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A world where entrepreneurs would kill for the next big thing, and those who fall off the wagon are crushed beneath the wheels.

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4 months ago: Crane Albright wrote a Downtime Journal for Truck Stop

Introspective on recent events

Perched on his apartment's rear balcony, Crane lets his feet dangle while witnessing the sunrise. The brisk morning breeze, the slightly moist floor from dew, and the melody of early birds hunting for worms accompany the departure of early-rising cars. Gazing at the sky, he fidgets with his new neckpiece, a tad uneasy but marveling at the unexpected turns his life has taken.

"These past few days have been quite a journey... I can't believe this actually works." He rubs his stomach, noticing an absence of hunger or thirst. It's an unusual feeling, as if his body has finally achieved perfect contentment after a prolonged search. No parched mouth, no stomach noises—just a sense of equilibrium.

"These contracts are something else, aren't they? They'll probably become even more extraordinary soon. Maybe I should take a moment to concentrate on my programming and explore its potential... I wonder if these nanites in me can respond to commands directly from my brain, remotely... perhaps?"

Hoisting himself up, Crane steps into his apartment and settles at his workstation. After a satisfying stretch, accompanied by the cracking of his fingers, he swiftly begins typing on his collar. The peculiar technological device illuminates as Crane hovers his hand over his computer and closes his eyes. After a brief moment, electricity crackles around him as the nanites infiltrate the computer. Sensing it as an extension of himself, he issues a simple command, "Power on." Instantly, the nanites swarm into the laptop, penetrating its circuitry. Suddenly, every component springs to life—the fan whirls, power courses through, and the screen lights up as Crane opens his eyes.




1 year, 8 months ago: Issac Norton II wrote a Downtime Journal for Truck Stop

A Word on the so-called "Supernatural"

The following letter has been sent to the San Francisco Tribune


"While the Almighty has favored the City of Saint Francis with balmy weather & pleasant climes, we are troubled. Increasing evidence of what the media, ever seeking a sensation to sell papers no doubt, dub "The Supernatural" haunt & alarm the fair citizens of california, these United States, & indeed, the world."

"We have held conclave through mailed corespondence with those fellow heads of State whom share our Humanitarian ideals & have thus come to the conclusion that the public needs to know, lest panic ensue with the inevitable cascade of violence that must inevitably follow."

"However, what to tell the Common man who wishes little beyond bread on the table & the fruit of his works rewarded? The unvarnished truth, if even such a thing is available, may do more harm - even more so if wicked men were to exploit it. Such a burden, this otherworldly knowledge! We can pray that the same Wisdom of Solomon that carried our imperial ancestor will shed light on the matter; truly, "heavy is the head that wears the crown."

"With much soul searching & under the blessing of the Almighty, we, Issac Norton the II, Emperor of the United States of America & Defender of Mexico, do hereby decree: those who are found to be the products of heretofore unknown medical issues or mystical maladies are to be considered as in need of assistance by the medical community & shall be given clemency in the Courts provided they have cooperated with authorities. In the event the Courts prove malice beyond said afflictions, they will be tried accordingly."

"This decree will apply in full to Therianthropes, those inflicted with an agressive strain of Porphyria that are not practicing the previously forbidden acts of vampirism, & any others the public, in it's hustle & bustle might loosely deem "Supernatural."

"Obviously, Journalists, Police Officers, & Public Officials who are Loyal Servants of the Empire should direct any Extraterrestrial visitors to call on us directly, so proper diplomatic relations can be established."

2 years ago: Hal A. Kaldwin wrote a Downtime Journal for Truck Stop

New Bike, New Skills

Well after the whole losing my bike, I got my replacement soon after and whoooooooo boy its a literal dream come true.

Its well the same as the original in all of its glory, truly a great gift and never brakes so i dont gotta worry about anything for its tune ups and if a fucker gets on it. I will know and I will tell the damn cops, damn everybody for my damn baby back if they steal this proud oiled machine.

Aside for my love for the glory that is the new ride, went and worked on myself like I finally got around to learning how to like multitask with both hands, its pretty awesome as well it was a bit weird how easy it was to learn as i well can use either hand with a tool and it is completely natural like no issue at all.

Lastly I went to the library, used a bit of the so-called internet and bought some books and shit on how to well be better as said again with my damn hands, mainly like what I got was like a book for boy scouts like on how to tie complex knots and shit like that, we got lockpicking 101 and a good bunch of things and let me say how to videos are really something as its is quite easy to learn these things, did not know it would be this easy.

But yea thats practically the month, while we gotta spread the love at the moment it is a bit hard as I am a one man operation and I aint really a talker. So if I start goin to the right places I could maybe get the love of riding out there somehow, but I really dont want the whole thing like Waco or a gang cult bullshit. So yea gonna have to start planning that out like who are best to go to with this whole message.

2 years ago: Sakngea Somm wrote a Downtime Journal for Pet Shop Horror

I : Babbel

Somm finds himself in his room, on his phone, surrounded by different textbooks that all seem to be in various Asian dialects: from Tagalong, to Khmer, to Mandarin, to Cantonese, all the way around to Hindi, they all seem to be langauge / translation books of some sort and he appears to be listening to an audiobook instructional for new learners of Tagalong. 

Somm seems to speed through it at an unnatural rate, and throughout the month he picks up an astonding amount of langauges: quickly becoming fluent in reading, writing, and speaking Tagalong, Catonese, Khmer, Chinese Dialects, Korean, Japanese, and all manner of Asian dialect / langauge: learning at a rate of almost one per every 4-5 days.

Somm then tests his newfound langauge skills around the community and at work, impressing resturant patrons with his ability to speak literally almost every and any langauge: much to their surprise. This newfound skill helps him daily, as he rides around on his spare time to local temples and monastic-practicing places: getting his blessings put in, getting his equipment ordained, and generally just preparing for hobbyism. Somm also enjoys the ability to read up on new material that was previously unavailable to him due to mistranslations.

Somm can't help but feel that despite having lost out on his first "Contract", that these things aren't too bad. Normally he wouldn't have been able to learn anything this quick, much less master a handful or two of complex langauges: but he has? He reasons that perhaps his initation into this field of work has, somewhat, affected him mentally and psyhically. 

2 years ago: Issac Norton II wrote a Downtime Journal for Pet Shop Horror

China Town

Our illustrious predecessor, Emperor Norton the I, always held a friendly hand out to the oft-maligned Chinese contingent of that Jewel of North America that is San Francisco. We are pleased to see that tradition maintained, as We, *Dei Gratia* Emperor Norton II of the United States & Protector of Mexico, see the good works done by these all to often insular people.

Why insular? Why, the oppression of Our Chinese immigrants is a well documented black stain on the idelible dream of "Freedom for All" that marked the foundation of Our country! The inscrutable ways of Our citizens hailing from the distant East has been the only shield they could raise against those European settlers who, brought up in the light of our Lord, should have extended the hand of friendship as good neighbors, yet only extended vile prejudice in it's place.

A slight that the Imperial line will not let stand! Look to Our loyal subject Somm, & you will find no heart more enriched with the milk of human kindness & compassion than he; Somm is a stalwart foe of the darkness that We know preys on Our City, & we are proud to call one so learned in the Mysteries of the Orient Our ally in the battle to save the city from forces without & corruption within!

We will make a point to attend the New Year Parade in this, the Year of the Tiger, so that Our citizens will know that their Emperor stands with them in these modern times, & will brook no slander against their storied culture & measureless contribution to both our fair city & the Nation as a whole!

Curious about joining Illuminated San Francisco?

An Illuminated Region where the action centers on San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.

Illuminated San Francisco was created by ShadyTradesman 3 years, 1 month ago

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Sakngea Somm the Triad Taoshi
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The SF bay area

The California Bay Area. The home of Silicon Valley is a hustle culture like none other. In the bustling city streets and isolated, rural communities of this sprawling megatropolis, people of all types and backgrounds fight tooth and nail to find success, stability, and inner peace.

Here you are working hard, making it rich, or pushed out onto the streets.

House Rules

Contractors from Illuminated San Francisco Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
Illuminated San Francisco grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.

Playgroup Rules

  • The Regional Tribunal of this Playgroup is ShadyTradesman, Leonvanderblight, and Serpentail. They have complete control over the setting and contractors but cannot home any Contractors in the Bay Area. 
  • Membership requires an invitation, but you may ask for an invitation. Players in Illuminated San Francsisco will be held to a higher standard of play and conduct and may be removed at any time for any reason the tribunal sees fit.

Rules for Contractors

  • SF Home: All Contractors homed in Illuminated San Francisco must reside somewhere in the California Bay Area. 
  • Supernatural Powers:  All non-mastery, non-concealed Gifts must be obviously supernatural when activated or grant a mutation that marks the wielder as supernatural or bizarre if discovered.
  • Canonical Contracts: All Contracts set in the California bay area must be canonical. They can be run only once.
    • In addition to the Contracts officially recorded in this Playgroup, the following three Scenarios have already been canonically run and cannot be run again: Coit Tower CouriersStoned in Kampong Som, and Avengers Assemble

Rules for Players

  • Citizenship: Active Players in Illuminated SF are expected to GM Contracts. You cannot play in more than five Illuminated San Francisco Contracts without running one.
  • GMing: All members are encouraged to GM, and no approval is required. Custom Scenarios likewise do not require pre-approval, though you should feel free to ask a Playgroup Judge if you have concerns about your Scenario’s content.

Full Setting Description



The California Bay Area is a thriving metropolitan complex in northern California consisting of several closely-placed cities. It first grew to prominence during the gold rush of 1849. In 1980, "sillicon valley" became the tech capital of the world, driving technological innovation in microchips, software, and internet businesses.

California's bay area has a population of about 9.71 million people (slightly less people than Portugal, more than double the population of Louisiana). It has an area of 10,191 square mi (1/3 the size of Portugal, 1/4 the size of Louisiana). 32% of the bay area's population is foreign-born.

The bay area is anything but a monoculture. Despite its reputation of being radically liberal, it also contains every shade of conservatism. It has major cultural influences from Asia, Latin America, and Spanish colonialism. Many languages are spoken, but almost everyone speaks English as well.

The climate is fair throughout the year.

Housing Crisis and Gentrification

Thanks to regressive construction policies and the absolutely massive influx of tech money, housing prices in the bay area have shot up an extraordinary amount in the past few decades. Educated people from the USA and abroad flock to the bay area to make money on the new gold rush of the tech industry. Housing has become absurdly unaffordable for most non-tech, non-rich residents, and so the newcomers have steadily displaced those who grew up there and perhaps lived there for generations.

This has caused a great amount of animosity towards the new, more-educated, more-international, wealthier residents who are labeled as "gentrifiers."

At the same time, the bay area's relationship with its growing homeless population sits in an uncomfortable middle ground. They have too much empathy for the destitute to cut services or simply bus them somewhere cold to die, but they are too greedy to build housing to home them. So the homeless population has grown quite large, and once you get on the streets, it is extremely, extremely difficult to get off of them.