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Danielle Laika
The Mundane Monster Hunter

A 4-Victory Novice Contractor played by TheSuperChrisb in Project *******

Danielle Laika is a Burly Lumberjack who will risk her life to avenge her daughter by exterminating all ferocious creatures.

She is 43 years old, and often appears as an imposing yet quiet woman with sunbaked skin and calloused hands. She has light brown eyes and messy brown hair shoved into a bun. She often wears plaid clothing with thick worker's jeans.

Danielle Laika lives in Project *******, a setting where reality flows, bends, and breaks, and the whole world stands at a delicate balance. Her journal has 5 entries.













2 Alertness

2 Animals

4 Athletics

1 Brawl

2 Crafts

0 Culture

0 Drive

0 Firearms

0 Influence

2 Investigation

2 Medicine

5 Melee

2 Occult

0 Performance

0 Science

2 Stealth

2 Survival

0 Technology

0 Thievery

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Initiative: 0 dice
Movement: 0 feet
Dash: 0 feet
Perception + Alertness: 0 dice


(Danielle Laika is unharmed)

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Battle Scars

Dice penalties from Battle Scars do not stack with Stress

(Danielle Laika has no Battle Scars)

Body 8


5 Mind



Soft Spot
Trophy Hunter


  • "There are other worlds than these" disassociation with current events: Roll Trauma to Take Interest in Mundane Events

  • Instinct

    Whenever , regain one Source. Cooldown: one day


    Circumstances describe your situation.

    Examples include enemies, wealth, notoriety, social status, contacts, fame, and imprisonment.

    Because each Playgroup has its own setting, Circumstances record the Playgroup they were acquired in.


    From Assets and Liabilities
    Tough You can function under intense pain. Dice penalties from pain are reduced by 2. This includes Body penalty.
    Clear Conscience You have a special knack for shrugging off traumatic experiences. Penalty does not apply to Trauma rolls you make, and you may Exert your Mind to automatically succeed.
    Anti-Social You struggle with engaging in social interaction. In order to attempt to get someone's attention, or to speak to someone you have known for less than a day, you must succeed a Self-Control roll. If you become the center of attention in a large group, you must Exert your Mind to avoid fleeing or shutting down.

    Loose Ends


    Danielle has begun to understand the truth behind the world, and the hidden dangers that lurk just below the surface. Myth and legend which might've been thought of as a fairy tale or to scare children from venturing too deep into forest seem to be much more than first meets the eye. Stakes, holy water, and silver weapons might just save her one day.

    Danielle has developed her prowess with melee weapons of all sorts, including improvised melee weapons like tree branches and wooden stakes. Even the most unique and strange weapons are handled perfectly in her hands, as if she's tapping into the deep experience of the monster hunters of the past. From axes to knives to whips to broken chair legs, Danielle is always prepared to execute dangerous creatures.

    You gain the following benefits as long as you are engaged in combat with melee weapons.

    +2 dice to all rolls with melee weapons. You may Defend against firearm attacks from any range using melee weapons.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Point Control: Called Shots that you attempt only require a Contested Outcome of 2 for small targets and 4 for tiny targets.
    • Sheathing the Sword: When you would Clash with an opponent, before the dice are rolled, you may opt to have both sides deal full damage. If you do, your attack roll is at -2 Difficulty.

    Danielle Laika has always been strong, but through imbuement, she has become almost unstoppable. Her arms are almost as thick as the trees that she can fell with a single stroke of her axe. Her broad shoulders can easily shrug off blows from any force, and a flexing of her muscles can even deflect or shatter bullets.

    After the Events of Game IV, Danielle’s supreme strength no longer requires that she eats an unnatural amount of protein, much to the pleasure of her digestive system.

    Power comes with a price, however, and her strength can only be maintained as long as she continues to feed her body with a steady source of protein, which her body uses to heal damaged muscle and create stronger ones at a supernatural rate. This often comes from the meat of the animals that she hunts, but she's not against carrying extra protein powders and supplements in order to ensure that her muscles are always strong.

    You gain the following benefits at all times.

    Your Brawn rating is increased by 1. You may Exert your Mind to automatically gain an Outcome of 5 on any roll that uses Brawn (cannot be used on combat rolls or Effect activations).

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Tough: You gain Armor equal to half your Brawn rating. This Armor cannot be penetrated and protects against falling Damage.

    • Armor from multiple sources does not stack. Instead, the highest is used.
    • Attribute bonuses from multiple sources do not stack. Instead the highest bonus is used.

    Legendary Artifacts

    The Dividing Line

    Created and held by Danielle Laika.
    The giant, unwieldy guillotine blade and chain that beheaded King Louis XVI

    The Dividing Line is a giant guillotine blade connected to a reinforced chain. The hunk of steel itself weighs somewhere in the ballpark of 60 lbs alone, making it impossible for all but the most brawny to consider utilizing.

    Bone and blade presents little resistance when Danielle commits to an attack with this brutal weapon. An unarmored target will quickly be relieved of hands and feet from even a glancing blow. The opposite end of the weapon is a chain that can be used to deflect bullets with a few flicks of her wrists. Such a giant weapon would prove impossible to conceal if it weren’t for its resting state; the weapon compresses itself into a cute guillotine choker at Danielle’s will, giving her respite of its oppressive weight.

    This Artifact can be used as a great sword / giant axe. It is roughly the same size as a great sword / giant axe but can be collapsed into a metal guillotine choker. and concealed. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Quick Action.

    Attack by rolling Brawn + Melee, Difficulty 6. Successful attacks deal Contested Outcome +4 Weapon Damage. The target's Armor is reduced to 1/2, rounded up against this Damage.

    You also gain the following effects:

    • Blade Breaker: If you successfully Defend against a melee attack or if an opponent is unsuccessful at Defending against your melee attack, you may break your opponent's weapon.

    • If there is not enough free space to expand the object, it cannot be expanded. You cannot expand this Object as an attack.
    • Reminder: additional Weapon Damage granted by this Effect does not stack with any other bonus to Weapon Damage. Instead the largest bonus is used.


    Max Encumbrance: 0 pounds.

    Track your current equipment here. You may start with anything your Contractor would reasonably have access to.

    Outfit [(+3) Armor from Mythic Brawn]

    • White work shirt, underneath
    • Blue-jean overalls
    • Thick plaid jacket
    • High-quality work gloves
    • Tough hiking boots
    • Guillotine Chain Choker [The Dividing Line]

    On Person

    • Strung Bow, slung over shoulder.
    • Steel fireman’s axe blessed by a priest with holy water (hanging from strap on backpack)
    • Silvered hatchet (hanging from strap on backpack)
    • Cold-iron hatchet (hanging from strap on backpack)
    • Steel hatchet (hanging from strap on backpack)
    • Multi-purpose hunting knife
    • Rosary
    • Multi-tool with Compass
    • Beat-up smartphone in an Otterbox
    • Adjustable-Brightness Flashlight
    • Wallet
    • Keys
    In Quiver
    • 20 Steel-head arrows (Synthetic Feathers)
    • 5 Silver-tipped arrows (White Feathers)
    • 5 Gold-tipped arrows (Yellow Feathers)
    • 5 Sharpened wooden arrows (Brown Feathers

    Hiking Backpack

    • 5 lb container of protein supplement powder.
    • 10 lbs of dried beef jerky in 5 sealed bags.
    • 2 Extra Bowstrings
    • Compact Rain Jacket
    • LED headlamp with extra batteries
    • First Aid Kit
    • Box of matches
    • Single Bevvy Tent
    • Hand towel
    • Duct tape
    • 2 50ft bundles of Paracord
    • 3 days hard rations
    • Metal water bottle
    • Survival Kit (Waterproof Firestarter, Gas Lighter, strike-anywhere matches, Kindling, Flashlight, Flare gun /w 3 flares, binoculars, Water purification tablets, three days rations, emergency water rations (6 / 2 a day), solar blanket, fishing line and hooks, signal mirror, compass) in waterproofed case
    • Toiletries kit
    • Climbing Hammer
    • Empty Throwing Vials (x10) with stoppers
    • Gas Mask
    Monster Hunting Gear
    • Vials of holy water to shatter on impact (3, 4 oz)
    • Plastic water bottles of holy water (2, 20 oz)
    • Sharpened wooden stakes (5)
    • 1 lb Bag of Salt in waterproofed bag
    • Pot of oil (3 liters)
    • Hand Mirror
    • Steel Pitons (20)
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    Trophies are special objects and equipment.

    Examples of Trophies include healing potions, scrolls, sci-fi technology, or any supernatural item that was not created with The Contract's Gift system.

    Because Trophies may have GM-created systems, they also record the Playgroup they were acquired in.

    Contractor Timeline

    4 Victories - 1 Failure
    Remaining Exp: 0 (Earned: 183 - Spent: 183)
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    Assets And Liabilities


    -6 Tough
    -6 Clear Conscience


    +6 Anti-Social