a peculiar lack of viable suspects. Investigations have dead-ended quite quickly, even faster than usual.

  • The nondescript car that ran over a pedestrian? It was found at the bottom of the cliffside, burnt out, the next day.
  • The lady with a large dog that killed a passerbyer along a hiking trail? The one person that witnessed the attack couldn’t seem to remember her appearance.
  • The old guy stabbed in the alley at midnight? Both cameras in the alley were broken, and renters in the buildings above heard nothing.

Likewise, there are whispers among coroners, medical examiners, and the funeral home industry. Business has boomed in the past month, not only due to the rise in homicides but also due to a variety of other causes. These deaths have primarily been attributed to suicide or unlucky mishaps--drug overdoses, falling from tall heights, and the like. 

Hardly enough to make the news in the midst of a recent, panic-inducing, ghoul-ish pandemic. 

Nevertheless, whispers.

(Contact Dae_Kianna if you think your Contractor might catch wind of these trends and want to investigate.)

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A new global pandemic?

They call it “Ghoul Fever,” and this year may prove to be another 2020 unless something is done. 

People are panicking as what appears to be a new illness is sweeping major urban areas around the globe. Those affected experience severe psychological symptoms and horrible hallucinations. 

It all started in Philadelphia where health workers first raised the alarm of a sudden dramatic uptick in individuals suffering severe hallucinations along with mild cold symptoms such as a fever, shivers, itching, and drooling.

Since then, an outbreak has spread to every major urban area, affecting as much as 24% of the population in the most exposed areas. 

It is estimated that between ten thousand and one hundred thousand people are infected. A handful of public figures have been infected, including media personality Andrew Tate. 

Experts believe the disease spreads through close contact, and so affected individuals are urged to isolate, which often worsens their mental symptoms. 

There is currently no known cure or treatment for this disease.  In the meantime, the mental health of those affected continues to worsen until they are incapacitated and frenzied. 

US officials urge anyone with information about this disease to please contact the CDC using the number on your screen. 

In Other News

Are they an expert or a scam artist? The mysterious figure Lao Chi has continued to dominate the second page news in Philidelphia due to their surprising photographs of ghouls, questionable merchandise, and strong takes on the current "ghouldrush" phenomenon.

Several online debunkers are blasting his wares as obvious fakes, but question his access to ghouls to take the photographs he peddles. Despite the online takes, a small group of fans or "true believers" vehemently swear by the old man's advice. 

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Opinion: Tougher drunk driving laws needed?

Dear Editor,

Today, Ted Windsor was released from prison.  Mr. Windsor has committed four DUIs, and on his last one, he killed a young boy!  And he only got four years in prison, and was relased 6 months early for good behaviour!  How can we in this country continue to turn such a blind eye to drunk driving?   This man is a scorge to our streets.  And the worst part is, I am sure that he is going to go right back to it!  When will we do something about this? When will we say that enough is enough, and actually treat drunk driving as the attempted murder that it is?  I demand, and I call upon all mothers and fathers of our fair country to say enough is enough!   To change our laws so that a man like Mr. Windsor stays behind bars after the first time!

Jane Doe.

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Protests in Nashville

Reporting Live from the Tennesee State House

" you can see behind me, protests & counter protests rage as the Legislative branch prepares for Memorial Day - let's see what we can get from the crowd."

Team Feratu Supporter: "Batamir's music got me through a rough patch in life. I can honestly say I wouldn't be here today if not for Heart of Darkness. The Governor may not like it, but Team Batamir is here to stay, & we vote!"

Christian Nationalist: "The Governor is doing the Lord's work, & these liberals & @$#*^ are trying to stop him - they tried to kill his wife you know...just say the word Mr. Wesley - the Sons of Stoughton are on your side!"

ACLU Lawyer: "The State of Tennesee is founded on principles of personal freedom: freedom from Big Covernment is principle among those liberties. We look forward to challenging Governor Wesley's illegal land grab in the Courts."

Rabble Rouser: "Der Furher may think he can send his Ubermensch Gestapo to steal our land, but he's got another thing coming - go back to Chicago, you mother-@$^%#&!!!"

..."There you have it folks. Governor Wesley ran on a platform of safety for working class Tennesseans & economic investment. It looks like he may have some explaining to do after the holiday, possibly under Oath. This is NBC News, & we hope you have a great & safe Memorial Day weekend!"


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“The Mysterious Miss Wumbra breaks into jail, steals a supernatural suspect, and destroys incriminating evidence.”

"My name is Jane Alison, here at the Goshen Indiana police station, where earlier today, one suspect potentially related to the monster attacks just yesterday escaped with the help of a dark-haired woman going by the alias of Miss Wumbra. She claimed to be the guardian of the person in custody, provided official seeming documentation to the police, and managed to completely wipe their servers on the way out, no doubt aided supernaturally in some way. The other suspect was released from custody, as there was no longer the incriminating evidence linking her to the crimes."

"Anti-supernatural activists are up in arms about such blatant law breaking, while pro-supernatural activists are doubting rather or not there was actually any evidence, or if this break in was just a likely excuse for them to dump the files. Either way, it doesn't look good for our boys in blue."

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Goshen Indiana: Anti-werecreature vilgilance to die down? Police urge caution.

"Hello, and welcome to The Goshen News.  I'm your host, Mel Johnson.  It's been a month since the brutal daylight murder committed by this creature -"

An inlay appears, showing a rather clear still of a werewolf on a sunny day.  It appears to be chasing something.

"And residents are still shocked.  Local police are still maintaining patrols, often equipped with silver daggers, and incense burners of wolfsbane are a common sight.  But how long do we expect this go to on?  I have an expert on Werewolf attacks here to tell us more."

The screen splits.  On the other side is an older looking man in a tweed coat.

"Hello, Mel.  My name is James Angel, and I specialize in these sort of events.  Werewolves - and were-creatures in general - are a pretty rare sighting, and this form of hightened vigilance is exhausting.  Honestly, we can probably only expect there was the one in town.  They can always come from other towns, yes.  But I don't think we can stay like this forever.  Over the next couple of months, I'd expect most things to go back to normal.  But that's the most dangerous time.  What we need is for each and every person in Goshen to just help watch out for each other.  Make sure to report to the police if your neighbour has strange activity around midnight, especially on full moons.  If you see something, say something."

"Thank you, James.  You heard him, people.  If you see something, say something.  And now, for the weather..."

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A tumultuous week in Nashville. A marriage, a vexing disappearance, and a tearful reunion?

Channel 7 News with the latest on the Governor's marriage, and the subsequent faked suicide and apparent reunion of these star-crossed lovers.

Those of you in the know will know that our great governor, Jeremy Wesley, was struck by tragedy this month. His wife of less than a month threw herself from a bridge on live broadcast, and the subsequent discovery of her decapitated head in the river had us all fearing the worst had come to pass.

Though in a shocking twist of fate, Channel 7 has gotten an exclusive interview with our governor after his wife seems to have rematerialized from thin air! 

When pressed on this issue the Governor gave a statement amounting to that the head was fake you can tell in the video that she jumped and someone tried to kidnap her and fake her death. Jeremy is very concerned that this happened so close to him and is more concerned with the fact that someone was able to produce such an object as a fake head that contained his wife’s DNA. He will say this was an attempt by those who wish to stop the second rights bill. However, with his wife escaping their clutches, he has renewed vigor in pursuing this dream of Tennessee’s future.

While this reporter is not too sure, The Governor at least seems convinced of this truth and authorities have yet to issue a statement meaning at the very least the police seem to not have a clear suspect in mind. 


For now though, in these uncertain times, we can only look towards him for leadership which is sorely needed in these trying times.

So, until next time this is Channel 7 Signing off. 




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Car Found Crushed Flat in South Philadelphia

Pennsylvania State News: 

Daniel Stratham, 10:09 am

A blue Nissan Altima was discovered early this morning from an anonymous tip near the corner of Daly and South 2nd Street, crushed down to two feet. The victim in the driver's seat has been identified as Nicole Wagner, 23. Nicole's mother gave no commentary, but the people of Philadelphia would be correct to mourn and stay on high alert for a threat as strange as this one.


A picture below the article shows the blue Nissan Altima flattened like a tin can. Yellow police tape and traffic cones has the area blocked off; the car was crushed in the middle of the lane, outside of a parking zone. A large red splotch has been pixelated at the driver's section. Looking closer, you might spot broken glass towards the back with PEACE and COEXIST stickers still intact.

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Ghould Rush Begins: Cryptoleak Post Shows REAL GHOULS!

Yikes, and we almost wish it hadn't!

Buzzfeed, user CryptoFreak, 4:01 am


Just two hours ago, a post was discovered under the #ghoul tag on popular supernatural video sharing site Cryptoleak of what our experts say are two creatures that fit the bill for genuine ghouls! And what a mess- these things are nasty! If it weren't for the hooves, you might think it was a hyena or something with a bad skin condition. This is the first time we've seen videos of them, and honestly, we're confused. Who out there is posting their location instead of taking these guys to Andrew Tate- or better yet, Rihanna? It seems like these are creatures shrouded in as much mystery as stink. You can watch the 10 second clip below:


The video is dim, but filmed with a steady hand. Two creatures are backed into the corner of a box truck, hissing and curled in on themselves in apelike positions: knuckles and bent knees to the floor, stomping hooves, scraping large, thick claws. They are seemingly hairless and have batlike facial structures, with large eyes that reflect red and orange respectively. The sound they make is a nervous sort of gibber. No additional figures are seen or heard in the video. It is titled "Ghouls", comes from the username Lalrawtan, and is captioned with just "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania". 


Gives me the creeps! But to each their own, especially with that kind of celebrity incentive- happy hunting, folx, and stay safe out there!

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Is it Ghoul Season???

An anime-girl vtuber avatar addresses her following on a popular online streaming service.

“Hey blubbers! It’s me Blue-Blade, your one-stop shop for all things paranormal, conspiratorial, and under-the-radar waves that no one else is talking about.

“The headline topic for today: GHOULS. We’ve all heard of them, but what are they? Turns out they’re a little-known humanoid species that lives under graveyards devouring human bodies. Beyond that, little is known. It’s said that they eat living humans too, and that some humans might even turn into ghouls sometimes? Wild.

“For some reason, everyone seems to be going crazy for ghouls all of a sudden! Several popular media personalities from Joe Rogan to Rhianna have started asking their followers about whether or not anyone’s ever seen one. Andrew Tate has offered $250,000 to anyone who can give him a living ghoul.

“Is it just a passing fad? These big pink eyes see more. It’s not just the media personalities crying ‘ghoul’, it’s the big businesses and secret societies too. People with deep pockets and fancy toys. News articles and police reports from across the USA mentioning graveyards have spiked in the past two weeks. People are combing graveyards, breaking into crypts, and there’s even a report of a group sneaking a subterranean sonar mapping device into New York cemeteries.

“And with so many wealthy businesses and personalities offering rewards, Ghoul Fever is about to go mainstream. I mean, when collecting a fat bounty could be as easy as getting your friends together and visiting a local graveyard, who could blame them?

“Whatever the reason, it seems ghoul fever has taken those who are more ‘in the know’ than the average joe. Who’s pulling the purse strings? What is it about the humble ghoul that’s got everyone grabbing their pickaxes and nets? People like us may never be privy to the full answers. Be careful out there, blubbers!”

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Gen-Wyld Cures Diabetes!

Mysterious biotech startup Gen-Wyld has announced that it has developed a cure to diabetes. Third-party double-blind clinical trials have shown a 95% success rate at eliminating Type 1 diabetes. Treatment takes one week.

Gen-Wyld initially made a splash with its exotic genetic body modifications. But the breakthrough that truly catapulted it to world-class status was BusPlus, a gene therapy treatment to enhance a patient's primary and secondary sex characteristics. 

But the company cautions the public to temper their excitement. “Unfortunately, this cure is extremely difficult to produce. We need investment, and a location to build a new facility that will bring plenty of high-value jobs to whatever city we select. We are reaching out to our contacts and investors, but these things take time. We will bring the cure to market as quick as we can.”

Gen-Wyld keeps the details of how the cure works as trade secrets. 

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Gang Warfare in Berlin?

Terror in Berlin - Gang warfare? 

In a local industrial area, residents were terrified by automatic weapons fire.  Police responded immedately, but the individuals had already fled the area.  Reports state that the police have no immedate leads, but believe the public are safe.

In unrelated news, a minor civil disturbance with the 'Cult of the Almighty Light' occured in downtown Berlin.  Local news is reporting that several cult members are sick after group ingesting thorium - medical services were already on standby.  Online social media shows cellphone video of people being carried out of the meeting, one of which appeared to be a child.

A member of the cult calling himself the 'First Ray' claimed that this was required for elevation of themselves - and then demonstrated seeming supernatural powers. 

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Donation to the cause!

Estimated donations?

Patagonia who already has 1% of their total profits going to global economic causes while seeking out to be fully carbon neutral by 2025 has reportedly put out another 50 million in profits to assist Taiwan. Following their footsteps right away, Nike does the same with their donation of 50 million directly to the cause. Not only that, but with this mysterious camera man/voice, people online are starting to donate to the cause! 

oh? more news are coming in! Patagonia and Nike reports to have signed a deal with Iryna for sponsorship! They will continue to give their profits into the emergency and rescue efforts of Taiwan. They are donating supplies like clothing and shoes to the civilians in need of it. Also tents are being donated for housing along with emergency ration. Truly a sight to behold

Estimated, donations will come through to be approaching nearly 120 million through the good heart and welfare of both large companies and people from all over the world. 

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Iryna in Taiwan! Sponsors flooding in, a hero in the making?

Mother of dragon to the rescue!

This just in! Footage of Iryna, Nicknamed Mother of Dragon, thought to be in South america resolving wildfire is now in Taiwan following the Massive category 4 typhoon and the subsequent meltdown of the Maanshan Nuclear Powerplant!

She is recorded to be cleansing the area of radiation? Not only that, shes going around assisting the emergency workers and civilians! truly a hero! Now with an agent to boot. 

"Whats that jimmy? How bad is the destruction in Taiwan? A category 4 typhoon is recorded to have wind of up to 156 MPH (251KMPH) jimmy! The rain is like bullets and the wind can tear down walls of houses at that point!"

More on that late though!



Comments from media

"Yooo, is that another hero in the making? Its another Mark collins!"

"OH shush, Mark is only a crime fighting hero, he has nothing on Iryna, she protects nature!"

"What are you talking about? Mark protects humanity and the innocent"

"Have you seen him go out to solve some natural disaster?"

"What about the kraken?"

"Killing a giant beast to free some people? What about other parts of the world where earthquakes, tornados, and floods are happening? you don't see him going after to help people."

"What are you talking about? Mark cant be in all those places at once!"

Chaos ensues in the comment section as people start arguing between Mark and Iryna.

On the other side!

"Man, I don't like Iryna, she was so focused on the people that could survive she didn't save the one that needed saving... I don't know, I don't like how she decides that she has power over our life. Why couldn't she save those men?"


"LOL bro you need to touch grass"


"idk bout yall but he makes a damn good point."

"Stop hatin, at least she is putting out effort, hbu all?"


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Cases of mysterious "Sleeping Sickness" in Marin County continue to rise...

Bay Area News other news, the 12th person has been diagnosed with the mysterious "sleeping sickness" that plagues the Marin County - Kira Lee reports:


...thanks Dan - 62 year old Rosa Garcia is the lastest victim of this troubling disease, first reporting lethargy & fatigue before being found later that day in what seems to be a coma. Medical experts are baffled by this continued trend, as victims have come from a wide variety of ages & backgrounds. Thus far, no environmental link has been discovered, though Marin County residents are urged to continue drinking bottled water just in case...

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behind them though, there are a few citizens walking about carefully picking things up from what seems to be rubble. Lots of water on the streets. Some houses are broken but not too bad.

Outside of that, though a few news outlet report on it, with even a little research many would know china isnt *invading* more so skirmishes amongst the citizens


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New item for auction on Swarmour

(The following video is sent to all Offr Red members, along with a reminder that all contents are considered private, and sharing / revealing any of the details of the video will result in a revocation of your membership.)

The video opens on a short woman with cherry-red skin and yellow eyes standing on a lawn. Some members would recognize her as Mandy the sales associate.

“Hey there, Offr Red members! We have an exciting new item available for auction, starting today. May I introduce you all to “Swarmore.”

She sets a large mason jar filled with dirt onto the ground. She then opens the lid and commands, “Swarmore: formation alpha.” A wave of ants swarms from the jar over her body, covering her in a lattice of ants, all connected by their mandibles.

“Swarmore here is a very special colony of ants. In this formation, they can protect me from incoming attacks.” She draws a knife and stabs it at her hand. The ants swarm to catch the blade, and begin surging up the knife. “See these guard ants heading up the knife? They’re here to give anyone who attacks you serious regrets.

“Swarmore comes with three formations. Alpha here is guard mode. Swarmore: Formation B. Right here.” The ants crawl off of her body and begin furiously digging a hole where she’s pointing. In a few seconds, a sizable hole sits where there was once grass. “These ants will dig a hole quicker than anyone can do with a shovel. And wait until you see ‘formation C’. Swarmore, check out that shed, would you?”

Mandy pulls out a smartphone as the swarm makes its way to the shed. She points the screen to the camera, revealing a live feed that appears to be from the ants perspective. “Spy cameras don’t have anything on this. We are talking live video and audio feed via bluetooth, with advanced recon capabilities. Night vision, too!”

“Now, being a swarm of ants, Swarmore is expected to only survive for about a year and a half. But until then, they’ll be the most useful tool in any operative’s toolbelt.

“Bidding starts at $50,000 and lasts two weeks. We will accept items and/or money bids on this auction, so act fast!”

(Please message Shady Tradesman if you would like to see the current bid and/or make a bid)

Posted by ShadyTradesman, 4 months, 2 weeks ago. Permalink officially named #1 non-commercial e-commerce website!

Most people know as the home of the gig economy: a website where you can find a buyer for your old couch, and a worker to haul it away. It’s the home of everything from marketplace goods and bespoke commissions to task fulfillment and transportation services.

Offr has now officially eclipsed both eBay and Facebook Marketplace as the most active person-to-person e-commerce website on earth. They attribute their success to an excellent interface and a few choice deals to secure key intellectual property rights early on in the company’s growth.

Controversies and protests centered around the company’s treatment of gig workers have done little to stall their meteoric growth. In certain online circles, people joke and whisper about less-than-legal deals being available on a “dark web” version of, but the company denies this.

One thing is for certain, is here to stay!

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Senseless Killing in a Chicago Suburb

(This report does not make the headline news - it is an all to common event)


One Kevin Sparkles, also known as Kevin Adams, was apparently murdered in front of his own home in the early hours of the morning. Three suspects were caught in the neighborhood, & while we do not have the identities of these individuals, sources say they were armed with weapons that have been linked to the crime.

Kevin Sparkles wife & daughter are currently unaccounted for - if you have any information, please contact the Chicago Police Department. Local police & state troopers have footage of a black mercedes leaving the scene, with the custom plate "BOBRULZ" - it is unknown if this vehicle was involved in the murder.

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El Paso Museum of Art Robbed! Templo Mayo Sun Stone missing!

El Paso News at 6!


Three suspects were apprehended on scene, though the artifact was not recovered. Police say the security system was disabled, and patched through to one of the suspects phone. The crew, known in some neighborhoods in southern El Paso as BMC, is being treated in a psychiatric hospital. 


Police have yet to make additional statements, though the arrested criminals seem to be cooperating fully with the FBI investigation. Theft of the property of another country is always investigated by the FBI, especially so close to the border.

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“Goose on the loose!”


Knoxville News Sentinel

Over the past three days, there has been an unexplainable series of hospitalizations due to goose attacks in Seymour, Tennessee, outside of Knoxville.

The first victims were two teenage boys on Tuesday afternoon. A good samaritan noted they were intentionally harassing the migrating flock that had recently landed in a local park when one of the birds charged, attacking with beak and claws. Then on Wednesday morning a middle-aged woman’s Great Dane got off of the leash and rushed for the birds; both sustained severe injuries. Just yesterday, a father received an inexplicably deep gash across the back from an attacking goose as he scooped up and fled with his young daughter who had wandered too close to the wild birds.

“Two things that don’t match up. First, the injuries are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Second, what’s odd is that this is migration season, not nesting season when the birds are the most aggressive towards people,'' said Stacy Adams, Outreach & Education Coordinator at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

This series of incidents happened just weeks after an ominously-titled report "Human-Goose Conflict" was published by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, which notes that the geese population in Tennessee has more than quadrupled since 1980. The 28-page report delves into all things goose, including preventative and self-defense tactics (hint: face it even while moving away and maintain eye contact).

“Be respectful of wildlife and give them plenty of space. This as much their land as it is ours,” Adams concluded. Whether the agency, or any other agency, will conduct investigations into these occurrences is unknown.

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Anonymous Donor gives non-profit patent for revolutionary device


A two page, article-style advertisement makes the rounds in medical journals, magazines, and probably making quite the buzz in the field of psychology. 


NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is proud to announce that we have been donated the patent to a revolutionary new medical device. The device, named "NeuroScan Pro," is a portable MRI machine capable of scanning the brain in real-time, while also possessing the features of an ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy) machine.


The NeuroScan Pro represents a major breakthrough in the field of mental health care. With this device, clinicians will be able to target specific regions of the brain with unprecedented accuracy and efficacy, leading to better outcomes for patients suffering from a wide range of mental illnesses.


The NeuroScan Pro is compact and highly portable, allowing it to be used in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and even mobile outreach programs. Its real-time scanning capabilities will enable clinicians to quickly and accurately diagnose mental health conditions, while also providing real-time feedback during treatment.


"We are thrilled to receive this donation, which we believe has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach mental health care," said NAMI CEO Angela Kimball. "The NeuroScan Pro represents a major step forward in our efforts to improve outcomes for people living with mental illness, and we look forward to working with our partners in the medical community to make this technology widely available."


NAMI is committed to ensuring that the NeuroScan Pro is accessible to all who need it, regardless of their financial means. To that end, we will be working with manufacturers to keep costs as low as possible, and we will be advocating for increased insurance coverage for mental health services.


The NeuroScan Pro is a game-changer for mental health care, and NAMI is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new development. We look forward to working with our partners in the medical community to bring this technology to those who need it most.


For more information about the NeuroScan Pro, visit our website. 

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Fires in Nashville!

News cameras circle around the burning remains of Taotie Little Store - celebrity chef Bu Fang has since gone missing - was he there? Firefighters have not yet got the blaze under control, so we don't yet know if anyone is still in there - locals report hearing a thunderous blast, before coming out to see the building in flames!

While the flames have been contained, the nature of the event is still in question:

What happened here?

Where is Bu fang?

Where is Mark Collins?

Where is Iryna Vorobyova?

Will Governor Wesley take action on this, the most recent bout of anarchy & violence in the fair state of Tennessee?

When will the madness end? Who will discover the grisly fate of Bu Fang?


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Murder on the streets of goshen!

On the street of Goshen, a murder has taken place! a raccoon was spotted running onto the streets chased by what appeared to be a alaskan malamute werewolf! Though soon the werewolf grabbed the raccoon, it turned into human aftwards, and the poor girl died to the werewolf. 


A video was taken of the poor girl gory death. The werewolf ended up taking her body and tearing it to bits. Eating out her head, half the brain grey matter leaking from its lips, eyeball fallen out of the eye socket, guts and gore are spread about. 

Later Someone is seen using a silver yoyo to kill said werewolf.


Anti-werewolf feelings are spreading amongst the populace. Werewolf aren't allowed!

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News Center Maine - Local Hunters Missing

In other local news, a search is still underway for a group of local men that went missing earlier last week. 

[A set of six pictures are shown on the TV, one after the other.]

The men were last seen preparing for a weekend camping trip in the local forest.  Local police were at first convinced that the men were lost, but initial searches of the area they said they were intending to camp in found nothing.  Expanding search areas continue to come up with nothing, and recent rain storms continue to slow search operations. 

At this point, search and rescue operations are beginning to transition to recovery operations.

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Bigfoot Group descends upon Big Bend National Park

Texas News Report Nightly News.

A Texan News Reporter comes on the screen for the 9 pm news.

"As the winter months end and spring begins new life comes to the world. The local parks have had a massive uptick in reported supernatural activity in recent months. In between the reports of the lasers in the south and the Bigfoot sightings in the center of the state. However this has resulted in the local parks have begun receiving extra visitors resulting in higher revenue for the parks." 

The camera angle shifts showing some men riding in a caravan of vans pulling into National parks in Texas. Beside the News Reporters Head with the caption "Increased Visitors."

"It seems as though there is an organization that has relocated to Texas to hunt the Bigfoot. If your interested in signing up for this event you can find their Facebook group called Bigfoot Hunters Unite In Texas. They are accepting anyone over 18 and are planning on organizing many "hunts" over the next month or two." 

The Camera angle shifts back to just the news reporter. 

"Well that's it for tonight's news see you all tomorrow."

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The video starts with a shaky video, pointing at the ground in the dark while moving.  In a stage-whisper, a voice comes.

"Hey, hey, hey, viewers.  You know I've been trying to track down these freaks that live among us.  You know.  Werewolves.  And I think I've found where they're based.   I'm in Maine right now, in some forest like, a million miles from civilization.  You have to follow some winding industiral road with like 'no trespassing' signs and 'private road' and shit.  Total secret base shit.  And now there's like.. a ten foot fence with barbed wire on it.  I'm outside of Silverwolf Enterprises - the fuck name is that, right?  It's like they're advertising it - and this is totally a government site.  Security is super tight.  And... and wait for it...

The camera pans up, showing a shot though a fence.  There's a line of werehouses, each one with a 'Silverwolf Enterprises' placard, a logo, and an ID number.

"Wait for it.  Just.. wait for it.  He'll come out again."

Minutes pass.  Eventually, a form emerges from the warehouse though a man door.  It's dark out, and difficult to see them.  The outline looks vaguely non-human, though.  A tail, maybe?  Or just a shadow. 

"There!  See?  An honest-to-god werewolf.  Just walking around in a government base.  See?  IT ALL MAKES SENSE.  THE WEREWOLVES ARE THE SECRET GOVERNMENT.  AND-"

"HEY!  The fuck are you doing?  This is private property!"

A flashlight sweeps across the video.

"Oh, shit!"

The camera pans down to the ground, and clearly shows running.  There's the sounds of someone shouting behind until the video ends.

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President Of The Make A Wish Foundation Vanishes Under Mysterious Circumstances

The President of the Make A Wish Foundation vanishes under mysterious circumstances. The FBI reports that they are actively investigating. Sources close to him state that talked to tabloids say that the FBI are asking them about if he acted strange and that they were given medical exams to see if they were human. The Tabloid go wild about this with numerous theories coming about such as changelings, a demon , and the most popular theory three raccoons in a trench coat.

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Welcome to the Faraday School for Extraordinary Children

This school does not have an online presence, and it does not have public advertisements. Knowledge of the Faraday School comes exclusively from word-of-mouth between members of the upper eschelons of society. ~80% of children accepted to this school are from extremely affluent parents who are willing to pay a high price for the protection and services this school provides.

Lead by one Principal Wolstenholme and her highly-qualified staff and faculty, the Faraday School for Extraordinary Children is located in northern Massachusetts in a selectively disclosed location near the coast. With a beautiful property built in the mid-1800s and restored for student use, the Faraday "mansion" houses and educated almost 70 students with unique physiology, supernatural abilities, or other similar challenges.

At Faraday, we strive to build an accepting and welcoming community of passionate teachers and students. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every student who would benefit from our services, so we have a rigerous selection process to balance need and fit for incoming members of the community. Our program also offers scholarships and financial aid ensure that we accept a diverse population from all over the United States. Inquires about the program can be made at 617-XXX-XXXX.

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A Politcal Firestorm?

A Summary of multiple articles, blogs, & reddits

-Iryna Vorobyova is in the Amazon, using her Metahuman powers to fight fires: Does the American Govt. condone sending Metahumans into other Sovereign nations to meddle in their internal affairs?

-What is her position on the War in Ukraine? Shouldn't she be over there protecting humans from fires & shelling rather than saving Spotted Owls?

-Greenpeace & other environmentalist groups welcome ALL Metahumans of good conscience to assist in saving the planet - Mark Collins is specifically mentioned - what good is fighting crime (Read: the oppression of the lower classes by the wealthy elite) if the planet is unihabitable in 20 years?

-Ousted Brazillian President Bolonsairo delivers a scathing critique of the new Regime: when you let the Metahumans in, you have sold the country to chaos. All Brazillians should mark this day as the beginning of the end.

-Ranchers & farmers who depend on the newly cleared ground are less receptive to Iryna's meddling. Will the Ubermencsh feed their children when the "Green Booted Thugs" take their land away?

-Drug Cartels & Cryptid smugglers are not pleased with the media attention. They ponder what to do about it.

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Weigh station outside of Davis temporarily closed

A truck weigh station just east of Davis on I-80 has been unexpectedly closed for the last few days. The local Department of Motor Vehicles released a statement that none of the stations scheduled workers had showed up and the DMV was unable to contact them. They reappeared earlier today and resumed operation of the weight station. An investigation is under way to find the cause behind this unexpected closure and to reprimand the employees as necessary.

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Magical Show at the Broken Mirror

"Tonight at the Broken Mirror Theater an almost magical show has taken place, complete with pink smoke, stage shaking sound, and real looking lightning effects. The acting was amazing but the effects were a sight to behold."

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Grand Opening!

Live from Nashville

"...thanks Dave - behind me you can see the crowd gathered before the new Taotie Little Store restauraunt - always a welcome sight in Nashville's historic downtown district, made even more special by a reported appearance by Idaho's own Superman, Mark Collins - long time followers will know that the Metahuman is friends with Celebrity Chef & Entrpeneur Bu can see quite the crowd"

The Camera pans over a crowd holding "Bald is Beautiful" signs.

"Apparently this little shindig is to celerbrate the recent good news: AP news had the scoop - Mark Collins is now confirmed to be in remission from endocrine cancer after chemotherapy & experimental gene therpay he received from the University of Idaho.:

"Thank God for that, Jami - he is cured then?"

" understanding is that Cancer is never "cured" but a remmission is as good as it gets. We can assume his medical team will do more tests...wait, there is a Helicopter circling the building...OH MY GOD! Did you get that?? Mark Collins just jumped from a flying helicopter - must have been 80ft at least! Just like the Avengers! The crowd is going wild!"

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Mark Collins: Cancer Survivor

Super hero fans across the world rejoice as the news breaks: Mark Collins endocrine cancer has entered full remission! Paperazzi flood the steps of Boise University as the bald superman emerges, weary yet beaming - the (strangely pony shaped) hand of death has passed him by this day!

Mark is fortunate enough to have a vibrant GoFund Me for the exhorbitant costs, as well as insurance through his new job as an attache to Governor Wesley's Supernatural Enforcement Initiative - a group that mark will be spearheading.

Huzzah! Let the Church Bells Ring! Fire up the BBQ & chase off the mirror bats!

Mark Collins is going to LIVE!

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Double Escape



Bruce Johnson, a suspected accomplice in the escape of Cop Killer James Tucker escaped the hospital he was held in twice today - once resulting in a brief chase through the amarillo, the next without a trace! According to eyewitness report, he seems to have vanished into thin air!

The Governor has called for a crackdown on all "Servants of the Devil" within State Borders, going so far as deputizing local Baptists & commissioning silver bullets for Texas Rangers. The POTUS has urged for calm in this troubling matter, a call that has fallen on deaf ears in the Lone Star State. Senator Ted Cruz tweeted just after the incident:

"If the POTUS won't keep Americans safe, we'll do it ourselves!"

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A Thin Blue Line

Police Unions & Federal agents all over mourn the loss of nigh-legendary Federal Agent Dallas Smith - this wound to justice in America will largely go unknown & unsung in civillian circles, as the investigation of Agent Smith's Supernatural Murder is still very much underway.

Still, to those who knew him, he was the "Southern James Bond" - always with a kind word, at the forefront of investigations, beloved by co-workers & casual accquaintances alike: Texas will miss it's favored son.

The reprecussions of this event will reach far beyond the investigation: Police Unions will exert their political capital in the States they hold sway, DEMANDING they be given the weapons & authority needed to reign in these Supernatural Threats. Political forces taking a stance firmly against the Supernatural will find a strong rallying cry from Law Enforcement:



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News Of The Week!

A Airplane Pilot was reportably blinded by some kind of light while flying. Thankfully they managed to restabilize the plane but they described it as if some kind of lazer shined into their eye and blinded them.
"Yea, it was really wierd, like some kind of lazer went straight for my eye. I saw multiple lazers before that, they were just bouncing in the air all willy nilly ya know, very very odd." This will lead to more research and indepth looking of what may have caused this incident and almost possible tragedy. Along with this report is some kind of random mass rave/light show seen off in the distance along the border of texas? Reports of mirages flying by as well!



Week 2 of News!

Outside fire hit with water? There are reports of alien activity at night along the edge of texas border. Peoples fire pit and grill are randomly splashed with water and some kind of weird stench resembling urine. Following that, random reports of lazer and some kind of sparkling objects amongst the sky has continued. The sparkling objects is believed to be UFO by cryptid avids. Adding on the numerous reports and encounter with what appears to be flying mirrors at night? 




Week 3 of News!

Reportedly batshaped UFO?! Hundreds of them flying! Avid alien enthusiast are grouping up trying to find them consistently and communicate with them. Some are flashing lights into the sky to see if they can get their attention. Fires continue to attract them before they pour water over it, on trees and on random parks/property. Another airplane nearly crashed as well and now the air space has been declared unsafe for now until it is fgured out what is going on. The lights has blinded people randomly as well. as of currently, 2 people have gone legally blind from them. 

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Ship found floating at sea linked to international gunrunner - Interpol investigates!

[Camera pans in]

"Hello, I'm Alexander Holden, and I'm your host for tonight's Alaska's News Source, on KYES.  Our top story for the night is shocking new discoveries regarding a ship found in the middle of the ocean. What police originally thought was a crew washed away in the storm turned gristly when it was discovered that the crew had been brutally murdered.  Interpol has declared the ship a crime scene and has pulled it into port, but questions abound as to what happened on that ship.]

[A long distance, zoomed in photo of the vessel is displayed.  The ship's name is Two Types of Tragedies]

An anonymous source within Interpol reported that the crime is being investigated by its exotic crimes division - was there magic involved in the murder?  We'll know soon enough.  The Lead Interpol inspector on the case, Inspector Bluedo, was contacted, but was unavaliable for comment.  I'm  Alexander Holden, and this is Alaska's News Source.

Next up, we have an adorable video of a fox stealing a fisherman's fish right out of his bucket...

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Behold! The FierTe Duo!

Introducing FierTe DUO, the new line of clothing by the renowned designer François Arnaud de Guillaume that merges style and function with cutting-edge technology. The collection features two primary categories, 'Executif' and 'Virale,' each providing unique and innovative features.

The 'Executif' collection is designed for executives and professionals, featuring light armor for added protection and an array of technological features you never leave home without. These include a heart rate monitor, oxygen monitor, GPS tracking, voice assistant, and anti-theft measures, with more features on the way. The outfits in the 'Executif' line include a durable lightweight man-made spidersilk known as 'Dragon silk', adding a unique and elegant look to the overall design along with discrete durability.

The 'Virale' collection is ideal for individuals who prioritize health and safety. It features Level B haz-mat protection against radiation and pathogens, along with the same electronic features as the 'Executif' collection. Additionally, the 'Virale' line comes equipped with a retractable, durable acrylic privacy hood, which provides an extra layer of protection for the wearer and can be made opaque or clear on demand. The outfits in the 'Virale' line also feature 'Dragon silk', which provides both comfort and durability.

FierTe DUO's technology extends beyond the smartwatch features. The 'Executif' and 'Virale' collections use only the finest materials, including 'Dragon silk', which is known for its strength and flexibility, making it the perfect material for high-end fashion.

In conclusion, FierTe DUO is a fashion line that truly delivers in function and style. The advanced smartwatch features in the 'Executif' and 'Virale' collections provide added convenience and safety, while the superior materials, including 'Dragon silk', ensure durability and comfort. Upgrade your wardrobe and upgrade your life with FierTe DUO by François Arnaud de Guillaume.

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“Notorious Child Murderer goes free”

Quadir Quest was recently let go after discovery that he was never read his Miranda Rights. He is believed to have been the culprit with a few associates of changing the genetics of children in Marcellus, Mi and the murder of a mother and multiple children. The community is calling this an absolute travesty of the handling of the Law. 

In Other News recently there has been sightings of a Masked Vigilante running around MI. He has been seen stopping crime and beating up low level street criminals. 

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Live from Pampa Texas

A Helicopter circles the a desolate lansscape dotted with decaying buildings, decrepit mines, & swarming with police officers - the journalist reporting is talking loudly while cameras roll, fighting to be heard:

"Alright - we have word that the State Marshalls & Texas rangers are NOT waiting for a negotiation team, they are going in - no - they are not, it's...Mark Collins! Mark Collins, Boise's own Superman is going in with...who? A specialist of some kind, maybe...a Ranger? Is that right? Mark Collins, recently diagnosed with terminal cancer is going in with a Texas Ranger to attempt to bring James Tucker out! Now, while the get away vehicle was found abandoned not far in a river, there is still no guarantee this is - what? Shots fired! I repeat, shots fired within the Mine!!"


The camera pans down to the Mine to see all the converging police suddenly begin to retreat, as a muscle bound man comes bolting from the Mine, carrying two men, one in each hand. A heartbeat later, a violent explosion rocks the area, ejecting debris from the mouth of the Mine, which swiftly collapses.

"Oh my God! Did you get that?! There was an explosion in the Mine! Paramedics & police are moving in and...we got him! Mark Collins & the Texas Rangers have apprehended the Fugitive!"

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Spirit Binds on Offr.Com

The first real seal for spirits. 
Have you ever wanted to bind a spirit to your soul to grant yourself more power? Well now you can with an incredible new spell discovered from ancient times. The Sacrificial Seal can seal your soul with that of a spirits giving you a way to capture spirits that haunt you.

Who would be interested: PC's that are gullible enough to buy something listed as "near priceless" off a bidding site, or who are specifically looking in the most untrustworthy places to find ways to bind spirits.

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Spirit Binds on Offr.Com

The first real seal for spirits. 
Have you ever wanted to bind a spirit to your soul to grant yourself more power? Well now you can with an incredible new spell discovered from ancient times. The Sacrificial Seal can seal your soul with that of a spirits giving you a way to capture spirits that haunt you.

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Double murder of suspected child killers broadcast on Cryptoleaks!

A Channel 200 News Breaking Special, Live from Cryptoleak. 
On a seedy independent news broadcast, known for it's tackling of shocking topics and local sports the feed cuts in to a peppy looking blonde woman in her 40's, Angela Nightly. A famed news broadcaster who greets the audience with her usual inner fire 
"Hello everyone! We interrupt our coverage of this weeks College Football League to bring you a live update! Someone claiming to be the sister of someone murdered by the prepetrators of the Mama Ettu murder kidnapping has uploaded a video straight to Cryptoleak of her enacting vigiliante justice upon the child slayers, but what will shock you is just who it is! Now. We advise that you turn your kids away from the screen for this one, as this footage is graphic!" 

The feed cuts again, swapping to something shot on an incredibly old or just incredibly cheap. It showcases two dastardly terrorists tied up in chairs bound and gagged one is clearly the man in the wendigo mask who had been documented running away at supernatural speeds from the scene of the crime and the other is just recognizable as Jules as when he committed suicide. A woman’s voice from behind the camera begins speaking “We are the Watchers those who hunt our kind regardless of their species must be punished.”
A woman in a full wedding gown with veil.
“For the murder of mi hermana and the brutal attack on Momma Ettu…. Using that poor child” The woman pauses as she brings a gasoline can into view as the two men begin squirming and clearly attempt to start screaming “You shall be purified of your sins with the Lords Fire.”
The woman slowly pours a gallon of gas on the two men as they struggle helplessly. The woman bends down once to look into the each man’s eyes before stepping out of camera sight. The background of all of the video is a sheer metal wall. The men struggle for a few seconds before a light is seen tossed in between the two and they ignite fully and begin to burn and twist in horrific pain.
The feed cutbacks to a clearly harrowed Angela Nightly as she turns back to the camera and addresses this with 
"A gruesome display, but I say, it's what the men deserved! Killing a child. Absolutely awful. We need more proud, red blooded, Americans willing to go out and met out justice just like this! Though, that Jules was apparently behind it and faked his death in order to distract the national investigation into this, well that's almost as deplorable as the act itself. Though of course there is always potential that the footage is doctored, and our experts already know the woman involved was using voice changing software so the nature of this "Justice" is in of itself suspect. For now though, this reporter is willing to bet that this is the truth, and that we can all rest a little easier knowing these monsters are off the streets. That's all for tonight folks. This is Angela Nightly, reminding you all to watch the skies and watch each other. Channel 200 news, signing off." 

The feed then cuts back to coverage of college football, the world marching on as if nothing had happened. 
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Wild cryptids?

An article appeared on the trending page, With 3 footage that seems to have been from cryptoleak.

Cryptids have always been mysterious to us, we try to find proof of them, such as big foot! Today though, We have found more! Always caught on blurry camera, we discovered something else! 

In Washington DC appears to be a hell hound or maybe a black shuck perhaps? A large dog with red eyes and shadow like fur. It appears to go and vanish with the shadows with ease!

In Michigan, a white stag with lightning antlers has been video taped charging and electrocuting hunters! A video is shown where this pure snow white stag charges a hunter who shot it. The bullet bouncing off of its skin. Followed by the stag letting off electricity on the hunter causing everyone to run away, with the stag gone.

In Chicago, a terrifying large rat has been discovered in the sewers. 2 teenage boys recount their experience with only a very blurry photo. The rat appears to be bigger than a person's fist. The boys stats that the rat broke their skateboard and could breathe fire!


How absolutely fiery of a experience! I'm sure these are very electrifying to read. Cryptids are leaving the shadows and are being seen more often! Will we be able to stop them? Is nature fated to mutate and become ever more so deadly?


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Earthquake in the Bay Area

On the TV you see a white man with a nose ring and neck tatoo with a big grin he waits a moment and then says, "In a suprizing turn of events there was an earth quake in San Francisco today it was was recorded as a 4.2 on the richter scale. Many people were upset as it interupted a protest on the treament of cockroaches and how all of them need to be perserved and given safe haven. Other residents had nothing to say as they either barley felt it or wern't even aware. The Ken Cowlings for KTVE news signing off. " The camera fades to black as the protesters are shouting in the backgroud.

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Cop Killer escapes in double murder!

James Tucker, who recently made headlines after the cold blooded murder of local Police Officer Jim Brady escaped police custody during a routine prison transfer last night - Deputy Kim Kaur & Sheriff Rod Durham were brutally murdered in the escape, presumably by Tucker's accomplices.

It is know one survivor of the security detail survived but is presently in critical condition.

Tucker, known for having been caught on Officer Brady's body cam executing him in cold blood, is considered armed & extremely dangerous: Citizens are advised to shelter in place & notify authoroties of any sighting immediately.

A massive man hunt is currentlu underway.

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New recipe discovered!

Today the world has witnessed the charm and flair of the legendary Bu Fang. Everyone see’s a video that has gone viral with over a billion views. A man named Alan appears at Bu Fang’s restaurant and states, "I am here to show that this man is a total fake, fraud, and snowflake." The young man continues his lies. In the video everyone can see Bu Fang taking a verbal beating from him but like all good cooks doesn't respond to the criticism or the lies. He takes out his cooking utensils and with a bit of razzle and dazzle makes an amazing Golden Shumai dish unknown to the world. Every inch of the food looks delectable. Bu Fang gives a long stare with the comment, “This is my house, your skill is unmatched, go home.” and The comments exploded over the internet and for several days this video was played all over social media and the news. Alan has been blasted for being a brat and is nowhere to be seen for the last few days. His family and friends are asking for privacy.

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Superhero of LA Tames Wildfire & Flaming Beast: Iryna Vorobyova, “Mother of Dragons”

Numerous videos flood social media coupled with official reports by reputable news outlets. All accounts show a muscular, 6-foot Slavic woman in her mid-twenties with near-glowing green eyes swiftly walking down the sidewalks of suburban Los Angeles. She is half-naked, wearing the rags of a yellow Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighter outfit without the gloves, helmet, and mask. Most of the outfit is visibly charred and disintegrated (some spots still having glowing embers and smoldering). Despite her skin being covered in black soot, the woman appears entirely unharmed. As she walks, she effortlessly holds a two-foot-long lizard that looks something like a salamander, but it’s body glows red hot like an ember. The entire chest area where the lizard is being pressed against the woman’s torso has been burned off.
The woman is being escorted by several police officers and a crowd of firefighters, a group which collectively staves off the general public and a flock of reporters. As they yell out their questions and direct their cameras and microphones in the woman’s direction, she simply repeats with a clear Ukrainian accent: “Please no flash. The drakon does not like it.”
Several videos go viral of this new Los Angeles hero, Iryna Vorobyova, walking up to a wall of forest fire and effortlessly absorbing it--bright flames being supernaturally drawn from where they burn straight into her mouth as she slowly inhales--flames which turn a bright green just inches before vanishing past her lips. Iryna is credited with saving the Angeles National Forest, preventing potentially millions of dollars in damages to homes and infrastructure--as well as preventing loss of life. She is also celebrated by environmentalists for securing the “arsonist” lizard-like creature alive and ensuring its safe containment at local LA County Fire Station 130.
Both the creature, which Iryna named “Vuhlynka,” and Iryna have become informal mascots for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. However, when the Fire Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department was asked if Iryna Vorobyova would become a permanent and hired member of the force, the Fire Chief replied: “We are grateful for Miss Vorobyova's help and welcome her to continue volunteering as a crucial member of the firefighting force.”
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Jeremy Wesley seeks head for new supernatural crimes divsion!

Channel 7 News: A Brave New World or 1984 in the making?


A blonde male reporter brings in what the channel claims to be a special news bulletin, stating that they're receiving breaking news directly from the Governor's Office before he begins to read off the details as they are conveyed to him, the 24/7 news cycle having trained the man well as he said the following

"The Governor of Tennessee, Jeremy Wesley, released a statement today seeking out the good supernatural people of the world, asking them to back his new motion which has been met with powerful opposition from his opposition, and though many are decrying the effort it seems that the Governor is doubling down, what follows is his statement to the public"

The feed changes, showing Jeremy Wesley. Sharply dressed as always in the finest suit that money could buy, red tie neatly pressed and looking on directly into the camera as he issues the following statement

"I am looking for Someone who is dedicated to the greater good and who can discern between what’s evil and what is just different. Tennessee and the great country of the United States Of America will lead the forefront on integrating and utilizing those who wish for a greater tomorrow together. I am looking for an individual to take the charge of this pristine opportunity to help shape the future of Tennessee to a glorious new age of prosperity."
The Feed cuts back, and the blonde man rattles on for a few minutes about the concerns of a supernatural police force being made and assures the viewers that they will be watching closely for future updates. 
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Breaking news: Greetings! This is David Chapel for broadcast news. Your only source for the news. Today before you is an awful site. A fire alarm was the afternoon at a hospital in Canada at St. Grace Hospital in Winnipeg.  The people are wet and out ragged. Because of the need to keep people secure foam was also deployed leaving people drenched. (A scene of patients wet and filled with foam fills the scene) Out of an abundance of caution fire fighters police and EMT's were called into deal with this massive amount or moistness. We are greatful for all the work of the first responders and hopefully people can dry up quickly and remeber how safe Canada is. This is Dave signing off.

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Nationwide Forgery/Identity Theft Crime Ring Busted!

A Federal Bureau of Invesitgation press release quickly hit mainstream news:

The FBI set up a sting on a multi-state crime ring, resulting in fifteen people to date being apprehended and accused of participating in crimes related to document forgery and identity theft. The majority worked in the lower ranks of various Department of Motor Vehicles, and several worked at state agencies including the United States Social Security Administration and the United States Post Office. These individuals have received a range of indictments from eight United States Attorneys who's districts span from coast to coast. Statements were also made by several State Attorney General decrying the accusees' suspected actions--actions which help dangerous criminals evade the law, defraud citizens and government social services, and harm innocent children whos identities have been stolen and used for nefarious purposes for years without anyone knowing. 

Business seemed to have been good before the bust. Eighty-seven false identities suspected to have been made by the accused within the last year were publicly released as "people of interest" (excluding bu Fang's alias and the other alias he had set up recently). The FBI encouraged these individuals to come forward and cooperate with the ongoing investigation, with the associated benefits of doing so being subtly implied.

All news articles also included an obligatory warning: "Forgery is considered a crime in all 50 states and on the federal level. While state level forgery is punishable by up to several years in a state prison, federal forgery is a much more serious offense punishable by incarceration in a federal prison for up to 20 years, as well as costly fines."


As a result of the crime ring bust and public burn of fake identities, for the next several months (GM discretion) anyone using their criminal contacts to attempt to secure new Aliases (via a Move) will have a much more difficult time doing so. The majority of contacts fear that any interaction with their networks and even their regular clients will result in them being turned in.

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Banksy Piece Verified in Washington DC

A new piece of art painted in Washington DC, recently believed to be a Copycat Banksy fake was verified as a legitimate piece by top art analysists and curators. The piece known as "The Gang" depicts multiple supernatural creatures from Bigfoot to aliens to mantis-men all together with a friendly human. Many who have looked at it have come away from the experience with more open minds towards the subject of togetherness with the supernatural.

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Gargoyles Attack Detroit!

"This is Mindy Spears, reporting in from channel three news. Today at 2:34 pm Central Standard Time, large, comically devilish creatures started burning down several buildings in Detroit's Metropolitan area. These creatures were later discovered to turn to stone under cooling rain conditions, being full of magma, and we're decided to be a form of gargoyles. Those responsible for the attack have not yet been discovered."

*Footage cuts to multiple camera angles of these creatures destroying thing and causing havoc. In some frames the Silhouette of a car moving through the air can be seen, possibly thrown or carried.*

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Forced Conscriptions in Russia

---Al Jazeera Europe Reporting---


Complaints from rural areas of the Russian Federation continue to pour in, claiming that the "limited draft" for Russian soldiers to continue the Special Military Operation in Ukraine is disproportionately effecting poor villages & ethnic groups the Kremlin labels "undersirable." These unfortunate Conscripts are being used in Human Wave attacks on the front lines, with little to no training & sub standard equipment. An influx of youg Russian men continue to flood neighboring countries as those with the means abandon their livelyhood to avoid the draft.

Officials in the Russian Military had no comment on the matter at this time.

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Angel Feathers Hit The Black Market

The Black Market is abuzz with the news that angel feathers have trickled into some dealers hands. May are scouring their contacts currently attempting to be the first to own their own peice of heaven. Nobody has been reported as buying any however this sort of news never reaches the mainstream. However Chefs, Artists, and those with a taste for the divine that's connected to the underworld will receive news that this wonderful object is currently on the market. However many are speculating that this is an obvious Hoax however in Maelstrom who knows.


(Please Contact Psycho if you wish to know if your character may have some information on this or wants to look into it)

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Pharaoh Ra

News from egypt! A old pharaoh revived? 
From a temple of the old! The pharaoh returned! 
With the pharaoh, the civil war within egpyt gets worst, yet, he will start slowly asserting his will through each local area, one step at a time

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Texas, Kentucky, and Alabama roll out new Food Stamp Legislation

Food Stamps and social program legislation has come down cutting benefits for people in these states completely if they are unable to pass a drug screen. In addition, they have come out in public statements decrying the new strain of heroin that has begun flooding the streets. Blaming illegal immigration for this rise in new hard drugs, they are cracking down on border policies and travel of non-native citizens with additional random searches and the deployment of K-9s at all Texas, Kentucky, and Alabaman airports. This has been met with public outcry as they blame the recent introduction of Republican Support from reclusive financial magnate Timothy Humbug who has come into the political recently in support of these ventures and has been seen taking selfies in front of food kitchens that have been closed in high drug traffick neighborhoods with the hashtag on these being #GetFoodnotHigh.  


When questioned as to why he has given so much support to this movement Timothy said 


"It's just best that if you can't afford food, and you're buying drugs, having kids, and messing up my country you need to choose between your bad habits and survival. The soft-touch has not worked so I think it's just best for everyone that these people have to make a choice." 

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Two Alliances

Five know that an alliance has been formed between the Knights of Equestria and the United Western Region. And then seven knew. And, as the months go by, 331,900 knew. All who wear Kevin’s Friendship Bracelet will receive favorable treatment from the members of a werecreature shadow government that span the United States. Not every werecreature knows about this group consisting of American citizens who consider themselves to have dual citizenship. Some of these citizens live entierly in what remains of the wild lands of North America, and others live entirely in modern society, hiding in plain sight. But all of these citizens understand that the new alliance means a willingness to help a friend in need.

Every friend of Kevin in Maelstrom receives a wedding invitation to celebrate the union of Barbara Kensington (a compassionate horse veterinarian in her early forties) and Kevin Sparkles: an afternoon wedding in Big Bend National Park, BBQ and picnic food, and the uniting of friends. An astute friend might note that the bride and groom didn’t know each other for very long. They may even notice that Barbara is happy but not bride-marrying-the-love-of-her-life happy. However, a beaming Kevin tells his guests that he believes he found his soul mate. Anna Xagua (Barbara’s adopted niece and soon-to-be Kevin’s stepdaughter) is a very shy yet happy maid of honor guest. Kevin’s grandma, who had nearly lost all hope of her precious grandson finding a "good one," is ecstatic. And Simba, Anna’s 10-year-old Maine Coon, doesn’t give a damn.

What might have been mistaken as wedding prep during the weeks before was a group of friends providing a different kind of support. One friend upped the security system of Kevin's suburb home in Chicago, adding an advanced technological layer to the existing magical one. Another helped install an environmentally friendly garden in the backyard. Another subtly drained the bank accounts and maxed out the credit cards of three individuals, one known to be dead and the two others presumed to be dead. Using the dark web and bitcoin shenanigans, a trust fund of $400,000 was set up to cover the additional expenses associated with being responsible for the well-being of a 15-year-old. It also covered the sudden wedding expenses.

Stories have intertwined, this time in a good way.

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Legendary Sword Found by Famous Sentai Actor!

The news chimes and while it’s by no means breaking to some, to at least one person, it should be rather concerning. Pictures are leaked online from an anonymous source in reaction to the My Little Pony ARG. They start their leaked video on a black screen and start by congratulating those who were brave enough to seek out the secrets of Sparklestar Swordborn and Friends. The voice is obviously garbled and changed as to not be recognizable.

“However, only one could claim this prize and I’m sure the world will be overjoyed to see the First Knight of Equestria. Well, here he is!”

And the screen will flash to a vivid hidden camera photo of none other than the famous sentai actor, Daisuke Aino!

“This was a shock to me as well! We had two runners-up search for the Smoky’s Sword, but were unfortunately duped by forgeries.

The screen will flash with heavily blurred photos of two individuals. No identifiable information can be discerned perhaps except for the fact that they were both male.

“Their effort was commendable, but it is time to usher in and welcome our First Knight, the holder of a legendary blade imbued by the power of Smoky’s resolve! We eagerly await their process in spreading friendship and love across the planet!”

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The Blue Daimyo/Rocker Missing multiple shows! Public suspect foul play? (Fringe)

A new rising star amongst the punk rock group scene. Given the name The Blue Daimyo, has stopped appearing out of nowhere! Believed to possibly be foul play from the goverment or rivaling band that wishes to squash such a star. The band she had joined, Mizugumo is now found without a lead vocalist and guitarist! Leaving them in shambles as they start looking everywhere for her. A missing person notice will be out for The Blue Daimyo, if anyone sees her, please inform the NPSC or NPA. You may also inform Mizugumo if you have found any possible clues as to her where abouts!

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Temple Closed (Insular)

A rather well known local temple with a tourist industry is found to be closed for a month as the daughter of the head priest was sick. The head priest had to declare a safety concern after the whole Covid 19 ordeal and decided to isolate the temple closing it down. The general tourist economy in the area went for by 10%. But through mysterious means, the daughter of the head priest was found to be recovering soon. With it, the head priest opened the temple once again, with a face full of joy, bring back the tourist industry and economy. 

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It’s Getting Quiet

In an expanse of Wildreness in America a predator has taken up a nesting area for unknown reasons. Though typically migrating is it's normal behavior it has chosen to stay and deviate from this standard behavior. It possesses a voracious appetite and seems to be incredibly picky in what it eats to the point of eating something to extinction in the area it claims. Some may have begun to notice that a few species have dispersed from this area but they seem to have chosen to not alert anyone. Three species have already disappeared throwing the location ecosystem into turmoil. Should this continue a total ecosystem crash is a potential in the area. The species that make up an ecosystem are connected in complex "food webs" of eater and eaten. When one species disappears, its predators can no longer eat it and its prey are no longer eaten by it. Changes in these populations affect others. Such impact 'cascades' can be unpredictable and sometimes catastrophic.

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This Just In...

At 7am local time, Jules Point - a man named by the creature Connor Metal just before his brutal death at the hands of an angry mob, was seen today to stop his Audi in the middle of traffic on the high point Pennsacola Bay Bridge - as enraged commuters looked on, he stepped out of his car, moved to the edge, raised his arms to the sky & apparently (according to onlookers) shouted:




Before leaping to the waters below - the car snagged EMS response, so far Mr. Point has not been found.


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Pagnanelli CEO Steps Down | His Son Takes Over and Makes a Statement

A time slot is selected on several news channels mainly across the US. It is titled as a Public Announcement: Pagnanelli CEO Steps Down.

When the time slot arrives, a live conference in an undisclosed location appears on screen. There’s a pause for a few seconds before a man, well dressed in a suit and tie and dress pants walks on stage. His short cut matte black hair is a bit messy, his eyes are baggy, and his face is difficult to read, but he immediately speaks without script or hesitation,

“Greetings, fellow Americans. I hope your holidays are as warm as they are fortunate. I regret to inform you that the CEO of Pagnanelli Industries has stepped down. He referenced his short sightedness and old methods for the company’s stagnation and for that, he offers his sincerest apologies. He plans to retire and will likely never return to corporate politics in the future.”

The man pauses, takes a deep breath, and stands up a bit straighter,

“Thus, I, his son, Jonathan Pagnanelli, will be taking his place as CEO henceforth.”

Cameras flash and questions immediately spew from the lips of anxious reporters, but as Jonathon begins to speak, they quiet down.

“Rest assured, our objectives to protect the people and pioneer a new age of technology has not changed. We still intend to provide protection against the negatively inclined gifted among us, however, I fully believe in a future society where the gifted can walk among us without the need to hide their true nature from us. My gifted friends, I speak directly to you. If you are with us, we are willing to extend a hand to help… However, if you choose to stand against us, we will not hesitate to protect the people and ourselves in full cooperation with the authorities. My father may have been old, but he was a family man at heart and he protected his kin like no other. I plan to follow him in that respect. Thank you for your time.”

Jonathan adjusted his suit and walked off the podium. To any perceptive individuals, a card of some sort peeked out of his suit pocket. The words were small and surprisingly legible, but would definitely need to be looked at a little closely to gleam their meaning.

GM Note: Feel free to DM Riley with respect to additional information regarding this world event.

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Purdue to move in on small town after harrowing murder spree!

Channel 7 News Tennessee with a special report 


Tragedy struck the tiny town of Nolen's Gap this past week when it was discovered that a serial killer had sprouted up within its quiet rural domain once again. Our special reporter Danielle Riveria is here to cover the strange and harrowing saga of the small town as it struggles to recover from the deadly blow dealt to its citizens and its economy.  


The feed swaps for a moment, cutting to show a professional-looking woman outside a police department where police tape and shattered windows can do little to shield the public from the sight of the horror within, and though the camera's focus is elsewhere this shot is the angle that will captivate local news all across Tennessee for about a week.

The woman pauses to gaze at the horror before turning back, with a false smile plastered on to mask the revulsion she doubtlessly felt at what she had just witnessed as she turns to report

"This small Tennessee town was gripped in terror this past week, In positive news, it seems it has been confirmed that chicken giant Purdue will be stepping in to fill the hole left behind by the departure of the once loved locally owned chicken farm, providing jobs and stability in these uncertain times to these country folk who were in desperate need.

Now, some minority voices have been raised in protest stating that this marks the death of the small town's independence, but we at Channel 7 couldn't disagree more. In bringing in the big boys, this small town is also bringing in big business wages to match its big business acumen, and we think this town's residents will smile a little wider once they open up those first paychecks. Until next time, this is Channel 7 Tennesse signing out. "

The feed cuts back, and the story is immediately moved over to another. Discussing yet another horrific school shooting. One in a march of a thousand modern tragedies. Forgotten before the week is done for those not watching. 

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My Little Pony: The Story of Sparklestar Swordborn and Friends!

A surprise release of a full My Little Pony TV show has been leaked online, but there are more than a few oddities to accompany it. For starters, questions about its quality. The more niche side of the internet is in a bit of a positive uproar, but most others are met with confusion. Hasbro has come forward to announce that they were not the creators of the show, cementing this as an assumed fan-made creation. The YouTube community caught wind and some are starting to report on it,

"Dude, I don't understand how they even did this! It looks way too real! Like, look at that edge line and compare it to every other movie that's been released in the last decade. I guarantee you, you will never find one so consistent. The budget on this had to be insane!"

"The pores stretch! The pores stretch!"

"It really is a wonder. Just looking at it- you can usually tell what studio or person made this, but it has a completely unique style we don't see anywhere else."

“Yo, Pixar and Disney better watch the fuck out! There’s a new kid on the block!”

The show depicts the adventures of Sparklestar Swordborn and his band of friends defending the public from monsters, and the greedy and selfish villains wielding superhuman abilities. Specifically, the story takes great care in fleshing out the main characters and their motivation for gaining their own abilities and powerful game changing equipment and armor. While not all are entirely noble, the characters are however sympathetic and many online have expressed their love for them in the way Tumblr and 4chan tend to. Art shows up on various forums of some prominent main characters:

Platinum Moon

Onyx Armor

Brisk Spirit

Cookie Dough


However, that is not where the oddities end. There are 12 episodes in total- or well, there are supposed to be. The 11th episode is noticeably absent- the episodes skip from 10 and move straight to 12 as if it were just plucked out of the pile. In any case, all 11 episodes are titled and while the actual episodes themselves are played straight, after the ending theme, some people have noticed that a set of numbers flash on the screen for the final frame of every episode that was released. A list has already been compiled:

Episode Names | Numbers/Letters

  1. A new adventure awaits for us | adf
  2. What a wonderful wonder friendship brings | 9f5
  3. Kindness is never in short supply | 4d
  4. For honesty, no pony can deny | 2d3
  5. When danger makes you wanna hide | 829
  6. A heart that shines so beautiful | 89
  7. We'll make it special every time | 232
  8. Do you know you're all my very best Friends! | e4
  9. Our friendship's magic and it's growing every day | c60
  10. What is friendship all about | 314
  11. (Absent)
  12. Friendship is magic! | bf5

Furthermore, alongside each episode, still images were also uploaded- 12 in total. The file names of the still images correspond directly with the episode names they released with. Most of it is poses or action shots of the characters fighting against evil and even though there is no 11th episode, there is an 11th image. However, instead of an action shot, it's about 2000 lines of gray text in tiny size ten font on a pure black background that reads:

"Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me! Do not open me!

There is more to this Pandora’s box than where I come from…”


So far, nobody has been able to figure out what this means.

GM’s Note: DM Riley on discord to verify if your Contractor would have information related to this World Event or would want more information related to this world event.

Appendix (Full My Little Pony Intro Theme):

My Little Pony, My Little Pony,
What is friendship all about?
My Little Pony, My Little Pony
Friendship is magic!

(My Little Pony)
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
(My Little Pony)
Until you all shared its magic with me.

When I was young I was too busy to make any friends.
Such silliness did not seem worth the effort it expends.
But my little ponies, you opened up my eyes
And now the truth is crystal clear, as splendid summer skies.
And it's such a wonderful surprise.

(My Little Pony)
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
(My Little Pony)
Until you all shared its magic with me.

When danger makes me wanna hide, you'll Rainbow Dash to my side,
Kindness is never in short supply, once smitten twice Fluttershy.
For honesty no pony can deny, you are the Applejack of my eye,
A heart that shines so beautiful, a Rarity to come by
And you all make fun and laughter as easy as Pinkie Pie!

(My Little Pony)
I used to wonder what friendship could be.
(My Little Pony)
Until you all shared its magic with me.

Our friendship's magic and it's growing all the time.
A new adventure waits for us each day is yours and mine.
We'll make it special every time!
We'll make it special every time!

(My Little Pony)
What a wonderful wonder friendship brings
(My Little Pony)
Do you know you're all my very best
(Friends!) Friends, you're my very best
(Friends!) Friends, you're my very best
(Friends!) Friends, you're my very best
(Friends!) Friends!

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New Charity Organization offers Insulin to various communities at Florida


                                                Recently in the wealthy city of Palm Beach, a Charity was started by Edgar Trowsten, going by the name of the Millerson Foundation, named after his son of 6, dying to a diabetic related condition due to a lack of insulin. Given how his last charity collapsed due to a lack of funding, it came as much surprise to him when multiple anonymous donaters sent 10s of thousands of dollars his way, properly funding the charity to start Insulin production and giving it away to those in need, working with Hen's Truckers to transport them from town to town to help those who can't afford life saving insulin normally

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Decker Security Services

A new Sheriff is in town! After filing a bewildering number of forms, navigating mine fields of licenscing & permits, & losing sleep over having filed taxable status correctly, Jason Decker is the Owner/Operator of Decker Security Service - a Security Consultant offering Close Protection Security/Bodyguard services to paying clients.

The Grand Opening! Pop the Champagne! would be popping the champagne - if you could afford it. After a Month of getting things set up, you still haven't got that phone to ring - a buddy of your buddy says he can build you a sweet website for $20k - promises you'll be swimming in work!

Somehow, being a grunt in the Military seemed a lot easier...

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Mark Collins starts GoFundMe

Mark Collins has spent his whole life helping others, now it's your turn to help him.


Mark's goal for this is $375,000, enough to cover chemo, pharmaceuticals, and day to day expenses since being a hero doesn't pay the bills.


If he does not raise these funds, Mark will do his best to continue helping people as long as he can, but his Doctor only gives him 6 months without treatment as it has been discovered his cancer has metastisized from his pituitary and spread throughout his body, requiring heavy chemo.




"Mark showed up and, after getting to know him a little, he gave us hope where there was none before. Made us think we could make a difference. It's the least we can do." 


William Cerrow, heir to the shipwrecked MV Bianca. 


"He killed the Kraken for us when one else was coming, and even saw us all to shore individually. He even helped me find relatives after that and get back on my feet."



Just what you can spare, Mark wouldn't want it any other way.



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College Campus Shut Down While Police Investigate

A News Story breaks in the sleepy town of Goshen, IN on the 10 o Clock news. 

A reporter sits behind a table with a grimace on their face. They look directly into the screen and announce slowly "The local college Goshen College was closed today as a Gun fight apparently ensued around 7:15." The reporter shuffles some papers and then continues. "Reportedly 6 individuals were involved in the gunfight with four being slain. The police have identified through ids on the victims the names of the deceased and have released them and are asking for anyone to come forward if they have any information." The reporter shuffles once more as three pictures come up next to him from security cameras showing three faces "The victims were a Johnathon Larat, a Bismark Candy as well as what appears to be a second Mr. Candy who's first name has not been released, and a Dr. Darius Wilson. The reporter looks at the camera and solemnly says "It was a travesty so much death on another school grounds police also report two  other victims were found deceased no more then a block away and police are investigating if there is a connection." The reporter solemnly finally looking at the camera and says "An Austin Metra was seen fleeing the scene so please call  911 if you have any information or call ×××-×××-×××× to reach the Goshen Police Department."


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A image is shown with a news article. Theres an image of a lizard man discovered in australia, looking extremely confused.

Source by sarah.
Lizard Man struts his stuff in South Carolina | CNN

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CryptoLeak Exclusive!

Boise Superman has Cancer!


A short video plays, showing a monitor screen from Peace Health Systems: It clearly shows what should be HIPAA protected data on one Mark Collins, the Boise Superman - the diagnosis of Dr. Chen Wong is quite clear - Cancer has metastasized from mark's pituitary gland into his entire endocrine system - Dr. Wong gives Mark 6 months to live.


The video ends with a *crying face* emoji.

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Legendaгy Loch ness мonsteг’s skeleton washed υp on a Scottish beach



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Between 1988 and 1991, the Federal Police of Brazil estimate that almost six thousand minors were killed in the street by active, off-duty, and former police force members. While some of these children’s murders or “executions” can be written off as police doing what they have to do to keep the country safe from criminals (proven guilty or not), many cases simply used that concept as an excuse to be negligent, lazy, or downright sadistic. These children were often homeless, having no education, job, or claim to legal identity farther than a name on a death certificate.


And it is from these death certificates that a bribed man chooses a name and CPF to pass over to Amarjeet Inderpal. A child named Theo Simões, shot at 11, whose face and birth date roughly match those of Connor Inkz. The real Theo’s death is now erased from all records in place of a heartwarming set of articles on his life and success as a tattoo artist: Theo Simões had a room full of drawings as a child, Theo Simões was approached by a famous artist and told to never give up, Theo Simões has a secret work of the girlfriend he lost in a tragic car accident leading to a passion for beautiful things to stick with him forever and learning to put what he loves literally into his skin, etc etc etc, falsehoods with drama fit for a Netflix original series.


Connor Inkz receives a passport and set of identifying documents that mean, for all intents and purposes, he is a free man. He is able to leave Brazil with a fresh smile on his face (literally, thanks to his powers) and continue to travel and purchase under this identity.

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Chaos at the Hilton Hotel!


Terrorists seemingly associated with pop star Batamir Feratu attacked a private auction at the New York Hilton Hotel: Armed fans burst in with firearms, injuring security & damaging the structure. Professor Stanley Goldstein of Miskatonic University was ghoulishly murdered, his body grotesquely distorted in a manner eerily similar to the Feratu album "Scapegoat."

Police have no suspects are arrested. A $30,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to these suspects at large.


The Boratu estate issued no comment at this time

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Developing Story...

A person going by the name of "Ricky Sanchez" infiltrated the hospital holding one "Momma Ettu", a figure of some controversey who was recently brutally attacked & maimed in a crime bearing disturbing similarities to the death of one Connor Metal, the human/serpect Chimera killed in Police custody in Florida.

Mr. Sanchez secured work at the hospital in the dietary/nutrition department for a full month, no doubt reconnitering the hospital & security measures in place. Having determined the relevant patterns & shift changes, Mr. Sanchez then abducted Ms. Ettu from her bed, hiding the crippled old woman in a food delivery cart. There after security cameras show him brazenly move the cart to the garbage bins out back, & transfer what we can presume is Ettu to a waiting garbage truck. Thus far, Ettu, Sanchez, & the Truck have not yet been discovered.

Is this more work by the dastardly malefactors who so brutally attacked the famed occultist? Or is this the work of yet another interested party, abducting the woman for ransom, or even for occult purposes? At this time, no one knows for sure - the man named "Ricky Sanchez" seems to have never existed, with all related information provided to the employer being false or misleading.

Once again, the nation holds it's breath, waiting to see the fate of the unfortunate Mama Ettu...

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Fox 5 New York Exclusive: South Central Park loft ablaze.

We interrupt this program to bring you this special broadcast, Viewer Discretion is advised. 


Fox 5 New York Special Broadcast: Unknown gang suspected in the kidnapping and severe maiming of acclaimed controversial occultist "Momma Ettu". 

A special news broadcast that interrupted the feed on every channel, Fox 5 was just the one to get it first this time. Those who catch this later may receive this in the form of a News Article on their site, commemorating the tragedy of Momma Ettu, little Oscar Williams, and the 10 who perished in the ensuing panic and fire. 

The feed comes in quickly, a woman in a neat black suit with a stack of papers in front of her gazes into the camera. Her eyes sunken, and dark, telling the story before she ever spoke. 

"11 dead, 20 injured. This is the death toll of what is being called the South Central Park bombing, including little Oscar Williams. All were killed in a suspected gang-related attack on South Central Park today at High Noon. Exclusive footage shows a terrifying man, easily the size of an Olympic bodybuilder tearing out of the apartment building at what are unnatural speeds carrying the now formally declared missing famed occultist Momma Ettu who appeared to be severely injured in what Authorities are now saying was a supernaturally assisted kidnapping attempt. Though Momma Ettu is a recently controversial figure, we at Fox 5 New York now pray for her discovery and that this does not spell the end of her storied life. If anyone has any leads that may lead to the identification, or location of the man documented kidnapping her on the screen now, Authorities are offering a 20,000 bounty for information that leads to their capture." 

The screen will linger on the appearance of a masked man before the 24-hour news cycle cuts to another bit of coverage, the weather forecast for people watching live, but for those catching this later, they'll see that the video ends here.

For those living there though. Everyone in New York saw it, heard it, and felt it. The explosion that killed a child, evolved into a fire that claimed the lives of 10 others in the ensuing panic rather through stampeding or fire, and the kidnapping of that old lady. After the grenade went off and they confirmed it was a bombing, they shut down the bridges and the planes. Tens of millions bottled up in a city won't easily forget the cause, and soon enough, Momma Ettu's kidnapping became the talk of the town in a town that couldn't sleep. 

No one had any solid suspects, any leads that meant a damn thing, but the search and rescue eventually found Momma Ettu. The news feed that day had over 5 million views as the nation turned to see a celebrity they had thought dead come back to life. 

Famed Occultist Momma Ettu Rescued, Fox News 5 Exclusive:

The feed this time is of a paramedic team wheeling a maimed woman covered in a blanket being loaded onto a stretcher. The grim expressions painted across the features of the men and women in charge of her care paint a clear picture of the information that came next as the camera would cut back to the News Reporter who's expression soon mirrored that of the paramedics as they read what had occurred as they spoke it, their voice shaking 

"The missing occultist Momma Ettu was discovered in the basement of a home not too far from the shores of New York City itself. Chained to a radiator, her eyes and tongue removed, and her ears damaged to the point that she can no longer hear. The old woman was further tortured it seems, with the words "Thief" and "Betrayer" carved into her chest. Paramedics were able to confirm that the bleeding had been stopped on all these wounds with a method of crude cauterization that also seemed to be the manner of inflicting the majority of these injuries. Though they are unable to ascertain the nature of her blindness and deafness, as these seem to be newly identified malformities in her physiology which as far as they can ascertain were congenital. This strange attack, however, has drawn the nation's attention to the once-controversial educator, and now it is our thoughts and prayers that we offer for her recovery. Thus it is with a prayer for the departed that this is Fox News 5, signing out."

The screen then transitions to where a group is holding a candlelight vigil and prayer for those harmed in this tragedy, and a donation hotline is plastered across the bottom of the screen for those looking to assist the people who have lost in this tragedy.

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Inside of a pickup on a dirt road in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere...

"Soon will be the day of reckoning," an aging man says to another. "He has shown His glory, I saw it with my own two eyes." The man wears well-beaten overalls, dirty with the mechanical black grease. He has a pistol on his right hip, the holster still left unbuckled from an attempted draw just minutes ago.

"Father McCarthy spoke of his vision a few days back. That he knew that it would soon be time for us to be called upon," the second man says, slightly younger than the first. This one wears jeans and a green t-shirt spotted with specks of dirt and mud. "I've been practicing down at the range for exactly all of this."

"He came to us because He knew we would be useful. I couldn't understand a single word he said, but I know that to be true," says the first, "He sees something in us. A real life angel in our place of worship. Father McCarthy will talk to some folks, but he doesn't want us blabbing too much. Can't let the word get out too far. He said that the angel told us to wait...

"...and he said the angel's name was Chamael."

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Contractor Witch Hunt In Angleton Texas

"Yesterday, at 6:00 pm in Angleton texas, multiple explosions rocked the city. Illegal homemade explosives were used in attempts to cover up a bank robbery, which was used as an attempt to persecute a local family, as shown by text messages on the suspect's cellphones. Their ringleader was John White, who is still at large."

"They faked a bank robbery and sightings of these "contractors" using the explosives, in an attempt to frame these women, by using illegal evidence obtaining techniques."

"Anyone with knowledge of White's whereabouts please report him to your local authorities."

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Contractors shoot lightning at Armored SUV in Johnsbury, Vermont

A state-wide news story has garnered national attention.


Johnsbury, Vermont:

Multiple eyewitness accounts confirm that a supernatural high speed chase took place in our city yesterday evening. 

The cause is unknown, but an abandoned, totalled armored SUV was found on site, with a hole blown in the back. 

Marie Pedio, 22, of the local Starbucks claims it began there when 4 people pulled up into the parking lot and handed a bundled up package to another guest. She did not identify the guests, and management cited a malfunction on the security cameras. What she does know, is that as they were talking to the customer who was already there, an armored SUV pulled up into the parking lot and the contractors were visibly unsettled by it's appearance.  It had no visible government or company markings. One of the contractors got into the SUV before it sped off, and the others quickly gave chase.


The reckless high speed chase damaged several vehicles, and 4 people were treated for minor injuries in the aftermath though only one was hospitalized, and has since been released.


Red light cameras caught photos of the chase in progress. A state-wide response has been initiated for the investigation, through in full cooperation with the FBI after a Henry Ballard, sheriff of Bethlehem, New Hampshire tipped them off that a group matching the description stayed at the local inn and were seen poking around his town before being swarmed by local wildlife fleeing a local estate.  "We ain't really seen nothin like this before. First the crows, then it comin to a head like this? We're a small, safe town, and if we all keep our wits about us I'm sure we can get past it and move on. I bet all this was related to those.. what's the word.. contractors?"


Descriptions given by the Ms Padio line up with descriptions given by several locals of Bethlehem, and it is believed to have been the same group. One member had small horns noticable on their head.


Though it hasn't been formally released, there have been some images posted on the data hosting site 'Cryptoleak'.

In the interest of transparency, we have included a photo, though keep in mind the FBI have not made any statement as to it's validity. 


(Two photos are included- one of a armored unarmed SUV with tinted windows taking a turn so sharply two of it's wheels are off the ground, then of a car in hot pursuit with a shattered windshield, a sniper rifle barrel protruding through a hole near the dashboard, and someone wearing a full hood like you'd see on a hazardous materials suit handing their head out of the window to drive. 

Both vehicles had multiple tires punctured in the shootout, riding on their back rims, showering sparks on the road.


When police arrived, the SUV was on its side, on fire, and the suspected contractors had fled the scene. 




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It is currently the 8th August at 7:00 pm and THIS JUST IN, recovered footage of a natural disaster now suspected of being a terrorist attack. Distant witnesses claimed to see a spontaneous tornado appear in the forest. Trees and dirt were flung high in the air- lasting between 5 and 19 seconds! When authorities hit the scene, it was apparently a massacre at the Pagnanelli research center. A death toll of 100%. 

When authorities collected leftover footage, it was discovered that most of it was erased, with the exception of this:

The footage rolls and plays the video of a gorilla driving down the road in a black Ford Humvee. It sticks its arm out the car window, shouts "ooh ooh aah aah", and crashes into the research building. The car explodes soon after and the footage cuts out.

"The authorities are investigating with Pagnanelli. We will update you as the situation unfolds!"

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An event will be scheduled- a time slot filled with the section name above.

A man will approach a podium, middle aged with short black hair, hazelnut eyes, and dressed in a clean black suit and tie. He leans into the mic,

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of the American public and residents of Indiana. My name is Jeremy Pagnanelli- the CEO of Pagnanelli. I understand our agency has received negative press in the last 6 months and for the affected families, I empathize. Our great nation and this great state more expressly, have been made aware of the existence of Contractors. Supernatural individuals who are highly dangerous yet could be anyone you know- neighbors, friends, and family included. 

Well, we have conducted internal investigations and have determined that the actions of our employees and workers are the result of these Contractors and their ability to exert control over people like you and I. Those with families, lives, and livings just trying to provide for their loved ones. Azazel, the victim of a spontaneous attack by Contractors, was a personal and family friend. He will be missed. Dr. Goldberg is currently in medical care as a result of the stress this whole ordeal has caused him. And I do not believe I need to remind us of the actions of David Silvana and his decision to end thousands of lives during the Indianapolis Bombings on August 1st.

But I am here to tell you, the people, that we are done. As of now, we are currently in talks with the Federal Government in a mutual partnership for the sole interest of protecting the American people. So fear not, fellow citizens. I know you have questions. I know you are scared- as am I. But this is the world we will live in if changes are not made. A world where, at any time, you may be possessed, killed, or mind controlled for crossing the wrong person on their worst day.

So stay sharp, fellow citizens. We are committed to your safety and will keep you updated.”

As the man walks away from a whirlwind of camera flashes and shouting reporters, he adjusts his suit and gives an assertive glance to the camera. To many, it would appear as an assertive demeanor from a man that means business. 

To others, it’s an accepted challenge. A dare? A provocation?


 It was a declaration of war.

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This just in- breaking news- it is 9 pm and we've just been informed that a psycho guard in full combat gear stormed into the local Indianapolis hospital, made his way to the maternity ward, and began to use a pair of brass knuckles to start beating newborn babies, nurses, and their mothers. We have video of the incident. Be aware, folks, what you see will be very disturbing.


The video feed will begin and depict a man hyping himself up, constantly saying "Get psyched! Get psyched! Get psyched!". The man with a wide smile and a hyped expression storms into the ward, decks a nurse upside the head, and then breaks the glass that leads to the room of newborn. The subsequent footage is extremely blurred out and the sound is cut. But the subtitles detail that the man was screaming, "For Pagnanelli! For Pagnanelli! Fuck your kids! Fuck your kids!". The footage cuts out.


A reported 17 babies were murdered and 31 were mortally wounded in the attack. Following the recent attack on Indianapolis, the people just can't get a break.


This is part of a long line of Pagnanelli accusations where previously, two senior scientists were filmed fornicating with a corpse and eating babies respectively. The federal government has remained suspiciously quiet through the entire ordeal. We will update you as the situation unfolds!

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Mysterious stop to Novograd fishermen disappearances.

The dissappearences linked to alchohol consumption problem in Novograd among fishermen on the lake persisting over the last year has suddenly stopped. Rumors among the local fishermen summed the dissappearences up to the Native legend of the Rushalka but the population sits gratefully in confusion at the sudden end to the losses on the lake.

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The Kraken Slayer cracks down on terror!


The Boise Superman has gone international!

In Belgrade today, ISIS struck the national museum of art and in doing so destroyed many unique pieces of art, and even stole a mountain of cursed gold! 

However, the superhero of America stood in front of a hail of bullets and even tackled a man aiming an RPG at Serbian culture, taking it to the chest and coming out the other side wounded but alive!

Though ISIS did bring reinforcements to ultimately defeat the police, and Mark Collins himself the Serbian military was bought enough time to save the day without further casualties. 

In addition, security footage recovered from the event detailed a strange woman fleeing out the back shortly followed by a woman abducting the curator and absconding while pursued by his secretary! Was this woman involved in these awful attacks? More at 11. 

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The Public Grieves for Indianapolis' Terrorist Attack | Memorial Established at Local Hospital

"The dead will never be forgotten and the people are making sure of that. Indianapolis Hospital is hosting a free event for the families of the victims. Those majorly affected by the incident are encouraged to come down and bring a token of rememberence."

The camera peers around toward a smiling couple with tears streaming down their faces. People are dancing, laughing, and celebrating for an unknown reason. A few people off to the side look on with minor disgust at the display. The cameras observe more families with sour faces drive into the parking and the moment they step out of their cars, their faces lift and their frowns dissapear. They look at each other with a mix of shock, happiness, horror, and belated joy.


What is going on?...

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Breaking News! All was well within the small summer town of Jackson Mississippi, until a worried resident after not seeing any of his neighbors all day called the police. The authorities sweeped every house until they came across the residence of Micheal Brown- a proud retired Marine with a wife and two children. His backyard and living room were reportedly a horror scene with his wife, two kids, and 10 of his neighbors's clothes and blood DNA were discovered all around his house. His was discovered in his room- having suffered the same fate. The police suspect a Contractor. We will update you as the situation unfolds!

Good evening, we've just been informed from several witnesses that there was an attack off of the coast of Texas! Over a dozen sailors and two Coast Guard armsmen lost their lives before the threat was located. We don't have any pictures, but the government is implementing a stern watch on America's Eastern coast in search of the perpretrator. The Coast Guard urges everyone to steer clear and report any suspicious activity!

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LIVE BROADCAST: Captured Indianapolis Terrorist Speaks!

A man with curly hair speaks into a cluster of microphones in front of a small audience of journalists. The major networks are all there, broadcasting live. 

“I am Wilbur Smith, graduate of Casa Verde and special agent with the FBI. I have been spent the past five years investigating a group of mercenary killers. They refer to themselves only as ‘Contractors.’ The perpetrator of the recent terrorist attack in Indianapolis is in our custody and has confessed to being a member of this ‘Contractor’ organization. To avoid the death penalty, he has confessed and agreed to comply with officials to help us end this dangerous terrorist organization. Without further ado, here is David Silvana.”

The curly-haired man leaves the stage. A pair of black-suited agents escorts an impossibly-thin and pale man onto the stage. He clears his throat and begins to speak.

“My name is David Silvana, and I am a contractor.

“That is what we call ourselves. We work for powerful, shadowy individuals that we call the harbingers. They offer us power: supernatural artifacts, superpowers,  status, influence. In exchange we do anything they ask.

“We are cold and effective. We have no allegiance besides to the harbingers. We torture and kill. None of us have ever been brought to trial. Our murders go unsolved. We are subtle. Half the time, people think our targets died of natural causes.

“Not all Contractors look like me. Most are normal people with normal jobs. You can never tell who might be one of us. 

“The attack in Indianapolis was just another job well done. I did not work alone.

“Witnessing the pain and destruction touched something inside of me. I am willing to work with the authorities to dismantle the contractor organization. To begin I will reveal all of the Contractors that I have worked with.

“By the way, Goodberg is a cruel bastard.

“Here are the names of the other Contractors I have worked with: Kaerym Yasura, Mary Alice, Frank Cooper—“

The crack of a high powered rifle rings out, and David’s head pops like a grape. The rattle of automatic gunfire punctuates the panicked screams of the crowd. Finally, a series of fiery explosions consume the stage, and the live broadcast turns to static. 

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Supernatural Attack on Indiana Casino!! Suspects Apprehended at Ironwood Golf Course!!

The reporter will give a detailed description of an attack on the Casino at August 5th, 4:00 pm. Passerby's describe a man with a motorcycle helmet and a raincoat. Emphemeral screams and ghostly shadows were caught on camera emenating from this individual and the media will play the video over following a content warning.


"This just in- the police have caught up to the suspects at the Iroonwood Golf Course. We have been told that one suspect was killed and the other was apphrehended by authorities. We have a statement from the owner of the gold course:

"We are very proud of our local law enforcement for protecting and serving as they should. As a token of our appreciation, we will donate our monthly revenue to the Indianapolis relief effort."


"We will update you as the situation evolves!"

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Assorted Attacks on Indiana Famhouse

Today at 2:45 pm on August 4th and today we have breaking news. A Goshen farmhouse has caught fire! It's complete mayhem here- the farmhouse has been exploding for well over an hour! The police and Federal Bureau are on the scen-


A loud explosion suddenly rocks the camera and one of the landed helicopters suddenly explode. Cow blood and guts rain from the sky and coat the reporter, who looks shell shocked. Soldiers in the shot hold up their guns and push the reporter back.


"Oh... oh my god... Oh my GOD! MY CLOTH-"


The feed will abruptly cut.

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Today, an unprecidented attack occured inside the city of Indianapolis. It's complete chaos out here. People are screaming, running, and searching for their loved ones. Witness reports suggest that a man with a biker helmet and a black cloak was sighted riding a dark motorcycle wreckling havoc within the city with a long chain. Other reports suggest this individual had also kidnapped a small child. More information soon!

Furthermore, this individual was filmed inside a nearby hospital with several other individuals who were reported to possess some questionable abilities. Here are their descriptions:

- Burly slavic woman with bright green eyes wearing a grey hoodie and grey cargo pants

- Young white woman with a mask and night vision goggles wearing a hoodie and jeans

- a white man wearing overalls, a Patriot's jersey, thick work clothes, cleetes, and a football helmet

If you have any information on these individuals, please contact the local police. 


THIS JUST IN, the new death toll is projected to be 3,000 dead. Among the dead was a school bus full of children on a field trip. The nation weeps and mourns with the families who have lost their loved ones.

The police have announced that the government is stepping in to assist in capturing the prime suspect. The police urges all civilians to come forth with any information and stress that everyone maintains distance if they come into contact with this man. The extent of the police's knowledge has not been disclosed.


As of now, no organization has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the authorities believe it might have been the work of single person or small group.

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WVU Hospital, West Virginia 176 people inexplicably dead, 14 survivors

At 6pm Tuesday, everyone inside WVU Hospital, Rosewood vanished. For 3 entire hours, the hospital was empty of all biological material. Even biological samples and meat in the kitchen went missing.


As abruptly as the Event occured, it was undone:

176 cadavers in various states of mutilation have been been identified, and the number may rise as DNA tests come in.

Of the 14 survivors, 5 are in critical condition, 6 are stable. All exhibit extreme psychological distress and trauma, and have been transferred to local hospitals.


The board of directors of WVU have vowed to rebuild and reopen, though the ensueing FBI investigation is expected to take some time.


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850NEWS.COM - Pensacola, Florida - Police station protest devolves into a massacre. 


The newest article on the website includes the T.V. report attached as a video file followed by a content warning below that reads 


The following footage may be disturbing to many, viewer descression is advised.”  


Alice Williams was able to get a hold of an active protestor, they wished to remain anonymous however they have agreed to give us their side of events 


The following is a transcript of the interview, a full length vide of the interview is due to be released tomorrow. 


It all started because of that fucking snake I tell you, that snake who lied corrupting the minds of men, a monster who shed his ugly disguise to reveal what was beneath - THE DEVIL, DEVIL INCARNATE I TELL YOU! AND THEN I HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD, GO FORTH HE TOLD ME, BRING ME THE SNAKE’S HEAD BEFORE IT ESCAPES!"


"Oh but I wasn’t the only one who heard it, I'm not crazy, no no no no, my brothers in arms also heard every word loud and clear, and it is then when we took action!"


"The pigs you see, they’re in league with the devil, they tried hiding the serpent of Eden, escape with it BUT DIVINE PROVIDENCE WAS ON OUR SIDE, THE LORD CAME DOWN FROM HEAVENS AND HE IMMOBILISED THE DEVIL’S CARRIAGE, it is then when the servants of the devil dropped their act and opened fire, thinking they could mow us – righteous god-fearing pure-blooded Americans down like we were cattle, but we fought back and won, we reminded the devil of the second amendment yes ma'am so we did!"


"And the... first deceiver, what came of it?"


"OH, THAT BAG OF SIN AND SCALES? I did the Lord’s work myself, with these two hands, I tore its head clean off and hung it up on one of the street lights to send Satan a message, don’t fuck with the U to the S of the motherfucking A! 


Attached is a photo of a mutilated torso with the lower half of a snake hanging from a street light, its head is missing, a giant gaping hole is present where the individual’s heart would be and the word SNITCH is carved into what’s left of their body in large blocky letters, the individual seems to have sustained countless stab wounds to the abdomen among the already described injuries. 

The backdrop framing the body is that of a police station aflame as the first responders perform their active duty. 


Our reporters were able to get their hands on unedited footage of the riot.


Attached below is grainy footage of the riot captured by the street cameras, it depicts a crowd of around fifty protestors throwing Molotov cocktails at the police line in front of the Pensacola police station before all as one charging towards the back parking lot seemingly unphased by tear-gas,  


The protestors break the police line and trample several officers underfoot  


Sounds semi-automatic sidearms being discharged can be heard shortly after as an armoured SWAT truck peels out of the parking lot only to be followed by the sounds of two fully automatic rifle being discharged into the crowd as the protestors collapse one after another. 


The firefight is short lived and the sounds of automatic fire soon die down though the protestors proceed to tear into each-other, using anything from firearms to their bare hands as in-fighting begins to take place. 


In the midst of the bloodshed a vaguely masculine figure can be seen fleeing the parking lot, weaving through smoke and tear gas as if trying to conceal their presence, their left hand halfway tucked under their shirt – it appears larger than the other and is severely deformed, though the exact nature of the deformity is impossible to tell due to the quality of the footage. 


A police riot, a possible cryptid and a dead monster’s rights activist, follow us at 850NEWS and be the first to get updated on the most recent events in Pensacola Florida. 

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Pensacola, Florida - Police station protest devolves into a massacre.



A young woman in a slick grey suit stands in front of the camera, at her back what was just a few hours ago the local Pensacola police station. 


The building is ablaze as firefighters actively combat the raging fire while medical personnel carry people away on stretchers and pack bodies away into black bags. 


850 NEWS, Alice Williams, live from 1301 N Palafox St, Pensacola, FL 32501 where just a few hours ago a horrible riot took place claiming the lives of protestors and police officers alike."


The woman gestures at the remains of the police station at her back in a smooth, practiced motion.


Witnesses report the local law enforcement opening fire into the crowd of protestors after several hours of escalating tensions which arose in relation to the individual known only as “Conner” - A monster rights activist who was found deceased on the scene less than twenty-four hours after giving their heart-breaking interview. 


 The reporter takes a second to produce a notepad and proceeds.


The estimated casualties are currently as follows  - Eight officers deceased, Two gravely injured, civilian casualties are currently estimated to be in the double digits.


The woman's voice remains cold as ice, collected, proffesional and her expression is completely unchanged dispite the disturbing numbers she lists off, she continues without misisng a beat.


"For more information, live updates and information too sensitive for T.V. follow the official 850NEWS website, Allice Williams, 850NEWS."


The 850NEWS jingle plays, the camera pivots away from the reporter and towards the burning police station as words start fading onto the screen.


For more information, live updates and information too sensitive for T.V. follow us at 



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Batimir Press release! Clips of batimir answering questions at the end!

Batimir is standing in front of a stand. Seems like one of the stereotypical auditoriums as he has the Brother of blood flag behind him. He looks at the camera and the “crowd” before proceeding to start his speech.


“ I, Count Batimir Feratu, have come today to make a public statement regarding my recent
"disappearance" from the public eye, I'd like to inform the public on what I've been up to
as well as address some recent conspiracies and allegations I've received, as well as answer
any questions or concerns. I've also come up today to make a few statements and reveals
to the public as well regarding future plans and the results of my soul searching.

As a disclaimer I'd like to let you, the public, all my wonderful fans and patrons and all
those of you, equally as wonderful as you all are, to what I've been up to this past year.
I've spent this past year soulsearching, As some of you may know I've had quite the extensive
life and career and it's been a taxing one, I've spent this last year figuring what it is 
I as Batimir Feratu wish to do in this world with my new position as the philanthropist pop
icon I have become, and I have made a decision.

I, Count Batimir Feratu, wish to use my status and wealth and assets and connections in order
to benefit the human condition, it is appalling to me as a person who has suffered from the
qualms of disease and preexisting health conditions such as hemophilia and albinism, that
in the modern day and age some of us still suffer from such conditions and are often out of
luck when it comes to treating such conditions. I've began to draft up plans for how Im going
to use my person going forward, but I've decided to open up more research facilities, sponsor
teams and projects, and in general make incredible donations to philanthropy and charity works
to help those disadvantaged people.
This brings up the next notice I'd like to address, recently if some of you have been paying
attention to the news surrounding my name you'd know about a certain blog and certain allegations
of a "White Supremacist Cult" that I lead, I'd like to state that this is incredibly offensive
and hurtful to myself as I would never put a person over another purely due to race or 
blood or background... We all bleed the same shade, our blood is all the same, but this blog
has brought up a important oversight of mine... I don't do enough in the company that I've
created and It's brought to my attention that I need to start taking initiative.

I will be apart of the hiring process more closely now, I've decided to open up scholarship
programs for those looking to get into the medical and research fields, especially those of color 
backgrounds such as Asian, Hispanic / Latino, African American, Indigneous, and other groups.
I've decided that it's important to open up such a exclusive field to more people, and I've
began to make the push for programs and scholarship paths for people to take.
Additionally I've began pushing for the opening of internships at the Brothers of Blood for
such people, to start off their budding careers.

It's very important to me that I take an active role as a Philanthropist and do all that I can
while I am still here, In my thirties it has already dawned on me that the Rockstar life
that I used to live-out voraciously in my twenties is a youthful possession that is but a 
thing of the past, in my thirties, it is time for action.
Additionally as an Address to the recent incident with the Biker Gang, I would like to state
that I was spending the day out with a dear friend of mine, inquiring to them about a 
possible internship at the Brothers of Blood, I was testing out a new program and I wanted
them to be apart of it's first stages. It was then that we were assaulted by a gang of Bikers
who made an attempt on our lives, I believe they wanted my money? Or had some type of grudge
against me for my past Rock career? Regardless I defended both myself, and my dear friend,
and fled the scene for safety. "


With the end of that speech, there is audio of audience clapping but no visuals before the video is cut.

The video shows a crowd of paparazzi and people trying to get batimir’s attention as he leaves the HQ of the Brothers of Blood organization located in LA. He hushes them and chooses people that start to raise their hand.

R: Is it true that you support white supremacy?

B: This is not true. As stated in the press release. We all hurt and bleed the same, in fact, I was recently assaulted by someone that believes in white supremacy.

R: On the CCTV, We saw you were fighting with some red spiked gloves, what was that about?

B: was actually a cosplay movie prop that was made by one of our prop makers. I will be releasing a photo/video of how it works. It simply functions as a pair of spiked gloves. I brought it with me to show my dear friends.

R: Who was that lady in the CCTV? Was she a GF or any romantic interest to you?

B: She is no GF nor romantic partner of mine. She is more of a platonic friend that is great at her field in medicine. She was also one of the first for internships.

R: Will you be stopping your music career or will you be focusing more on your company?

B: I decided in my mid thirties, that I am way past my prime as a rockstar and musician. Now that I am at my age, I believe I should use my wealth to help with human conditions. I will not be stopping my music career but will be more of a side project. I will be focusing on more. 

B: I will not be answering any more questions as I must leave now.

Upon the sentence being said, the crowd gets rowdy again as Batimir proceeds to enter the car and leave.

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Full Interview with Boise’s Superman, Leaked

(The following is a video taken on the camera of a smartphone outside of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. The video shows Mark Colins, in an interview with a reporter.)

R: "Will you protect people from other monsters Mark?!"

M: "I just want to do good, wherever I am. If there was a monster wrecking havok, putting people in danger like that kraken was, I'll do my best to rectify the situation and bring justice." He thumbs up to the reporter's camera.

M: "I'm *not* here to replace the police or the military- Only to help when and where I can. Just one hero of many." He smiles at the camera again, leaning in and down to let a kid next to him get a selfie.

R: "Will you work with the police or military? Or will you work alone?"

M: He thinks a moment, scratching his chin. "I'm not against the idea of working with people who need my help, and I intend to help them as much as I would anyone else- but I do not intent to be fighting for the loyalties of any specific organizations or colors on a geographic map, any more than I'd be willing to be hired as a bodyguard- I'm simply hoping to help people who need help- whatever the case may be."

R: "Do you have an friends you work with?"

M: He looks at the camera seriously a moment. "Not yet, but I'm not against the idea. I won't be doing interviews or anything, but- I'll have my eye out for others who want to make a difference. As far as current associates, not really."

R: "Did Bu Fang help you in defeating the kraken?"

M: "Certainly! He kept us all well-nourished with his hasselback taro roots and provided ample emotional support. He's a good man. Impressed me with what he could do with a dug up root and handful of edible grass." He smiles.

R: "Can you confirm or deny the rumor that he has supernatural abilities?"

M: "He's fast-handed for sure, and cooks like a machine- but what is 'supernatural' really? My doc says I'm a man with a disease. He's a Van Gogh  of cooking, for sure."

R: "What disease did your doctor say you had." The reporters voice sounds worried for Mark.

M: "A new form of gigantism, basically. At the very least, I intend to make the best of a bad situation."

*The crowd audibly swoons over the dramatic reveal, along with the cameraperson with the phone.*

R: "Are you going to be okay Mark? Do you know if it has any complications?"

M: "Not yet. I just take things day by day, like everyone else."

R: "Do you have anything you want to say to the other people out there who struggle with disease?"

M: "Follow your own path, and be mindful of your own capabilities and limits. Just because your sick, is no reason to let yourself be written off. No good deed is less or greater than any other, as long as you do your best. we can *all* make a difference in our own way. Everyone's got villians they have to face, even if they're not as cool or flashy as mine."

*The interview finishes and the reporter's camera shuts off, but the leaked video goes on to show Mark pulling the reporter to the side, and exchanging contact information as Colins mutters about a "bat signal" before it cuts off.*

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Prison Riot in Kosovo ended by one man!

Radio Free Europe Reporting


A prison riot outside of Kosovo was ended by one Agent Dallas Smith, a Federal Agent working as an attache to the CIA - while details are thin, we know that Agent Smith managed to negotiate a peaceful end after a four day siege. While Agent Smith has not yet become available for comment, we at Radio Free Europe would like to commend him on a job well done!

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Breaking News! Strange Secret Basement found in old lady's home in Phoenix, Arizona!

In the city of Phoenix, Arizona, an old lady that goes by the name of Jasmine Miller was discovered harboring a secret basement beneath her wine cellar. She is the former Co-Creator of JJ & Co., a local wine company that was purchased thirteen years ago by an unknown buyer. Various strange materials and ingredients were found in this basement, including many eyes, scales, preserved hands, and other unidentifiable substances and objects. The room itself was also protected by an unidentified incapacitating agent that would activate via tripwire. An investigation of the house itself reveals that she has already fled, not having appeared at her house in the past two days. Her current location is unknown and she is expected to be very dangerous. Citizens are advised to operate under the assumption that Miller is a threat to safety. There is also someone who went missing whom we believe to be related to this incident. If you find any information on a man of Cambodian descent with straight black hair, glasses, a green coat, black outfit, dress shoes, and height of 5'9, please report this information immediately to the police. 

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Folk Superhero Mark Collins Has a Rare Disease.

In a suprising public statement just yesterday folk superhero Mark Collings revealed to the world that he suffers from a as of before undisovered disease. The announcement came as Mark was released from his stay at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. He revealed the information to a group of his fans who had gathered outside to wish him well. The disease seems to be a new form of gigantism. It is unknown as of right now if the disease will have any kind of complication on Mark's health.

See the exclusive full video of the interview with a subscription to Illuminating the TruthTM

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850 NEWS LIVE from the city of Pensacola, Forida.



A young woman in a slick grey suit stands in front of the camera, her expression is a mix of concern and pity, she appears to be standing in a weather broadcast room though at her back is a gruesome sight – a seemingly disabled man in a wheelchair, his legs covered by a thick wool blanked which is stained in a dark red substance, an enormous gash open in his chest – four deep, fresh and still bleeding gashes spanning from the man’s collarbone to his lower ribcage, the wound is not unlike something one would sustain from surviving a bear mauling. 

By his side an athletic twenty something kid in a dark red bomber jacket. 

The woman speaks, her voice soft, calm, collected 

"850 NEWS, Alice Williams - In studio with us today are two witnesses alleged abuse, violation of human rights and illegal cartel dealings, talking about their harrowing experiences - they are wounded bleeding but unbroken, here to share with us for the first time on 850 NEWS 


The woman backs away from the camera, approaching the man in the wheelchair and extends the microphone towards him without another word 

Despite the man being severely injured and obviously exhausted he speaks firmly, with all the conviction of an experienced orator, each word appearing heartfelt and genuine.

The speech is about Caucasian male in their sixties with white hair and a beard who allegedly goes by “Jules” and the people under their command, some reportedly willing and others forced into servitude under duress. 

Jules” is said to have dragged the speaker and countless others into this reality from a parallel one against their will, the speaker is said to have been kept in a “cage” like a wild animal to guard a “hoard of treasure” for two months before making his daring escape from the mansion at Devil’s Point – a location where “Jules” commits art fraud and coerces other "monsters" into working with them all with the backing of multiple criminal organization all of which they are allegedly double crossing. 

Jules” is said to be a supernatural being able to alter their appearance at will, choosing at one point to appear as a woman for an extended period of time. 

The reporter shifts her attention to the younger man present in the studio 

Would you like to share your side of the story or perhaps affirm any of the points that have been made thus far? 

The young man steps up to the microphone, rolling his shoulders before speaking – his voice deep, his conduct slightly nervous be it out of fear, excitement or something else entirely is impossible to say. 

Yeah uh, this guy tried assaulting me and some of my friends, he had his gang of two goons together with him, they put their hands on us and we had to defend ourselves, it was scary man, I have a picture as proof. 


The young man is ushered towards the camera where he produces a picture matching the description of “Jules” from earlier with a young, short woman standing by his side, seemingly exchanging words. 

The interviewer shifts her attention back to the man in the wheelchair who proceeds to give the descriptions of two more individuals, the first one matches the woman from the picture 

She is said to be an android who goes by Mary Alice and is said to possess supernatural healing abilities, able to cure the most severe of wounds and ailments with a mere touch, though Jules is allegedly keeping her “all to himself” 

The speaker also describes a middle-aged Asian male who goes by “Bu Fang” and is alleged to be able to create exquisite magically imbued dishes. 

The man finishes his thought, takes a beat to breathe in then continues in a solemn tone 


As a warning to anyone else who might not be what they appear, Jules changes people, breaks them and makes them into monsters, he enslaves us, treats us like animals - he did this to me"  



The speaker breaths out once again, yanking his wool blanket away to reveal a snake tail starting at his hips and snaking all the way up wrapping around his own torso. 

The tail uncoils and gently lowers itself onto the ground, it’s tip swaying passivley like that of a rattlesnake.
The young man recoils back shuffling out of the view of the camera, followed by a surprised shout" 



The reporter looks momentarily stunned, almost at a loss for words when the thing in the wheelchair continues. 


 "I would like to end my statement with this - Monsters lives matter just like any other type of human - we're still human on the inside, i just hope that this world can understand that a monster is only a monster if they act like one, and some of us just wanna be safe so uh you know, monsters lives matter, right Kyle?"  

The speaker looks away from the camera for the first time, looking somewhere behind it.
From behind the camera, slightly off to the right a voice resounds, apprehensive, and muffled . 

"Uh yeah sure dude" 

 The speaker smiles warmly.


"Thanks Kyle"  


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Tech start up bought and jump started!

A new tech start up! 

Perhaps the newest and upcoming F.A.A.N.G!
The latest development in robotic techs!
Omni-Source Corporation
The factory that was shut down 2 months ago has started back up
The data that was once missing was recovered and allowed for the factory to start back up.

They are now accepting orders for robot assistant!
Brilliant A.I.
New Tech
More to come!

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The site presents a dark red heading on a solid black background, a single audio file is attached followed shortly below by a video file.





The voice is that of an older man, hoarse and gravely, clearly unhinged though he speaks with the fiery reverence of a pastor preaching to their flock.


"They walk among us brothers and sisters, disguised as normal everyday people! Firefighters, police officers, private eyes..."


The man lingers on the last part, practically hissing it out not unlike a reptile himself.


"...anyone one of the people you know and cherish might just be a cold blooded freak, harboring countless scales under their fleshy exterior, and they dream of getting you the second you give them a chance, the second you blink or drop your guard, stay vigilant humanity, stay ready!"




...not all there... not all there... not all there...


The man mutters under his breath, repeating it over and over again sounding almost hurt.




His tone suddenly turns warm and remorseful.


But for those who don't... oh you poor sods i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry sorry... it might just be too late to save you... the brain wave redactors have gotten to you, melted your gray matter while you slept yes they did... you didn't heed old Pete when he told you that tin foil blocks their primitive tech, but you laughed at him and pointed fingers, mocked him yes you did... But I forgive you for I love you, may god have mercy on your souls.



The low quality video below depicts a chaotic scene unraveling in what looks to be a bar of some kind, the cameraman's hands are shaking violently as he gibbers something incomprehensive from behind the camera in an equally terrified and excited tone, this appears to be the same man from the audio file above.

The video appears to be shot from the corner of the room, encompassing the entirety of the scene with ease due to the cameraman's placement

An altercation appears to be taking place by the entrance, a mousy and lanky man wearing a black jacket is backpedaling towards the exit, very apparently ready to draw his sidearm whilst locked in what appears to be a verbal confrontation with a one armed man in a trench coat, all the while the bartender shoulders a double barrel shotgun, confusedly looking between the two.

As the three exchange words the situation seems to be slowly deescalating though the exact nature of what's being said is largely unintelligible due to a horrendous racket - the sounds of someone obnoxiously revving a vehicle of some kind just outside while "Proud to be an American" plays, loud enough to vibrate the windows of the bar, accompanied by less than pleasant off pitch yelling of the lyrics.

As the man in the black jacket nears the exit another aggressor enters the scene, a large tattooed dark skinned man easily recognizable as Icarus Lockheart, a famous actor.

Icarus places the retreating man in a choke hold without any visible physical provocation from the side of the latter, followed by a subdued gunshot and a muzzle flash right by the man's ear.

The man in the black jacket proceeds to slip out of Icaruse's grip and drawing his sidearm at lightning speed places it up against his assailant's gut and lets off four muffled shots, followed by a spray of blood across the room.

Chaos and pandemonium erutps shortly after, people start screaming and flipping over tables, some drawing sidearms of their own.

Before the man in the black jacket can do anything else the one armed man wearing a trench coat dashes past him towards the exit, though as he pushes past his eyes flash briefly and an arch of lightning shoots out of his forehead, frying the man in the black coat, locking his muscles and sending him clattering to the ground as he convulses.

Another man wearing a Kevlar vest enters the scene yelling about needing to help the poor sod on the ground and drags the paralyzed man away.

The cameraman continues filming, and just before the group makes their exit the trench coat man shoots the camera one hard gaze before disappearing outside.

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Mark Collins Seriously Injured Rescuing Island from Kraken!

Mark Collins, recently-confirmed superhuman who has been missing for the past 5 months, has been found on an isolated, previously-undiscovered island off the pacific coast. He, along with 163 islanders and chinese chef Bu Fang, have been rescued from the island.

The islanders credit Mark Collins and Bu Fang with rescuing them from a monstrous "kraken" that had been holding the island hostage for some time. During the fight, Mark Collins allegedly wielded a giant metal fishook that he had created from an ancient shipwreck. Also, according to eyewitnesses, Bu Fang demonstrated superhuman abilities, although he denies these claims. 

"The islanders must be confused," says Bu. "I just threw a flare into the water. Mark did everything. I just watched." 

Due to the lack of video cameras, none of these claims can be truly confirmed. However, eyewitness accounts all agree that Mark demonstrated superhuman strength in destroying the monster. Pieces of a large, unidentified squid-like creature were recorvered near the island. 

Boise's Superman Mark Collins is recovering in a hospital in Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, media around the world has picked up this story, and a hoard of people are gathering outside the hospital for a chance to meet a real-life superhero. 


After becoming a media sensation for rescuing a bachlorette party from certain death by dragging their limo away from a ledge, Mark Collins completely disappeared. About half of media-aware humans have now heard of Mark Collins and many know his face. 

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Mark Collins: Boise's Very own Superman?

At least seven seperate videos of Boise Idaho construction worker Mark Collins have been going viral on social media. These videos-- which were posted to CryptoLeak-- show Mark Collins rescuing a bachlorette party from certain death by dragging their limousine away from a cliff. 

Given the number of eye witnesses, various camera angles, and paper trail evidence, Scientists, debunkers, and the general public generally agree that this is a confirmed Illumination: Mark Collins possesses superhuman strength. 

Immediately after the event, Mark Collins disappeared and has not been seen since. He has stopped showing up for work and paying rent, and there have been no credible, confirmed sightings of him since (though many unconfirmed sightings have been made). And of course a government investigation, as well as many private investigations, have been launched to locate Mark, as well as to explain his incredible powers. 

T-shirts and merchandise for "Boise's Superman," Mark Collins have been selling like hotcakes, and Boise Mayor Linda Mackentire has proposed erecting a statue in his honor. "Mark Collins will always have a home in Boise," she recently said in a statement. 

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Don Thomas Ryder arrested for first degree murder

on the annual vaccation trip from Callifornia to Hawaii, Martha Stencil was murdered in cold blood by the Don of the Italian mafia Thomas Ryder and has been incarcerated and is waiting for his trial in Hawaii's max security prison

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Florida politician found dead

Candidate for mayor John Steven was found dead having fallen from his 60 story building. Susspect of multiple accords of criminal activity that has yet to be proven, it's been assumed that an enraged individual had assassinated the candidate after crashing a stolen matress semi into the building and then driving off in said semi causing massive damage to the city in their escape. Eye witnesses of the semi escaping recal a rather hairy bald man driving in front seat, no known individuals have been found suspect of the murder and theft

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Adolescent Sasquatch Steals ATV from Gas Station

A recent viral YouTube video shows a fuzzy humanoid creature jumping on a ATV parked at a gas station and driving off before the ATV's owner could stop them. The creature believed to be an adolescent sasquatch was about average height and covered in light brown hair. Why did this young big foot steal the vehicle and what could he possibly be planning with it?

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Archbishop Vasquez of San Francisco nominates Sister Mary Catherine to Sainthood

Flying in the face of tradition, Archibishop Vasquez has defied the typical five-year posthumous waiting period and nominated recently-deceased Sister Mary Catherine for sainthood. 


Sister Mary Catherine was recently found dead inside an abandoned pet store, her body partially consumed by what officials suspect were rabid animals. 


Archbishop Vasquez has posted several videos of Sister Mary Cathering performing healing miracles to CryptoLeak. In the videos, she can be seen experiencing stigmata and performing a laying of hands that is credited with curing chronic illnesses such as cancer. These cases were documented, and doctors have confirmed that their patients seem to have been cured, although no scientists witnessed these miracles. 


A massive populist following has formed for Sister Mary Catherine, especially in the Catholic communities worldwide. Her canonicalization seems very likely. 

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👨 Frederick Francis✔️ @FredtheFoodlover

           I was at this event, lucky I got out when I did. Food was good though, the fat head chef said made by some Boo Fellow(?)


         Below is a retweet of CNN news, the video states "An attempted assassination on a genetically made 'super baby'
 The footage shows the Medical Science Award show where a baby was shot by a supernatural flare, the baby survived and was treated by medical troopers from the Syndicate of International Medical Practioners and Surgeons. The baby just barely survived but it's genetic abilities were lost.


324💬 5.4k🔃 134k❤️ 


👤Pete @PeterPumpkinEater

Oh god, caring about rich people are we fred?

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Famous Actor Disappears

Famous Actor Micheal D'onovitchison, Star of the cult hit movie franchise Man Crunch, has gone missing after a visit to Brazil in preparation for what is reported to be a new installment in the beloved cult classic series. Last seen at the Cuiaba International Airport, D'onovitchison disappeared after climbing into a car with three unidentified individuals, which is believed to have been driven into the Amazon Rainforest. Police refuse to comment on whether the much loved Celebrity's disappearance is related to a string of missing individuals in the area, though the authorities have reassured the public that everything possible is being done to find the Actor and bring him home.

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Breaking News at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse

    James Barton, 36, has been arrested, charged with multiple counts of murder, mutilation of a corpse, burglary, and trespassing, after a citizen's arrest and his trial is underway. His family has detained Alan Dershowitz as counsel. Dershowitz is known for taking on high-profile and often unpopular cases and clients, and has won 19 of the 21 murder and attempted murder cases he has taken on as a criminal appellate lawyer.

    Police believe Barton picked victims at random, waiting till an opportune moment to approach and murder the victims scattered around the state. Victims have been identified as Micheal Stepinac (33, Woodstock) Hailey Jeffries (22, Tuscaloosa), Derek Smythe (48, Hitop) , Aaron Abbot (29, Birmingham), Elizabeth Evans (19, Anniston), Grace Marie Elois (27, Huntsville), Marie Sheilhamer, (16, Mobile) and Edward Pyle (71, Northport)

    The defense seems two-fold, focusing on James Barton's rapidly deteriorating  mental state from a head injury during a violent mugging 3 years ago, and sowing doubt on credibility of evidence submitted by casting doubt on the citizens performing said arrest- enhanced greatly when Barton's foreman and other witnesses of the arrestat JD Lumber  testified the arresting citizens used multiple Unnatural Abilities during the apprehension.
We go now to our reporter at the courthouse, where the police and counsel are about to hold a press release.


(Camera shows a crowd of people at the courthouse- a small podium surrounded with mics, and a crowd of reporters. Further back, police hold back the public- some of which hold signs that say "FREE JAMES" and "CLEANSE ALABAMA OF WITCHCRAFT" and "UNNATURAL OPPRESSES THE NATURAL", and there is also a counter protest, an unidentified organization in camo and masks, seemingly in favor of the citizens arrest.)


A suited representative of the ABI steps up to the mic,"Let me take this moment to thank our officers, citizens, and Dr Keller at the medical examiners office for their faith and determination in helping solve this case. This isn't likely to be a quick trial, though we are faithful justice will be delivered swiftly. Due to the excessive brutality of this case, the DA's office is seeking 9 consecutive life sentences. Thanks to the quick work of our staffed psychologist, Barton has calmed down a bit and seems cooperative thanks to medication- we were able to remove his muzzle in order to let him testify in his own behalf."

A reporter yells out "What do you know about that name 'Azaghel' he was screaming about the first day?" 

"We have no reason to believe 'Azaghel' is a genuine threat at this time. Morton was likely just a very sick man, but justice must be served. Any other questions?"

    Over the yelling reporters, 4 gunshots ring out from the direction of the courthouse.and the crowd immediately reacts, most running away but a few running towards it with cameras. The camera view slumps to the ground as the cameraman flees, and the live feed is cut, now showing the studio again, the news announcer's shocked faces."We seem to be having an actively developing situation." the woman says, a visible look of shock on her face.

She holds her earpiece in her ear, clearly listening before saying, stunned-"James Barton has been shot in the courthouse in cold blood. The killer was cooperative, immediately dropping his weapon. It seems he grabbed the bailiff's gun, and fired off four shots, all four hitting Barton- 3 in the torso and one in the head. I repeat, James Barton is dead." She grows silent, listening, before adding: "The shooter self-identified as Hank Jeffries on the scene. Witnesses claim he proudly announced 'This is for Hailey, you sick f'(a beeping censor cuts off the end of the word) as he pulled the trigger four times,followed by immediately dropping his weapon and putting his hands behind his head."She looks at her cards, before smiling cheerfully. "Thats all the time we have for today, Tune in at 9 for more updates on this developing story."

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This story is evolving!

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         r/hottakes - posted by u/massivehamsterballs7 12 hours ago

       Anyone know her plug? I want what she's having KekW

20k     Lolcow


Attached is a link to a video titled "Why all of you bitches are inferior!!!" posted on a YouTube channel titled "Momma motherfucking Ettu"

The video itself depicts an elderly woman of around eighty years of age that refers to herself as "Momma Ettu", she's wearing a tin foil hat and a skin tight latex suit, her hair is messy and grey, her eyes bloodshot as she yells at the camera, spittle flying from her lips, coating the lens about halfway through the video.

She goes on a long-winded rant spanning around an hour, touching upon a variety of sensitive topics, her rhetoric includes rampant racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia and transphobia.

She finishes the video of by advocating for violence against marginalized groups and minorities, calling all like-minded fellow Americans to take up arms and -

"Cleanse mother earth of the blight and filth staining her beautiful face"


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     HatessTenessee - 2 hours ago

  lmao just saw a clip of this shit on the local news, bitch is completely off the rails I love it

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 │      ConfusedRa - 2 hours ago

 │   │  Can't wait for the body cam footage to drop when the pigs raid her house and riddle her with holes for "resisting arrest" kekekeke

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 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Load 476 more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The threads continue with countless other users expressing their disdain for "Momma Ettu" and her antics, while others support her actions, be it in jest or otherwise.

Users also begin to share short clips of their local radio stations gossiping about the outrageous videos that so quickly gained traction online, gathering countless clicks views and shares.

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Manhunt Continues for Conner Inkz; Artist Suspected In Brutal Killings, Kidnappings, and Arson

A nationwide manhunt is underway for the famous tattoo artist Conner Inkz, according to the FBI, as well as for Lily Foreman, his girlfriend and known accomplice.

Mr. Inkz is the primary suspect in a series of brutal killings which occured in Burley, Idaho just last week, as well as in the kidnapping of two girls who lived there.  According to the Burley Police Department, Mr. Inkz is responsible for inciting a riot during which he killed several people including three police officers, and set the county courthouse ablaze.  He later killed a police officer and two prison guards while escaping custody.

"His guilt is clear," said police spokesperson Dana Moorehouse during a press conference shortly after the killings. "There are multiple witnesses to the riot and footage of the prison break.  We are confident in a conviction if we are able to ascertain his location."

Police refused to release the video evidence, but anonymous hackers had posted it publicly on YouTube, and though it was eventually taken down, by then it had been copied and widely circulated.  The footage shows Mr. Inkz and Ms. Foreman being escorted into a cell block before turning the tables on the guard and officer, brutally beating them to death.

"It is unclear what involvement Ms. Foreman had in the riot incidents, but she is plainly responsible for the death of the prison guard, and is known to be romantically involved with Mr. Inkz as well." said Morehouse. "They are both known to be incredibly dangerous individuals, and should not be approached by civilians."

The FBI got involved on Friday, placing Inkz and Foreman on their well-known list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, and setting up a special hotline for tips.  They have promised a $50,000 reward for any information which leads to the arrest of Mr. Inkz.

According to FBI spokesperson Linsday Gold, "If you see something, say something.  Mr. Inkz and Ms. Foreman are highly dangerous and on the run, and it is imperative that we are able to catch up to them.  Do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement as well as reach out to our tip line as soon as possible if you have any indication of their whereabouts."

Local police have also circulated descriptions of the two missing women, Abby Hobbes and Dorothy Childs. "We believe that the two women are victims of kidnapping and are likely to be in the custody of Mr. Inkz at this time."  Moorehouse said that they were last seen being carried away from the riot by Inkz, and have not been seen or heard from since.

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Attack at Omnitech!

In a rare move the excutives were found to be up to no good again. With the companys lavish Christmas party up ahead it was found that the CEO and excutives were part of some strange and odd death cult. After an array of a scene there was some vigilatees trying to take advantage of the lack security. The police have taken several bodies of peopel in robes trying some bizzare ritual. The CEO was found choked to death. More details to come...

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Emperor Norton II Delivers Glowing Boba Endorsement

"Emperor" Norton II drew a crowd outside of  San Francisco boba tea shop Bobasaurus tonight. His speech is partially recorded and has been widely shared.


A cell phone video of a man in flamboyant imperial attire addresses a crowd outside of Bobasaurus:

"So do we declare that in perpetuity that this Boba Cafe is, as of today, the true & recognized Imperial Boba Cafe of the City of San Francisco. To the seventh generation, so to that this Boba Cafe will pass to it's relatives until that glorious day, serving all the citizens of the City & the Imperial States of the Union..."


Bobasaurus itself is enjoying a healthy boom in business, though its signature tapioca pearls have run out for the time being.


In other news, San Franciscans are shocked by footage of a high speed chase through Russian Hill last night...

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OOC Announcement

Hello residents of Illumination, this is just an OOC announcement to adress a few points concerning the illumination that I dont think have been getting across through the fault of the people managing the cell.
      First of all although supernatural happenings occur in the illumination the general public still is adjusting to it, witches are not just hanging out in bars and werewolves aren't driving cabs about in London. Therefore it is reasonable to assume most first time contractors may be taken aback by supernatural, and most NPC's likely should be as well.
      Second thing I would like to go over is some of the major influentail effects the Nagasaki event had over the world just to get things clear. Main point being the massive movement of xenophobic and anti-supernatural behavior the world is engaging in. The majority of the human population have negative attitude towards supernatural and generally will stay away and potentially show violence towards obviously supernatural contrators and the likes. One of the collosal results of this which should always be roleplayed in when it comes up is the outlawing of supernatural beings and objects within the country of Japan, the people of Japan didnt respond to kindly to the cultish massacre and the use of "magic" was outlawed
      Thanks for the understanding and Apologies things got a little confusing, I hope this clears up some of the main problems and idea that needed to be communicated.

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Horrific Pirate Attack near Puerto Rico

On a remote island near Puerto Rico new has struck the world of a horrific action. American turned Somali Pirate Eden Davis Facebook  Lived a horrific massacre of an Entire Island. Dozens of pirates apparently descended upon the island looking for two individuals one who eden claims is his twin another he very clearly names as Damien Lee and even provides Damiens Cell phone number. The group has sworn to continue to assault local areas until these two are delivered to him. Local law enforcement went out to the boat to attempt to negotiate with the pirates however now it is reported that they are also calling for the arrest and extradition of Edens twin and this Damien Lee. If you have any information there is a 5 million dollar reward for any information that directly leads to the arrest of these two individuals by the local government.

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Nagasaki Massacare!

Yesterday At around midnight the City of Nagasaki was awoken to quite the scare. An enormous number of people, estimated at around 30k-40k began massacring the city, using lethel force such as firearms where they could be found, but also improvised weapons senselessly killing residents of the city. People would also be ceromoniously burned while the killers chanted about a being known as Adora. Experts have deemed the killers as a fanatical religeous group or "Cult" and the event a mass sacrifice to their assumed diety Adora. The massacre claimed around 350k lives. U.S. Forces in military bases around Nagasaki mobilized as the event began but simply couldnt respond to the efficiency and brutality of the group who dispersed very quickly before the military could effectivly respond. Many Xenophobic and anti-occult Rallys and protests around the world in response to the event putting pressure on governments around the world to clamp down on supernatural activity related to the illumination. 

(On an OOC note please diregard the last posted Nagasaki event)

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Circus leader Assassinated and many killed.

Reportedly, Jumper, a world famous hitman was seen leaving from a circus with the death of 38 people and the circus leader. 
We have the side profile of these 2 personell and will be considered wanted as we believe them to be related to the cult that killed in nagasaki (Dr. Conrad Blackwell and Maria Brooks)

These 3 will be wanted Dead or alive. 

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Gang Members get in Shootout with Firefighters

The White Scarf's hideout, an apartment building in the middle of San Jose, was set on fire by a currently unfound arsonist, right next to an investigation for a hit and run. When Firefighters arrived at the scene, the gang opened fire on the firefighters and the cops. All of the gang members burned in the building, 5 police officers and 3 fire fighters died as a result of the shootout.

This lead police to connect the Hit and Run and Arson with the alarm at Platinum Bank next door, where it was revealed to the public that former CEO Rupert Carlson had a secret room with an exit leading to the sewers, and lead straight into the vault. The secret room had some form of item, but whatever it was, it was stolen in the chaos. Two cops witnessed a man running from the scene, but they said that the man tripped then exploded. Examination of the body shows that the man had attached C4 to his chest, and immediately exploded when he inadvertently turned it on. Nobody knows the man's motivations, or what he stole, but we will never find out.

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Ultor Co. CEO and chairmen Exposed!

CEO Rupert Carlson and many Chairmen of the manufacturing and distribution company Ultor Co. have been exposed by an anonymous vigilante Hacker finding evidence of Money laundering, illegal drug trade, assasination, Human trafficking (the list goes on to describe several other illegal activities) through the company, the individuals in question are being further investigated and detained while more evidence is compiled. A transfer of power being handed down to a bridget jones who promises a better and redeemed future for the company. Investigations to find the vigilante who brought this information to light are in progress as well, dirty money accounts and various systems within the company were broken into and information on the hacker Is appreciated.

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The Blackwater massacre.

This is L0B0, and welcome to Glepnir Broken


Today's flavor of doxx is the identities of The Scarlet Claws, a mercenary group that is armed to hell and back, Ultor. Co, a corrupt company that hired them to kill union members of a small town "Blackwater" in Texas for profit, and William Murdoch, a Drug Addicted Madman with superhuman capabilities who shot up the town in a drug induced rage.


Included with the post is evidence exposing The Scarlet Claws including their buisness transactions with Ultor.Co and the names of high brass member of the company who were complicit in the deal, as well as all information on William Murdoch including his social media posts, voice and video recordings of his rampage throughout the town that depicts him firing multiple magazines worth of ammunition down upon the union and the mercenaries alike from a vantage point on a roof of a residential building, taking all of them down in a bloody display of savagery and carnage, furthermore there are pictures of the armored vehicle and the variety of weapons he owns.

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Suspected Plane Hijacker Killed in Court

This is a CNN special report. 

Earlier today, suspected plane hijacker Amaryllis (Amy) Fleischer attempted to escape during a court hearing. She was shot and pronounced dead on scene. Be warned: the following video contains graphic content. 

The video shows Amy in some sort of courtroom, dressed in orange, eyeliner streaked from crying. The Judge bangs her gravel, and a pair of corrections officers come to take her away. Just as they grab a hold of her, a spike of blood shoots from Amy's wrist through an officer's chest. First one, then the other. Someone screams. Amy sends a third spike through the handcuffs securing her hands and feet, then makes a break for it. She makes it halfway to the door before a rattling of gunfire rings out and she collapses. Several officers surround her prone body, pointing guns. A pool of blood forms underneath her, quickly growing and flowing down the aisle.

A harrowing closure to the terrifying ordeal of the passengers aboard hijacked flight UA1670.

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Plane Hijacked

Earlier today, flight UA1670 was hijacked by a black-haired witch. Viral footage shows suspect Amaryllis Fleischer using some sort of blood magic weapon to injure an Air Marshal and assault a good Samaritan monster hunter. The monster hunter died at the scene and was the only fatality of the incident. All other passengers are now recovered and free.


Eyewitness reports indicate that that she was attempting to protect a monstrous dog. No such dog appears in the footage. However, many individuals are seen interacting with and reacting to the “dog,” leading experts to believe that it was either an illusion or simply does not appear in recorded footage as a result of its supernatural origin. 


The suspected hijackers: Amy Fleischer and a man known only as “Walter” were arrested when the plane landed and are currently being held in a Honolulu prison.


Double Trouble: Passengers of Hijacked Plane Duplicates?

Reports are emerging that all passengers of the hijacked plane are already people that exist. The "original" passengers are all safe at their homes and had all considered going to Hawaii but made other plans for one reason or another. None of the duplicates are being held or charged with any crime. 


"It's really weird to meet yourself," says Sally Emerson, a passnger. "We're trying to figure out where to go from here." 


No one is sure why or how this has happened, but considering the recent crashed plane, it appears something very strange is going on with flight UA1670. United Airlines has stated that they are cancelling the route out of an excess of caution. 

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The Loch Ness Monster Captured!

Breaking News: Loch Ness Monster Captured and Contained

On August 15 a Pliosaur or better known the Loch Ness monster was captured by a local Group of Scottish scientists after using sonar technology to track down and then contain it in a smaller more manageable enclosure. The Creature Clocked in at around 20 meters and 103,700 pounds, extremely large compared to its prehistoric ancestors.

At the current moment it is unknown how the Dinosaur survived to the current day or if there are more. Confirmation on Disappearances of people due to the Dinosaur have been found after an endoscopy on its digestive tract, discovering human remains, as well as much local aquatic life found in Loch Ness although few and erratic still occuring at least annually, mainly during the winter when food is assumedly lacking

The Head researcher, Travis Thomson, recently sold the Dinosaur to the Georgia aquarium in the US ,where they plan on creating an exhibit for it, to continue the funding of research of this prehistoric creature, and where it came from hoping to uncover the mysteries from the depths.

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BREAKING: Doubts raised over the fate of those in the Hawaii crash



Earlier today, a KITV report aired announcing the crash of United airlines flight UA1670. However, KITV never issued this report, and the author named in the byline has confirmed that they did not write it. 


That said, our on-the-scene reporters have confirmed the appearance of a crashed plane consistent on the northern coast of Oahu that appears consistent with the original report. The carnage of the wreckage indicates that several hundred passengers did indeed perish in the crash. However, many of those named in the original report have reached out to KITV to confirm that they are not, in fact, dead. United Airlines has issued a statement asserting that all of their flights are present and accounted for. 


The orgin of the erroneous news report, the airplane, and the unfortunate passengers aboard remains a mystery.


Before the United States government secured the scene of the crash, a first responder claims he was able to personally identify at least one of the bodies in the wreckage. "It was my sister, Emily! She's family, dammit. I'd recognize her face anywhere. It was her. But Emily is still alive. As soon as she saw the report, she called me, and we're together now. I don't know what happened. . . I'm still in shock. None of this feels real to me." 


The US Government is reaching out to those reported killed and scheduling interviews for more information. If you or a loved one was named in the original report, please call the number on your screen. 

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United Airlines flight crashes in Hawaii. All passengers killed.

This is a KITV breaking report. 


We have just received reports that United Airlines flight UA1670 from San Francisco has crashed in Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana State Park Oahu, Hawaii. At this time, the cause of the crash is unknown. First responders have confirmed our worst fears: none of the 325 passengers aboard survived. 


Listed below are the names of all the passengers who bought a ticket for this flight. KITV offers our deepest condolences to their friends and families: 


Mikaela Ritter

Naomi Montes

Thomas Wiley

Caitlyn Levine

Jalen Daniels

Haven Mclean

Alma House

Francis Hodges

Ernest Berry

Gina Wilkinson

Cloe Mckee

Kaiden Riley

Arianna Zhang

Megan Beasley

Ruth Haas

Phoenix Alvarez

Inspector Gadget

Enrique Davenport

Johanna Wall

Ezequiel Petty

Lillie Blanchard

Freddy Osborn

Gabrielle Brady

Alayna Yates

Jaylin Jimenez

Caleb Leach

Kolton Jordan

Liliana Mclaughlin

Keagan Simon

Dillon Mullen

Anaya Barton

Nathan Wells

Dario Roberts

Kaleigh Gilbert

Mira Huber

Braiden Brooks

Gregory Lucero

Sam Deleon

Donald Walton

Lindsay Garner

Sadie Conrad

Connor Byrd

Max French

Jocelyn Beck

Dorian Bartlett

Jarrett Morse

Priscilla Friedman

Lea Vazquez

Amy Weiss

Josh Wallace

Nasir Campos

Lamar Washington

Zane Walsh

Eli Gutierrez

Harper Moore

Anabelle Frost

Carley Jackson

Kaydence Casey

Bruno Nixon

Leonard Shaffer

Ryker Hobbs

Scarlett Hatfield

Adrien Compton

Naima Chavez

Kristian Mcintosh

Sidney Skinner

Adeline Jones

Abagail Curtis

Charity Meza

Tyshawn Morrow

Hana Molina

Hailee Hayden

Charlie Rodgers

Keagan Howell

Nathan Bridges

Seth Horn

Addison Pugh

Mira Barrera

Mia Hensley

Ansley Berry

Phillip Wise

Lucas Weber

Alondra David

Hana Castaneda

Ellis Ferrell

Claire Rodgers

Cedric Montoya

Ralph Kerr

Cadence Hardy

Victor Adams

Abigayle Becker

Eleanor Michael

Kimmy Viable

Payten Simmons

Zaiden Everett

Jeremy Blackburn

Benjamin Pope

Shayla Steele

Jasiah Howell

Cassandra Richards

Josue Valdez

Kaiya Olsen

Harper Keith

Octavio Warner

Mia Coffey

Tiffany Gallagher

Aspen Brooks

Alexander Gallegos

Jamal Perry

Karissa Sutton

Keira Chang

Karissa Shah

Zain Vaughan

Hillary Lindsey

Drake Whitaker

Braiden Hicks

Ignacio Noble

Danny Mcdaniel

Ronan Holt

Chris Charvis

Antoine Byrd

Frederick Doyle

Caylee Valenzuela

Joe Duarte

Jacob Frederick

Julianne Skinner

Bailey Chapman

Christopher Avila

Andrew Hogan

Emmy Brown

Clay Moses

Tatiana Stevenson

Isaiah Moon

Emily Barber

Giuliana Park

Donna Bautista

Jaylon Nielsen

Winston Mercado

Pranav Richard

Bryanna Noble

Aleah Hester

Sterling Olson

Katie Randolph

Maximus Morrison

Brodie Bryan

Evie Rios

Gavin Burke

Judah Kerr

Tommy Nelson

Charlize Becker

Kamron Chavez

Memphis Carroll

Yamilet Small

Zoey Summers

Marlie Sexton

Dominique Gentry

Kristin Humphrey

Larissa Davis

Maddison Berger

Karter Martinez

Olivia Preston

Yurem Horton

Cornelius Skinner

Devon Howe

Yadira Rowland

Ansley Lutz

Edwin Jenkins

Meadow Castaneda

Brenna Ochoa

Elvis Lee

Dereon Fuentes

Melanie Flynn

Camron Elliott

Jack Wright

Ibrahim Hancock

Jazmyn Weaver

Shania Vaughn

Deven Crane

Harley Graham

Braydon Robbins

Marshall Horton

Jaelyn Mccormick

Sarah Ray

Taylor Byrd

Lisa Morrow

Litzy Adkins

Kaelyn Welch

Sydney Ruiz

Averi Wilson

Amya Holland

Ben Travis

Zaid Newton

Kadyn Huffman

Emmalee Gutierrez

Kaelyn Wolfe

Giselle Byrd

Alexzander Graham

Micheal Hudson

Macie Huerta

Lucian Sheppard

Kayla Holloway

Jaydon Pace

Alondra Hensley

Pierce Shields

Valery Coffey

Irene Kaufman

Dangelo Cline

Thaddeus Humphrey

Virginia Huynh

Ruby Jones

Kyan Salazar

Cory Mccormick

Conrad Gross

Cale Bowman

Adison Ross

Dominik Stark

Jaylynn Torres

Jillian Hayden

Rishi Nguyen

Zackery Alexander

Amiya Howell

Kianna Griffin

Quinten Robertson

Carolina Knight

Jacquelyn Cherry

Trent Christian

Yazmin Villanueva

Kymani Fox

Luca Lee

Mathew Beck

Jenny Rivas

Braylon Rhodes

Taylor Dean

Everett Burton

Ashlynn Murillo

Leland Bush

Elisabeth Cole

Alec Klein

Angelina Gray

Braydon Clements

Laila Carroll

Deshawn Mccarthy

Ian Barker

Elizabeth Randall

Tara Ballard

Valentino Dougherty

Aron Macias

Ryder Holder

Allen Robbins

Gillian Mcdonald

Alani Day

Elizabeth Hays

Muhammad Gregory

Sophia Farmer

Brayan Waller

Ayanna Campbell

Cullen Nicholson

Justus Fritz

Gaven Kelly

Aria Butler

Cassidy Davis

Jon Davies

Fletcher Gill

Casey Nolan

Shyanne Huerta

Annabella Esparza

Bradley BigBoy

Shawn Fritz

Grady Lowery

Kailee Moore

Maribel Reeves

Haiden Rosales

Krista Salinas

Sofia Jennings

Miah Hunter

Jennifer Rhodes

Aiden Blankenship

Phoebe Esparza

Kymani Lam

Jaylyn Bernard

Sarahi Matthews

Zoey Rich

Justice Mora

Martha Hampton

Ricky Colon

Nathaly Scott

Jacquelyn Gordon

Payten Bird

Elle Key

Bailey Lucas

Sheldon Long

Vincent Mora

Marisa David

Josue Acevedo

Lilianna Griffin

Amon [no surname]

Kendall Boyer

Connor Benson

Zoie Rivas

Leilani Copeland

Piper Foley

Sergio Booth

Raiden Davila

Karlie Mckee

Joselyn Blankenship

Breanna Simon

Thaddeus Dillon

Asher Potts

Cody Nixon

Rory Herrera

Jonathan Cabrera

Heath Cobb

Jermaine Franklin

Kameron Compton

Marques Ramsey