Legacy Power: Temporal Anomaly

Guido suddenly honks in alarm, his eyes crackling with psychic power as he cranes his long neck around looking for something.

A 1 Gift Sense Beings Power used by Guido, created by Strazhari.


Guido has a particular sensitivity to creatures that are not part of the local time stream. This includes Time Travelers, Extra-dimensional beings, or in some cases creatures that have Powers to warp/alter Space/Time.

While always capable of picking up these emanations, Guido can delve deeper into the time stream to pinpoint them. Doing so causes a psychic disturbance in the area, & is traumatic to the psyche of the little dinosaur.


Spend an Action and Exert your Mind to activate this Power for one minute. While this Power is active, all [[detected-beings]] within 50 feet are detected, including those who enter its range after activation and those behind walls. You get a rough sense of how many, but not exact number.


  • Catch a Whiff (Even if this Effect is not active, if any of the specified type of target enters range, you may roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 7. If you succeed, you become aware that one is somewhere nearby.)


  • Traumatic (You must make a Trauma roll when you use this Effect.)


Range: 0 ( 50 feet )

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