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TaffyJam has played 2 Contractors in a total of 2 Contracts, earning 2 Wins, 0 Failures, and 0 Contractor Deaths.

They have survived 1 Contract where another Contractor died.
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TaffyJam has run 0 Contracts and 0 Moves in 0 Playgroups for 0 Contractors and 0 Players. Contractors in their Contracts received 0 Gifts, failed but survived 0 times, and met with 0 unfortunate ends.

They have achieved the Golden Ratio 0 times.
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Mifiora Ib'Lapis The ex-military architect force of nature

A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor from Earth Unveiled

Krisandra "Kris" Elis The problematic kinnie and stockbroker Corporate Hive Queen

A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor from Earth Unveiled

Mori Khnivz The insane knife throwing clown Buggy the Clown LARPer

A Newbie Contractor from Earth Unveiled

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