Calculating Adept

lesbianspacepirate has played 6 Contractors in a total of 26 Contracts, earning 22 Wins, 3 Failures, and 1 Contractor Death.

They have survived 4 Contracts where another Contractor died.
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Just Manager

lesbianspacepirate has run 5 Contracts and 0 Moves in 1 Playgroup for 18 Contractors and 18 Players. Contractors in their Contracts received 15 Gifts, failed but survived 1 time, and met with 2 unfortunate ends.

They have achieved the Golden Ratio 2 times.
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"Slender James" Davis The put-upon office worker urban horror

A 5-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Mister Red Bull The extreme sportshead living mascot

A 1-Victory Newbie Contractor from Maelstrom

Clownosity The SPOILER placeholder

A Newbie Contractor without a home World

BETH☠️METAL The screamo musician Bandshee

A 6-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

MOLL(ⲩ) The robot housekeeper psionic engine

A 7-Victory Novice Contractor from Maelstrom

Nikola Luisawicz The eccentric academic (al)chemist

A 3-Victory Newbie Contractor from Maelstrom

Zoë "z" Palencia The terminally online hacker practicing datawitch

A Newbie Contractor from Earth Unveiled

Deceased Contractors

Bella Mochrie The national park ranger regular citizen, doing her duty to god and country

A Newbie Contractor from Maelstrom

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